Courtiers of the Queen

Courtiers of the Queen

I’ve mentioned before that I enjoy the Showtime series “The Tudors.” I have the box set of the DVDs and watch them every six months or so. It’s a guilty pleasure, I admit. Mostly because it is not remotely historically accurate. Sure, they sometimes got it right. In fact, on occasion, they included in the scripts actual words spoken or written by Henry VIII, Katherine of Aragon, Anne Boleyn and others. But the things they get wrong as so incredibly wrong as to make them kind of pathetic.

But I’m a sucker for this kind of period drama, so I overlook the obvious fudging of facts and just let myself get drawn into the richness of it all.

Naturally, since the Age of Obama, it is interesting to watch “The Tudors” because I think it gives me a little window into how Barack and Michelle view themselves. Though I am fairly certain Barack isn’t cheating on Michelle with her ladies in waiting. And I’m also relatively sure that Barry has no inclination to chop off Michelle’s head for failing to give him sons. But in terms of how Henry the VIII ruled over the people, how he enjoyed a lavish, decadent lifestyle while his people lived in poverty, how he believed he was the Law in England — stuff like that is strikingly similar.

Plus the whole persecuting Christians who didn’t agree with his view of religion is rather familiar as well (which I wrote about back in July HERE — check it out, I think you’ll like it).

During Christmas and New Year’s, I once again went through all four seasons of “The Tudors” and this time I wasn’t so much thinking about His Royal Highness King Barack as I was the Dowager Duchess of Chappaqua.

Hillary Clinton lives a very cloistered and shielded life. Any semblance of the real world is barred from invading her carefully-constructed cocoon. The courtiers of the Queen make sure that Hillary is only exposed to information that will reinforce her own opinion of herself and of her hope of ruling the country.

In other words, she has surrounded herself with people whose job it is to lie to her.

Now, don’t get me wrong. There’s a certain amount of Schadenfreude about Hillary being lied to. It’s fitting, wouldn’t you say?

But these courtiers of the Queen have got her believing that her nomination is all but certain. I really think that Hillary believes this. The problem with surrounding yourself with people who tell you what you want to hear is you tend to become divorced from reality.

And Hillary is most definitely divorced from reality.

Despite the reassuring words of confidence from the courtiers of this Queen, things aren’t looking all that certain.

Today the new Marist Poll of Iowa and New Hampshire was released, and it isn’t particularly good news for the Dowager Duchess.

Truth is, Hillary may not even win Iowa. Marist shows that Hillary holds a three point lead in the first caucus State. Yes, she is ahead, but a three point lead in a poll with a 3% margin of error means Hillary and Bernie Sanders are in a dead heat.

I think the “Anyone but Hillary” mentality that explains not only why she is being beaten in head-to-head match-ups against Marco Rubio (by 9 points), Ted Cruz (by 7 points), and Donald Trump (by 3 points), also explains why, despite the DNC rigging the game in her favor, Hillary can’t even be confident of a win in Iowa. And let’s not forget, Sanders is ahead of her in New Hampshire by 4 points (50% to 46%).

In Season Three of “The Tudors,” Henry the VIII is confronted with the reality that subjects in the north are not as enthusiastically supportive of his Church of England as he’s been lead to believe. In fact, tens of thousands of them begin a rebellion against the King. In a pivotal scene, King Henry screams at Sir Thomas Cromwell, his Lord High Chancellor, telling him that he had lied to the King when he told him all of England supported him. Henry makes it crystal clear to Cromwell if the rebellion isn’t put down, Cromwell will be.

I foresee the same kind of meltdown if Hillary is defeated in both Iowa and New Hampshire.

I believe the person who will be most stunned at a poor showing in both states will be the Dowager Duchess of Chappaqua. In the echo chamber that is the Clinton Campaign, I’m sure the impression given to Hillary is that she is the running away winner by a mile. None of those courtiers of the Queen are going to admit to her that voters do not want to elect her.

Among the emails released at the New Year were a few that showed just how frequently the Courtiers of the Queen blow smoke up Hillary’s ass. Emailing her to tell her how fashionable and stylish she looks, not to mention how “cute.”

These women have made a career out of fluffing up Hillary’s ego and enabling her blind ambition.

And if Iowa and New Hampshire fall into the hands of Bernie Sanders, trust me. Hillary will have a Henry the VIII-sized meltdown.

Sure, she probably won’t send Debbie Wasserman-Schultz or Jennifer Palmieri to the Tower and sentence them to a public beheading. But I’d expect some very heated behind the scenes meltdowns from the Queen of the Cankles.

Don’t underestimate just how devastating it would be for the former Miss Rodham to lose both Iowa and New Hampshire. Especially when you consider the tireless efforts of Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and the other Courtiers of the Queen that populate the Democratic National Committee. To lose Iowa, or even to barely eke out a victory, when the entire system is rigged in your favor really does show that Hillary Clinton, for all her posturing, for all her delusions of inevitability, is , simply put, a dreadful, unlikeable candidate.

And something tells me if Hillary suffers losses in Iowa and New Hampshire, the Courtiers of the Queen are going to be scattering in fear of becoming victims of that trademark Clinton thin-skinned vindictiveness.

So get the popcorn ready. Because this will be better than any Showtime series ever made.

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