Cornered Animals

Last year a woodchuck managed to get into my shed without me knowing it. The next morning, I went out to get the lawn mower, and when I opened the shed, there he was — panic-stricken and freaked out.

It huddled into the corner of my shed and made this bizarre whirring noise that attracted the attention of my pitbull.

When Mary wandered over to the shed to see what the matter was, the woodchuck — normally pretty timid and docile little pests — went berserk. It lunged at Mary and, brave thing that she is, Mary took off running with her tail between her legs.

Ordinarily, when Mary happens to see a woodchuck in the backyard, she chases it and it runs away as quick as its wee little legs can carry it.

But it was cornered. So it lashed out.

Now, unlike my typically brave pitbull, I didn’t run away. I hate woodchucks. They destroy things, they eat the plants in my garden. They dig holes everywhere. They’re a general nuisance — the miserable little pests. Far be it from me to not take advantage of the fact I had the thing cornered. So I grabbed my pitchfork and killed it.

(just don’t tell the morons at PETA)

I think the Establishment Republican party is a lot like that woodchuck.

They’re a nuisance that do nothing but destroy the things we’ve worked hard to create. Ordinarily, they are docile and fearful creatures — which is explains why they simply cannot find the courage to stand up to Obama.

But, like that woodchuck, if you threaten them, they get mean.

Republican voters are sick and tired of the Establishment. And after McCain in 2008 and Romney losing the easiest win ever in 2012, we really don’t give the hairy ass of a woodchuck whom they want us to vote for.

We’re not listening to them anymore.

We’re pissed off.

We’re fed up.

And we will no longer be good little soldiers who follow their lead only to find ourselves once again facing our own electoral Gallipoli.

This is precisely why the candidates who have the most popularity right now are those who aren’t part of the GOP Establishment.

Ted Cruz, Ben Carson, Donald Trump, and even Carly Fiorina (though I fear that even if Carly is not part of the establishment now, she may get cozy with them real quickly once she was elected).

And like cornered animals, the Establishment is getting downright vicious.

Politico has a story today with this headline:

Insiders: Trump can’t win early states

Six in 10 Republican insiders in the early states say Donald Trump can’t win Iowa or New Hampshire.
That’s the assessment of this week’s POLITICO Caucus, our weekly bipartisan survey of the top operatives, strategists and activists in Iowa and New Hampshire. Their conclusion comes on the heels of the latest national poll, from CNN/ORC, that reports the controversial real estate mogul is leading the GOP presidential field even after crudely attacking Fox News host Megyn Kelly last week following the first GOP debate, which she co-moderated.

As Mark Levin and Rush always point out, when the Establishment wants to leak something negative about fellow Republicans, they always go to Politico.

So, to translate, “Republican Insider” = top operatives, strategists and activists.

Just reading those first two paragraphs of the article tells me all I need to know.

“Republican Insiders” aren’t the rank and file Republican voters.

They are, in fact, the ones who told us in 2012 that Romney was the only one who could beat Obama.

They are the ones who believe that we will never win another election unless we support “comprehensive immigration reform” (AKA amnesty and pandering to illegals).

Look also at how they describe Trump: the “controversial real estate mogul” who “crudely” attacked Megyn Kelly.

First: Trump wasn’t crude. The people who used their psychic powers to infer Trump was referring to Kelly’s period were the crude ones.

Second: The only thing “controversial” about Trump is he is upsetting the Establishment apple cart by speaking truthfully about the things that really concern voters — jobs, illegal aliens, the economy.

The only people who think Trump is controversial are the typical squishes who believe that Republicans should never stand firmly on principles or speak honestly about issues.

These “Republican Insiders” are cornered animals lashing out.

And rather than scamper away, Trump is pummeling them with a pitchfork.

Actually, they’re getting pummeled by Trump, Cruz and Carson.


These wimps do not like taking a beating.

Sure. They’ll beat up on the base.

They’ll beat up on conservatives.

They’ll beat up on new media.

They’ll beat up on talk radio.

But, give them a taste of their own medicine and they can’t handle it.

Their little fiefdom is being threatened and, like cornered animals, they’re fighting back with a vengeance.

Naturally, Politico is right there like Johnny on the spot to report what these “insiders” want them to.

Politico asking “Republican Insiders” to weigh in on Trump is about as objective as asking an author to write a review of his own book.

These “Republican Insiders” are trying to preserve their own influence in the party — influence that Trump, Cruz and Carson are showing is so far afield from what actual living and breathing Republican voters want or believe, that it really is irrelevant.

Trust me. Jeb Bush’s numbers in Iowa scare the living bejesus out of these people.

They’ve backed the wrong horse — or should I say, the wrong Donkey dressed up as a horse.

What’s more, they know they’ve backed the wrong horse.

There isn’t a growing cry among the base for Jeb — with or without the exclamation point.

Jeb 03

I’ve said it before, Jeb is about as inspiring and exhilarating as a wet fart.

And rather than admit they’re pushing a dud on the voters, these “insiders,” like cornered animals, are lashing out at not only the people who are firing us up, but at us.

They don’t give a damn about the future of this Republic.

They don’t care one wit about the direction this country is headed.

And they certainly don’t give two craps what the voters want.

Like their parasitic cohorts in Congress, these “Republican Insiders” only care about preserving their own influence and power over the party.

And like cornered animals, they are lashing out at those who refuse to let them drag us into another humiliating and completely avoidable defeat.

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