How dare you use our tactics against us!

how dare you

The single biggest freak-out over Donald Trump’s immigration speech came when Mr. Trump invited onto the stage the “Angel Moms” — parents and family who lost a loved one at the hands of an illegal alien.

The hue and cry was immediate.

How dare you! How dare you use our tactics against us!

You see, when it comes to populating a stage with victims, nobody does it better and more often than Democrats.

I don’t know if you all remember this, but after Adam Lanza shot up the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, Obama tripped all over himself to utilize the parents of those children killed.

After he flew to Newtown to give his requisite anti-gun speech at the memorial service, Obama invited several of the parents to fly back with him on Air Force One.

Then he unleashed them in the halls of Congress to hector lawmakers to submit to Obama’s anti-gun agenda.

Worse still, he recruited one of the moms to give his Presidential Weekly Address in his stead.

When the Senate refused to cooperate with his demands, Obama held a press conference at the White House complete with his Newtown Human Props encircling the podium (not to mention Gabby Giffords).

Nobody on the Left said boo.

They didn’t utter their disgust or accuse Obama of exploiting these people.

Nope. They loved it!

And January of this year, Barack Obama once again trotted out parents from Newtown when he announced his executive orders to “reduce gun violence.”

You remember that particular press conference. That was the one where he pretended to cry.

Oh, how moved they all were.

“Look at how much he cares! He really cares! Why, this is just breaking him up!!”

Donald Trump briefly invites the “Angel Moms” on stage with him last night, and you’d think he ritually sacrificed them before a television audience the way these idiots are kvetching.

Maybe if Mr. Trump had forced them to stand there in a semi-circle through the entire speech the way Obama does time and time and time again, these guys wouldn’t be so bent out of shape.

What infuriates them is their tactics are being used against them.

That makes them all manner of upset.

They didn’t have a problem with Hillary inviting to the DNC Convention stage the “Mothers of the Movement.” [You know them: the mothers of criminals who were killed by police.]

Oh, they just LOVED that! It was powerful and moving!

But, boy howdy, were outraged that the parents of children murdered by illegals were invited to the Republican National Convention.

That was exploitative and cynical!

The mother of Sean Smith was insulted and ridiculed for speaking at the RNC Convention. They attacked her and mocked her.

But they did a happy dance over Khizr Khan speaking at the Democratic Convention.

It wasn’t exploitative and cynical. No! It was patriotic and powerful!

They’re not angry because Trump “exploited” these people.

They’re angry because he used their own tactics against them.

Or as Scott Adams (the creator of Dilbert) put it:

[Thanks to Diane a follower of my FB page for the hat tip on that!]

The Left expects a Republican presidential candidate to behave in a certain way. And, for decades, the feckless candidates the GOP sticks us with have been more than happy to comply.

Donald Trump refuses to be their whipping boy, their doormat, their witless foil.

It’s one of the things I love about Donald Trump.

He invades the Left’s safe space, ransacks their arsenal and turns their own weapons against them.

In so doing, he exposes them for the cynical hypocrites that they really are.

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