Is conservatism really so fragile?


I got a question for the #NeverTrump people. One of the reasons you give in choosing not to vote for Donald Trump is that he is such a threat to conservatism that permitting him to become President will all but kill the conservative movement.

Are you telling me that the principles of conservatism are so incredibly fragile that Trump is able to kill them off?

Eight years of Barack Obama couldn’t destroy conservatism, but Donald Trump can?

Call me crazy, but I didn’t realize that conservatism is as fragile as a Faberge Egg or a hothouse orchid.

What confuses me about this argument is that at the same time, you believe Donald Trump is a clown show. A “cheeto-faced buffoon.” A dumpster fire. A joke.

If I follow your reasoning, you believe this joke, this inept clown show, is somehow so preternaturally strong that his elevation to the White House would singlehandedly end the conservative movement.

So which is it?

Is he a clown show and a dumpster fire? Or, is he some diabolical, all-powerful mastermind who can do what Barack Obama, the Democrat Party, socialism, communism, and the Institutional Left have not be able to do in the last century?

Conservatism survived Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush’s big-government Liberalism, and the radical extremism of Barack Hussein Obama. Yet now conservatism is so feeble and decrepit, Donald Trump in the Oval Office would destroy it?

Do you have so little confidence in your principles?

And while you LOL! over what a clown show and dumpster fire this all-powerful Killer of Conservatism is, you assure us that Hillary Rodham Clinton in the White House will somehow mean conservatism will grow in strength — regardless of the untold damage to the Republic she may unleash in the meantime.

Conservatism cannot be destroyed by one person. But what can destroy it is an ideology that has made it its mission to destroy this nation as founded.

That enemy of conservatism is the Institutional Left — this ideology that has wormed its way into our schools and universities, our federal bureaucracy, and our culture. We should be combating them, not Donald Trump.

It’s worth noting that Donald Trump is deeply despised by the Institutional Left. Like the #NeverTrump movement, they are doing everything they can to prevent him from becoming President. In other words, the #NeverTrump movement chooses to ally itself with the very enemy of conservatism.

Barack Obama views Donald Trump as such a threat that he’s letting Trump live rent-free in his head. The man can’t shut up about him. Suddenly, he’s very concerned about the future and wellbeing of the Republican Party.

In this battle, the #NeverTrump movement sides with Barack Obama — a man who has for eight years tried to snuff out the light of Liberty we conservatives are fighting to defend.

Speaking as a conservative, I just do not get it.

The Republicans in Congress who have worked tirelessly to undermine the conservative movement within the GOP scramble to “disavow” and distance themselves from Donald Trump. And the #NeverTrump movement — conservatives who have fought against these establishment hacks for years — suddenly join forces with them.

Are you telling me this doesn’t get your spider senses tingling?

In this effort to shield and protect these supposed fragile principles of conservatism, you are joining forces with those who despise conservatism and wish to see it undermined.

I simply do not understand that.

Yesterday over at, we got into a discussion about the #NeverTrump movement. One of the commenters added this observation:

The average #NTer does not believe Trump is a conservative and will hurt conservatism in the long run and believes that 4 years of Hiliary is survivable.
I do not agree with that scenario.

In response to this, Big Fur Hat said something I thought was brilliant in its simplicity:

“The average #NTer does not believe Trump is a conservative”
Believe is the operative word. It comes down to “belief” versus “confirmed.”
I think you’re an abject moron if you’re going to subject the world to Hillary Clinton because “you think maybe, maybe Trump is lying about his extremely conservative campaign platform.”
“and will hurt conservatism in the long run”
The non-conservative is going to hurt conservatism, eh? It doesn’t get any stupid than that, does it.
If he’s a conservative then he’s a conservative. If he does conservative things how is that going to hurt conservatism?
If he’s not a conservative and doesn’t do conservative things, how does that hurt conservatism?
If I play the tuba at the philharmonic, and it’s obvious I’m not a tuba player, have I hurt tubaism?
Wouldn’t the cry be, “we have to get a real tuba player!!!” not “never again will we have a tuba player!!!!”
Sheer weapons grade stupidity being displayed, and I resent it. I think THESE PEOPLE and their stupid thinking is setting conservatism back, because if they are really conservatives I’m questioning whether I am one of them. I thought conservatives were smart.

The very idea that any conservative would sit back and let Hillary Rodham Clinton become President of the United States over the misguided notion that doing so will somehow protect the fragile principles of conservatism is completely illogical.

One of the things that would help restore within our nation these conservative principles we hold dear is the utter crippling of the Institutional Left. Donald Trump is not, by any stretch of the imagination, the candidate of the Institutional Left.

That dubious honor belongs to Hillary Rodham Clinton — the very candidate these #NeverTrump people are content to have as our forty-fifth President and Commander-in-Chief.

With Hillary in the White House, this destructive Leftism would continue to flourish within our government, the unelected bureaucracy, public schools, colleges and universities, the judiciary, and our culture.

This is not to say that electing Trump will miraculously change all of that. That isn’t what I’m saying at all.

Electing Hillary, however, will all but guarantee that this vicious and hateful ideology will continue to infect every aspect of American culture and government.

As a conservative, I can’t let that happen.

I believe wholeheartedly that stopping Hillary Clinton from being elected has to be our priority for that very reason. I have no doubt that electing her will mean this Leftward march to tyranny will continue unabated.

Trump may say stupid things or make amateurish blunders, but Hillary Clinton is a diabolical, opportunistic Leftist crook. Worse still, the army of the Institutional Left wants her to be President because they know she will permit them to keep running roughshod over this Republic.

Yet these Leftists are terrified of Donald Trump.

Does this not give you pause?

How is this not a no-brainer?

Tell me. What on earth is “conservative” about taking glee in the thought of Trump losing to Hillary in November? It makes me all manner of disgusted to see so-called “conservatives” say such reckless things as “Enjoy President Hillary, Trumpkins! LOL!

Like Big Fur Hat said, I thought conservatives were smart.

As a conservative, I know that the enemy of this Republic and our founding ideals of Liberty, Freedom, Individual Sovereignty is not Donald Trump but the Institutional Left.

Though he may not be the rock-ribbed Constitutional Conservative of the Ted Cruz or Mark Levin variety, I have no doubt whatsoever that Donald Trump is my ally in this war against the Liberty-Killing ideology of the Institutional Left.

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6 thoughts on “Is conservatism really so fragile?

  • August 3, 2016 at 10:43 am

    I’ve never been a “NeverTrump”er; and I’m in complete agreement with you in not understanding the thinking that Conservatism can be destroyed by one man.

    Where I disagree with you, however, is in your statement that you have no doubt that he’s your ally in this war of Leftist ideology. I’m not convinced of that, for myself. He’s shown no hard evidence of that. We’re talking about a man who has given millions and millions of dollars, over the years, to those Leftist causes. (He’s also given to Republicans, as well, I know. But this speaks more to his character, and not in a good way. I think it says that he wants to curry favor with both, so that he can use them both when he has need.)

    We’ve all heard the talk; it’s what put him where he is. There’s no action, of ANY sort (at least, no action that I’m aware of) to make me think that he even actually leans in the direction of conservatism.

    I’ve been watching and listening since last summer; thinking that something…ANYTHING…would make me believe this man is genuine.

    What I DO believe is MORE than a possibility…and would have been a brilliant strategy…is that Hillary…who has been a close, personal friend to Trump for more than 25 years (and I’m not talking about fundraising events or charity galas where you meet once or twice a year). I have felt, from the beginning, that Trump was a “plant.” That, at first, he was meant to be merely a distraction during the early part of the primarys. That pitted against the likes of Cruz, would split conservatives, so that Cruz wouldn’t stand as good a chance.

    I don’t believe Trump WANTS to win. (My gut instinct on this was confirmed by the woman on his campaign staff that quit either earlier this year, or late last year. She wrote an article, later, about her time working for him, and in it…though she didn’t elaborate on it…she DID say that she got the impression that he didn’t seem to want to win.)

    As to those conservatives who can laugh about this…there’s NOTHING laughable about the place we are in right now. We are, literally, about to go over the edge of the cliff; there’s NOTHING funny about that!

    Having said all the above, though…it looks like I’m going to have to throw out my principles, and vote for this loose cannon. Because I DO get how terrifying the other option is. In my 40 years of voting, I’ve NEVER felt the sense of responsibility that I do right now. Those of us who are conservatives have been put into an AWFUL position. (Perhaps the people who should be called to account are the idiots who fell for him in the first place. They are every bit as naive, gullible, and just plain stupid as those who voted in Obama.)

  • August 3, 2016 at 10:46 am

    It IS a no-brainer. You and Fur are right. It’s just that we are surrounded by a lot of articulate-but-strangely-indiscriminate morons with very fragile egos.

  • August 3, 2016 at 11:15 am

    The American people are sick and tired of being conned by politicians who get elected to office saying one thing and do the opposite. Democrat or Republican, they get into office and start playing the con game to enrich themselves. They think they are so much smarter than regular Americans, using all these word games to get what they want, the country be damned.

    This scenario is why Donald Trump is winning. We are onto their games now and bottom line, Trump is not a politician from cradle to grave. He wants to save the country. Period.

  • August 3, 2016 at 3:21 pm

    Good40 :
    I can hardly believe the absolute precision with which you expressed my thoughts.

    . . . . I would like to believe that Trump is just a ‘loose cannon’ . . . .
    Or maybe just a blithering idot . . . . Or possibly ‘crazy like a fox’ ? ? ?
    But ‘plant’ keeps coming back around, especially the idiotic way he keeps acting.

    However :
    I do not believe that he is a treasonous, evil, American hating, Alinsky scumbag.
    Which I firmly know Obama and Hillary to be ; along with too many DemocRATS.

    If only third party candidates really stood a chance . . . I’d go with Darrell Castle.
    But then again . . . Everyone knows that voting third party is a wasted vote. . . .
    So people don’t vote at all. . . . Consequently, we are ruled by a small minority.

  • August 3, 2016 at 3:59 pm

    I don’t get it! Never Trump is on the same side as Obama, Hillary, Republicans with ‘F’ ratings from CR and Heritage Action, and the Meg Whitman crony capitalist set.

  • August 4, 2016 at 12:42 am

    Whether you THINK Trump is on the left or right, you KNOW Clinton is a leftist. They’re the only two viable candidates. If you hate Trump and can’t bring yourself to vote for him, fine, but STFU. Opposing Trump IS promoting Clinton, and if you have to strut about how “virtuous” you are by not supporting him you should just be honest and pin a big “I’m with Hillary” badge on your lapel. You’re not changing pro-Trump peoples’ minds, you’re giving Clinton supporters ammunition, and you may sway undecideds against him. As far as I’m concerned, if you help Clinton get into office you deserve the same contempt I have for anyone else who’s been helping to destroy my country.

    Do I think Trump’s a conservative? No. Do I think he hates the U.S. like Obama, Clinton, and all the other progtards? No, it’s not in his interests to do so. Do I think he’s a plant and will turn colors once he’s elected? No, but even if he did, he’s STILL not as bad as Clinton.

    What should have every NT’er quaking in their boots is Clinton putting in at least two and possibly up to four Supreme Court judges, and once that happens the Republic is finished. Everything will become a SC case and you’ll never again have a say. EVERYTHING. Elections won’t matter, majorities in Congress won’t matter. They pass a law, the left takes it to the SC which will always rule in the left’s favor. States’ rights? Piffle, plus, Clinton already stated she’d put Executive Orders on steroids. Only an armed response would stop her, and I don’t see that happening.

    Trump concerns me, but Clinton terrifies me. Our country is hanging by a very thin thread and she can’t wait to snap it. If you can’t actively support Trump, fine, I don’t hold it against you, but working against him is working FOR Clinton and that makes you complicit.

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