These crybabies had their protests planned well in advance

If you think any of these crybabies protesting this “Muslim ban” or the nomination of Judge Gorsuch for the Supreme Court were all reacting spontaneously, think again.

It was all planned well in advance.

In fact, I would venture to guess, they’ve had their strategies nailed down since Hillary’s humiliating defeat in the wee hours of November 9, 2016.

Do you think any of these people standing in the streets with pre-printed signs about Trump’s temporary ban even read the Executive Order they’re protesting?

Of course they didn’t.

They have no idea what it says.

Which is a shame. Because there’s definitely stuff in there these breathless crybabies would support.

Like this, for example:

In addition, the United States should not admit those who engage in acts of bigotry or hatred (including “honor” killings, other forms of violence against women, or the persecution of those who practice religions different from their own) or those who would oppress Americans of any race, gender, or sexual orientation.

You got that?

President Trump’s Executive Order protecting the nation from foreign terrorist entry expressly states that those who would oppress Americans “of any race, gender, or sexual orientation,” must not be admitted.

What an anti-woman homophobe he is!!!!

Isn’t it ironic?

While supposed “feminists” in pussy hats were cozying up to a radical, Hamas-loving, Sharia-supporting Muslim named Linda Sansour, Donald Trump was compiling an Executive Order that, among other things, protects American women from radical Islamists who would promote oppression and violence against women.

Facts don’t matter to the Left.

Reality doesn’t matter.

The reason these idiots don’t bother reading what the EO actually says is because they don’t want to know.

They don’t care to know.

They decided at about 3:00 am on November 9, 2016, that they would protest Donald Trump no matter what he did.

And they’ve been preparing for it ever since.

They don’t need to know the facts or the details.

All they need to know is Donald Trump did it. Therefore, they will oppose it.

And, to save time, they’ll have their protests signs printed and ready at the drop of a hat.

In fact, it doesn’t matter at all to them that Barack Obama’s administration came up with that list of seven countries. Or that Obama himself put a six-month ban on refugees from Iraq.

Yesterday, Big Fur Hat posted this video over at under the title This perfectly symbolizes the depth of thinking of anti-Trump activists:

I wrote in the comments:

And there it is, right there!
The truth is, these assholes were going to riot and demonstrate and act like psychos no matter what Donald Trump did.
In fact, I’d venture that if by some miracle another Republican had defeated Hillary, these idiots would be doing the same thing.
It’s fake. Phony. Trumped up (forgive the pun).

This is why these crybabies don’t care that this Executive Order specifically seeks to protect Americans “of any race, gender, or sexual orientation.”

The content of this Executive Order is irrelevant to them.

None of them will bother to read it even though it is right there on the White House website.

Because at the end of the day, these idiots are content in their ignorance.

They don’t want to know. They don’t care to know.

As I said earlier today, no matter what Donald Trump does, no matter who he appoints to any position, these kneejerk crybabies already planned their meltdown.

So they’re going to melt down no matter what.

There’s nothing spontaneous about it.

This mishegas was preplanned and structured well in advance of Trump’s inauguration.

Come on. How else do you explain the fact that these crybabies already had pre-printed protest signs at the ready just moments after President Trump announced his SCOTUS pick?

My guess is, People for the American Way have a storage room filled with boxes of protest signs made up for every possible SCOTUS pick that was on Trump’s list.

And the moment Gorsuch was announced, someone said, “Pull out the box with Gorsuch’s name on it and hand them out to the protesters!”

It helps to get oodles of funding from George Soros to get all those signs printed up, doesn’t it?

Of course, the less prepared, not as well funded activists had to settle for “fill-in-the-blank” signs like this one.

Trust me. This is worse than “astro-turf.”

When you get a look behind the curtain, it becomes painfully obvious these people are about as grassroots as concrete.

All of this is Kabuki Theater.

It’s a stage production that has been in the works for months — complete with scripts, props and really bad actors.

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3 thoughts on “These crybabies had their protests planned well in advance

  • February 1, 2017 at 12:34 pm

    It would be great if someone who worked at the printer’s would help us follow the money. Protest has bypassed civility and gone straight to sedition.

  • February 1, 2017 at 3:54 pm

    Might as well print ONE huge banner with every possible nominee for every appointment position…carry it from protest to protest to save trees or prevent global warming or feed Al Gore’s starving family.

  • February 2, 2017 at 5:30 am

    I wrote yesterday about seeing one of those generic signs with a blank space to fill in a name with a Sharpie.This proves the leftards treat all republicans equally….with mindless,utter contempt.They don’t discriminate.

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