The couple that prays together, slays together

What’s the old expression? The couple that prays together, slays together.

Actually, that may only apply to terrorists. I guess for terrorist couples nothing says “togetherness” quite like planning and executing jihad.

First we had Mr. and Mrs. Jihadi in San Bernardino, California.

Now we have Mr. and Mrs. Jihadi in Orlando, Florida — not to be mistaken for Mr. and Mrs. Jihadi in San Bernardino.

the couple that prays together

According to NBC News, the FBI is questioning Omar Mateen’s wife and it turns out Mrs. Mateen Jihadi was fully aware of her hubby’s intentions to shoot up the gay nightclub Pulse. In fact, she was with him while he purchased his ammunition, and even drove him to Pulse so that he could do pre-attack surveillance on the location.

What a peach.

But unlike Mrs. Jihadi in San Bernardino, Mateen’s little woman claims she tried to talk her husband out of going through with the attack.

You know, now may be the time to point out that human beings who don’t want their husbands to shoot up a gay nightclub don’t stop with just trying to talk him out of it. They also, oh, I don’t know contact the authorities to warn them.

Odd how Omar’s better half didn’t bother doing that.

FBI officials claim that the little missus is “cooperating with investigators,” but I think there are about a hundred people who would have been thrilled if she had considered “cooperating with investigators” before they got caught in a hail of bullets instead of afterward.

The fact that this woman knew what her husband planned and said nothing leads me to suspect that her claims of having tried to dissuade Omar from launching this terrorist attack are complete and utter bullshit.

The blood of those who died in this terrorist attack are on this woman’s hands.

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2 thoughts on “The couple that prays together, slays together

  • June 15, 2016 at 9:21 am

    The death penalty should apply to her as an accessory to mass murder.

  • June 16, 2016 at 12:51 pm

    she and all the rest of this filth’s family need to be given a helicopter ride back to afshitistan

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