Daddy’s latest lecture

After spending two years spitting out phony statistics and fomenting resentment toward law enforcement officers, Daddy took to the stage once again yesterday with his latest lecture to the American people.

Rush is right about the Limbaugh Theorem. Obama causes the problem, then pretends to be an innocent bystander. As a result, he portrays himself as the person who is trying to fix the mess he himself has caused.

Daddy’s latest lecture is no different.

This is the man who accused local police departments of “systemic racism” and gave legitimacy to the anarchy group called Black Lives Matter. And now he lectures us about “inflammatory rhetoric” and tempering “our words and hearts.”

What gall. His hands aren’t clean. As the Cleveland Police Association President Steve Loomis said yesterday on Fox, “[T]he President of the United States has blood on his hands and it will not be able to come washed off.”

His hands are not clean

Here is Daddy’s latest lecture:

Good afternoon, everybody. As all of you know now, this morning, three law enforcement officers in Baton Rouge were killed in the line of duty. Three others were wounded. One is still in critical condition.
As of right now, we don’t know the motive of the killer. We don’t know whether the killer set out to target police officers, or whether he gunned them down as they responded to a call.

How he loves to lecture us about not knowing motives. Even when a murderer phones in to the police and declares his allegiance to ISIS and announces he is doing this in the name of Allah, Barack Obama wrings his hands and bemoans how we don’t know the motives of the killer.

Regardless of motive, the death of these three brave officers underscores the danger that police across the country confront every single day. And we as a nation have to be loud and clear that nothing justifies violence against law enforcement. Attacks on police are an attack on all of us and the rule of law that makes society possible.

Limbaugh Theorem. Pour the gas, light the match, then proclaim “loud and clear” that nothing justifies this fire.

Earlier this afternoon, I spoke with Governor Edwards and Mayor Holden, and I offered them the full support of the federal government and reiterated my full support for law enforcement in Baton Rouge and for police officers across the country. I also spoke to the Attorney General, and the FBI has already been on the scene. And through the work of all levels of government, justice will be done.
Most of all, our hearts go out to the families who are grieving. Our prayers go out to the officer who is still fighting for his life. This has happened far too often. And I’ve spent a lot of time with law enforcement this past week. I’m surrounded by the best of the best every single day. And I know whenever this happens, wherever this happens, you feel it. Your families feel it. But what I want you to know today is the respect and the gratitude of the American people for everything that you do for us.

If these words were said by a President who actually showed through word and deed unfailing support for the police, these words would have weight. But they are said by the man who has perpetrated the lie of the Trayvon Martin narrative, the Michael Brown narrative. The majority of Americans do have respect and gratitude for the police. Barack Obama is not among them. He is a piss-poor messenger.

Five days ago, I traveled to Dallas for the memorial service of the officers who were slain there. I said that that killer would not be the last person who tries to make us turn on each other. Nor will today’s killer. It remains up to us to make sure that they fail. That decision is all of ours. The decision to make sure that our best selves are reflected across America, not our worst — that’s up to us.

Even in a 767-word statement, Barack Obama has to make reference to himself and a speech he has made.

Talk is cheap, Barack. You have done quite a bit of it over the last seven-plus years. But we know what your words are worth.

We have our divisions, and they are not new. Around-the-clock news cycles and social media sometimes amplify these divisions, and I know we’re about to enter a couple of weeks of conventions where our political rhetoric tends to be more overheated than usual.

Ah, yes. The divisions are the fault of everybody else but him. Social media, 24-hour news cycles, and of course the Republican Convention. For over seven years this man has fanned the flames of racial division, but he really wants us to believe that his hands are completely clean in this.

And that is why it is so important that everyone — regardless of race or political party or profession, regardless of what organizations you are a part of — everyone right now focus on words and actions that can unite this country rather than divide it further.

Quiet, everyone!

Daddy’s lecturing us!

We don’t need inflammatory rhetoric. We don’t need careless accusations thrown around to score political points or to advance an agenda. We need to temper our words and open our hearts — all of us. We need what we saw in Dallas this week, as a community came together to restore order and deepen unity and understanding. We need the kind of efforts we saw this week in meetings between community leaders and police — some of which I participated in — where I saw people of good will pledge to work together to reduce violence throughout all of our communities. That’s what’s needed right now. And it is up to all of us to make sure we are part of the solution and not part of the problem.

Of course when he says “we,” he really means “Everybody else but me.” Because all he’s done is use inflammatory rhetoric — whether to advance Obamacare, his unconstitutional Executive Amnesty, his war on the rule of law.

For him to lecture us about “careless accusations thrown around to score political points or to advance an agenda” takes the cake.

If I had to sum up Barack Obama’s divisive presidency in one phrase it would be ” careless accusations thrown around to score political points or to advance an agenda.”

Someone once wrote, “A bullet need happen only once, but for peace to work we need to be reminded of its existence again and again and again.”

It took me forever to find the “someone” who “once wrote” that. It comes from a 2013 OpEd in the New York Times written by a guy named Colum McCann.

My fellow Americans, only we can prove, through words and through deeds, that we will not be divided. And we’re going to have to keep on doing it “again and again and again.” That’s how this country gets united. That’s how we bring people of good will together. Only we can prove that we have the grace and the character and the common humanity to end this kind of senseless violence, to reduce fear and mistrust within the American family, to set an example for our children.

Let’s start with you, Barack. Let’s see you, “through words and through deeds” actually stop dividing us. Let’s see you do it. To be lectured about how this country gets united by the man who has spent nearly two terms working to divide us is insulting to say the least.

And, really? Who is he to lecture us about “good will,” “grace,” “character” and “common humanity?”

That’s who we are, and that’s who we always have the capacity to be.

No, Barack. That’s who WE are. That’s not who YOU are.

And that’s the best way for us to honor the sacrifice of the brave police officers who were taken from us this morning.

Seriously. This is just like that episode from Season five of “24” when President Logan — who conspired against the country and participated in the conspiracy that got former President Palmer killed — has the audacity to stand before Palmer’s flag-draped casket and eulogize him.

May God bless them and their families, and may God bless the United States of America. Thank you very much.

Thank you very much?!

For what?

For enduring yet another lecture from Daddy?

For not throwing rotten fruit at you while you pretend to have clean hands in what is happening?!

I realize that Barack Obama can’t get in front of cameras and do a victory dance. Even he isn’t that stupid.

But what he fails to grasp is that we aren’t so stupid either. The internet is forever. We know all the times he advanced the lies of “systemic racism” and “bias in the criminal justice system.” We know all the times he berated police and effectively accused them of racism.

I never cease to be amazed at Barack Obama’s glaring lack of self-awareness. He really does seem to think that, despite everything he has done to divide us, he is our moral compass. He really does see himself as our better angel.

And all his words about unity, grace, common humanity — none of those words will be heard by those anarchists who are using this President’s own divisive rhetoric to empower themselves. Because they know he doesn’t mean it. They know he is on their side.

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2 thoughts on “Daddy’s latest lecture

  • July 18, 2016 at 10:58 am

    “Let the games begin!” Enough is enough! What happened to the rule of law since Lil Barry tookover. You are right Dianny, he is the agitator in chief, just another punk on the street with a big mouth. May God Bless and strengthen our Blue Lines.

  • July 18, 2016 at 3:57 pm

    Well, Bryan Cranston seems to think these are the “qualities” that have made Barack a “success.” LOL.

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