Creating a million little Marxists in his own image


You know, the one aspect of Barack Obama’s personality that has always amazed me is his all-consuming narcissism.

Sure, many Leftists saw Obama as their savior – a Progressive Messiah bestriding the Earth like a god.

But even their overblown image of him pales in comparison to Obama’s image of himself.

Let’s be honest, nobody swallowed the “He’s a change agent” claptrap as completely as Barack did.

While speaking in Japan this weekend, Obama fantasized about creating a million little Marxists in his own – and Michelle’s – image.

“If I could do that effectively, then—you know—I would create a hundred or a thousand or a million young Barack Obamas or Michelle Obamas. Or, the next group of people who could take that baton in that relay race that is human progress.”

Yes. Just what we need – Barack creating millions of Baracks and Michelles.


Actually, that image isn’t quite right.

Here, let me try that again.


Okay, that’s more like it.

Any old how.

The problem, according to Barack, is the present is far too influenced by what came before.

And like all the Marxists before him, Barack believes “human progress” can only be achieved if we jettison everything that happened before this moment.

“A lot of our problems are caused by old men,” said the Marxists’ Messiah. “No offense, men, who are old.”

The wisdom of age, experience, history, tradition, customs – all of these things are problems according to Barack Obama.

Instead, he believes it’s better to follow the lead of children who are not inconvenienced by a knowledge of history, tradition or customs.

But this isn’t surprising when you consider that for the Left, history began ten minutes ago.

Yet “progressivism” is a movement that began more than a century ago. The Fabian Socialists, the Marxists, the Communists – they, and not the Obamas were the architects of this modern-day iteration of “progressivism.”

There’s nothing “new” or “innovative” – and certainly not “progressive” – about the progressive movement. It is thoroughly stuck in the past.

So the only way to sell it as a modern-day movement of the young is to act as if history began ten minutes ago. Because if you acknowledge history, the progressive siren song becomes a strident shriek of know-nothings.

And for Barack Obama, know-nothings who are willing to be bent, shaped and exploited are the perfect targets.

Naturally, in this speech in Japan, Obama cited the emotionally-driven, fact-free “March for Our Lives” movement as an example of what he envisions.

But of course he does.

What Barack Obama embraces in this movement is its rejection of history, facts, context and culture. Much like Mao, Obama seeks a so-called “cultural revolution” that thoroughly rejects the past while promoting the myth that man can change human nature into something perfect – utopian.

It’s a lie that only the ignorant, naïve and uninformed will believe.

Why do you think they’re targeting the children?

I read an outstanding column by Pedro Gonzalez over American Greatness about the misguided children from “March for Our Lives.”

And after placing this pseudo-movement into historical perspective, Gonzalez closes his column with this:

No cultural or social or economic revolution in modern history has created a prosperous, secure, or equitable society—save one, the American Revolution, and it was carried out by an armed, vigilant, and sober minority against one of the most formidable empires in history. And it worked because it enshrined as the highest form of the people’s sovereignty, a constitution. When we violate it, we are chipping away at our own legitimacy and sovereignty.

Americans need to stand fast. They need to reject the demands of this movement. Equally important, we need to take the time to explain to our children why their demands that we skirt the laws and Constitution are antithetical to self-rule, and we need to castigate those who offer up our children as pawns in this scheme to snatch power from the people.

Just beneath the surface of this adolescent activism is something terrible, something that has thrust societies into chaos, and it is now at our doorstep threatening to deracinate the foundations of this nation. Americans should not and must not go quietly.

We don’t need a million little Marxists made in Obama’s image.

What we need is an informed, educated population – a population that comprehends and respects our history, traditions and everything that came before us.

As George Santayana famously said, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

And those are exactly the kind of people Barack Obama wishes to create.

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4 thoughts on “Creating a million little Marxists in his own image

  • March 26, 2018 at 1:33 pm

    Maybe it’s because of the Easter Holiday, but I just pictured an army of Obama Peeps…and it’s not a pleasant image at all.

  • March 26, 2018 at 5:05 pm

    After being shuffled around in different living arrangements throughout his childhood, he finally felt validated and “wanted” by the leftists.
    Like EVERY kid, he always felt he was “ special” and they finally handed him that validation. So, of course, there must be a museum built for his “specialness.”
    It’s going to be quite comical to see what that museum will contain, since his entire past has either been hidden or re-written for him.
    And he keeps saying “the both of us” in his ideological fantasies.
    The very fact that he has to keep including Big Mike in his future meanderings reveals who actually wears the pants and who’s wearing the panties.

  • March 26, 2018 at 10:01 pm

    Weapons grade narcissism.

  • March 27, 2018 at 7:02 am

    Hussein Obama doing I’m Negan.

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