Could Carson be next?

Could Ben Carson be next

Fox News is reporting that two of Dr. Ben Carson’s top campaign staffers resigned from his campaign today.

According to Communications Director Doug Watts, “Barry Bennett (Carson’s campaign manager) and I have resigned from the Carson campaign effective immediately. We respect the candidate and we have enjoyed helping him go from far back in the field to top-tier status.”

To lose both your Campaign Manager and Communications Director in one fell swoop doesn’t bode well if you want my opinion.

It makes me wonder. Could Carson be next? Or is he merely positioning himself in case his showing in the Iowa Caucus is less than expected?

I would be surprised if Carson dropped out before the Iowa Caucus. Truthfully, I would expect him to try and stay in until at least South Carolina.

But I’m not Kreskin.

Recently, Carson appeared on Fox Business and hinted at some significant changes to his campaign and these resignations could just be a part of that.

When it comes to campaign donations, Carson is still doing well. So I would be stunned if he were to drop out before Iowa. It’s possible that this shake-up in his campaign is part of a larger plan to try and recapture some of the momentum he enjoyed in the fall.

But I don’t believe it was necessarily a campaign staffing problem that saw Carson’s numbers dip in November. In fact, I think it had far more to do with the attack in Paris and the subsequent attack in San Bernardino in early December. Republican voters consider terrorism and national security the most important issues right now and Carson is seen as not being particularly strong in this arena.

And no campaign shake-ups are going to change that.

If Carson cannot make a showing in either Iowa and New Hampshire and fails to bounce back in South Carolina, I believe he will pull the plug on his campaign and throw his support behind someone else.

We shall see.

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2 thoughts on “Could Carson be next?

  • December 31, 2015 at 4:03 pm

    Carson is a nice guy, a good man and accomplished in his field. Unfortunately, his field wasn’t politics. Final nominee should offer to make him Surgeon General.

  • December 31, 2015 at 7:25 pm

    Age telling you are! The ‘Amazing Kreskin’, under 50 yoa, no one remembers!

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