Cuomo’s “Specials” got priority while the vulnerable died

Andrew Cuomo’s “Specials” got priority while the vulnerable died

In New York, some people are more equal than others — chief among them, Andrew Cuomo’s “specials.”

Living in New York, one can’t help but wonder if Karma is on some kind of travel ban list that bars it from entering this once great state. There’s really no other explanation for why, after everything we’ve learned, the loathsome Andrew Cuomo is still firmly secure in the Governor’s mansion.

The latest news is both infuriating and completely unsurprising. The governor who sent senior citizens to their deaths in nursing homes then covered up the data gave preferential treatment to people in his orbit considered “Specials.” Family, in-laws, friends and influential movers and shakers got moved to the front of the line while New York’s vulnerable died alone.

Counted among Cuomo’s “specials” was his brother Chris, and his brother-in-law (and fashion designer Kenneth Cole).

According to the New York Post:

Seven people with firsthand knowledge of the alleged favoritism — who spoke anonymously out of fear of retribution from the governor — detailed the preferential treatment to the newspaper.

In March 2020, testing cases were fast-tracked at state facilities for people described as “priorities,” “specials,” “inner circle” or “criticals,” multiple sources told the newspaper.

Now, these “specials” weren’t considered “critical” because they were among the most vulnerable at critical risk of dying from the Wuhan virus. Not at all. They were “criticals” because Andrew Cuomo deemed them so . . . because they were “specials.”

This story infuriates me.

While he banged on in his Emmy winning press conferences about the lack of resources due to bad Orange Man, Cuomo was utilizing those supposed limited resources for his cadre of “specials.”

Naturally, Cuomo’s button man Rich Azzopardi denies the existence of Cuomo’s “specials.” And when pressed, said that if there were prioritized “specials,” “the Governor was not aware.”

Right. I totally believe that.

If you believe Chris kept his own brother in the dark when a Westchester County Department of Health physician was dispatched to his house on several occasions for a little VIP TLC, I got a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.

Cuomo wasn’t aware. Jesus wept.

Clearly Rich Azzopardi knows he can tell any lie and his boss will still skate.

And he has reason to believe it, doesn’t he? Fifteen thousand dead seniors and the subsequent cover-up. So many sexual harassment claims, one more and we’ll need to start using our toes to count them. Now a report that family and friends received preferential treatment. All of that and Andrew Cuomo is still rooted in the Governor’s mansion like a plantar wart.

Then again, some New Yorkers will dismiss this latest in a long line of scandals. Mostly because many New Yorkers have an idiot streak a mile wide. Like this Trump Deranged New York actor:

From the bottom of my heart, Kirk. Get bent.

Diverting resources to your priority list of “specials” while sending thousands of seniors to their deaths is not something “everyone would do,” you heartless, potty-mouthed ghoul.

But I’m thinking Kirk’s bloodless take is a very common opinion among New York Democrats whose parents didn’t die all alone in a nursing home.

Leftists have always believed that they are more important than the rest of us.

Take, for example, this blithering idiot’s tweet on vaccine passports:

Why would garbage people like this have a problem with the Governor of a state placing high priority on a select few while sending thousands of nobodies to their deaths?

Even the Leftists who screech “healthcare is a human right” have little to no problem with Andrew Cuomo’s “specials” taking priority over the most vulnerable citizens of his state.

Pointing out the hypocrisy will get you nowhere because these cretins don’t give a crap that they’re hypocrites. They know they are, and they embrace it because assholes like these believe themselves to be “specials” as well.

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