Daniel Greenfield: Trump divides, but not in the way Democrats think

Greenfield column

I just read an excellent column on last night’s SOTU by Front Page Magazine’s Daniel Greenfield.

If you haven’t read it, you absolutely must.

Because while Greenfield points out that Trump’s SOTU divides, it doesn’t divide in the way Democrats and the media think.

Here’s some highlights from Greenfield’s column:

There was little in the way of partisanship in President Trump’s remarks. They were meant to unite the men and women in the House Chamber “not as Republicans or Democrats, but as representatives of the people.” Even his tough talk on immigration came with offers of a negotiated compromise.
The New American Moment laid out a “clear vision and a righteous mission — to make America great again for all Americans.” But not everyone who happens to live in America wants it to be great.
President Trump’s speech wasn’t divisive. But it did divide. It divided those in the House Chamber who love this country from those who don’t. It divided those who honor our troops, our anthem and our flag from those who take a knee. It divided those who want to make America great again from the left.
The State of the Union vision exposed the divisions between America and un-America.

Think of it as dividing the wheat from the chaff.

President Trump’s speech exposed the un-American attitude of the modern-day Democrat Party.

And I can’t help but wonder if it was a conscious decision to do so.

More from Greenfield:

President Trump’s State of the Union address was more than a great speech. It was our story. It was a reminder of who we are and what makes us great. It was the living soul of America soaring once again.
Americans, on the left and the right, are told every day who we are by an un-American media and its entertainment industry. We’ve been told it so often that it’s easy to forget who we really are.

And as you read this next passage, consider this tweet by the always hateful Joy Reid:

And President Trump’s State of the Union speech wasn’t just the greatest political address of his career. It’s the greatest American speech of the century. There have been significant un-American speeches that told us the traditions we believed in were dead, that the country we knew would never return and that we must become compliant citizens of un-America or be left behind on the wrong side of history.
President Trump succeeded by echoing the anger, the pain, the outrage and the common sense of a frustrated America. Some pundits found the echoes of this insurgency abrasive, disconcerting or vulgar. But this was not an insurgent speech. It wasn’t a call to arms. Instead it was a celebration of the changes wrought by the people’s revolution in Washington D.C. and of the growing power of a restored America.

Greenfield is right. The President’s State of the Union Address stands in sharp contrast to the divisive and un-American rhetoric so prevalent from the news media, Hollywood and the Democrat Party.

The Left has worked tirelessly to make us feel embarrassed for loving the country. They’ve tried to paint “patriotism” and “pride” as somehow nefarious and dark.

We’re battered with that kind of attitude every day from people like Joy Reid.

But they’re wrong.

And I believe one of the reasons President Trump’s speech was so widely praised is because for all the anger on the Left, most Americans are patriotic and proud to be American.

And rather than act apologetic for Americanism, President Trump celebrated it.

One last snippet:

Americans are dreamers too.
The un-American left plies us with the dreams of others. It prods us about their suffering. It tells us their stories. And it insists that we are to blame for their pain. But it doesn’t care about our pain.
The Democrats who sat through the stories of suffering and courage showed that they didn’t care. The forgotten American men and women whom the President of the United States led out of the shadows never mattered to them. But in the State of the Union, President Trump showed us their dreams.
The American Dream was here long before the dream of illegal migration. It will be here long after the wall is built and Islamic terrorism is defeated. And yet so many of us have come close to forgetting it.
The un-American left has filled our heads with its dreams and at times we can no longer dream our own.
In the State of the Union, President Trump reminded us of our dreams and of the American Dream.

The whole column is excellent and worth the time. Read it yourself HERE

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2 thoughts on “Daniel Greenfield: Trump divides, but not in the way Democrats think

  • January 31, 2018 at 1:20 pm

    The Left and those that scream and rant the blather of that empty doctrine are to be fought certainly. But, I’ve always believed they should be pitied as well. People like Joy(less) Reid and that sour-faced Corey Booker are pitiful to behold. There is nothing great or uplifting about the Left; as it is all empty, angry and hypocritical.
    While they seek to bring all of humankind down to their level in the dirt, we that oppose the left choose to lift our gaze to the stars and endeavour to do all that we can to see that we get there!

    • January 31, 2018 at 1:32 pm

      “But, I’ve always believed they should be pitied as well. ”

      Bless you and more power to you, but I have no sympathy for those who are trying their level best to destroy America and Trump. I only feel contempt for them.

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