David Cay Johnston: your fifteen minutes are up

A reporter nobody heard of before Tuesday evening is riding his fifteen minutes of fame like he’s John Travolta on the electronic bull in Urban Cowboy.

David Cay Johnston is really hoping to transform his momentary brush with notoriety on Rachel Maddow’s embarrassing broadcast into a high profile career.

And what better way to do that then to go on Lawrence O’Donnell’s program The Last Word and accuse First Lady Melania Trump of doing “sleazy porn pictures.”

No, I’m not including the clip. If you want to see it, The American Mirror has it.

But I have no interest in giving this guy more views.

Of course the truly pathetic thing is, the Enslaved Press hates Trump so deeply, they won’t hesitate to put this fart-knocker in front of the cameras.

I could write a book called How to become a News Media Star in the Age of Trump that would be all of three words long:

“Insult the Trumps.”

That’s really all it takes anymore.

Which is a change from 2014 when the way to become a News Media Star was to accuse the police of committing genocide.

Or pretending to be black.

Or both.

And what exactly did this news media star do to earn such recognition?

Well, by his own admission, he opened his mailbox and pulled out an envelope.

I smell Pulitzer!

And now everybody is writing “Who is David Cay Johnston?” articles as if we really give a crap.

Spoiler alert:

We don’t.

So go back into whatever hole you crawled out of, you attention whore.

You’re fifteen minutes are up.

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