Dear Senate Republicans: Listen to Betsy McCaughey

Betsy McCaughey

Yesterday when Big Fur Hat posted over at that President Trump stepping in yesterday has revived the Healthcare bill, I was skeptical that it would matter.

Now, it isn’t that I don’t trust the President’s commitment. I do.

But after all these years, the Senate Republicans have given me very little reason to trust them.

I commented on Fur’s post saying:

And I’m supposed to think Senate Republicans won’t snatch defeat from the jaws of victory? Sorry. No sale. I’m not kicking that football, Lucy.

The Senate Republicans can’t get their act together.

And one of the primary issues on which some Republican Senators refuse to budge is Medicaid.

But this morning, I read one hell of an excellent editorial from Betsy McCaughey that gives the Senate Republicans the perfect solution to their stalemate.

For those who don’t know. Betsy McCaughey has one advantage over every Democrat in Congress who voted for Obamacare.

She actually read the damn thing.

In fact, if I had to name one person in the country who has a best grasp of the train wreck law, it would be Betsy McCaughey.

And McCaughey’s editorial is the perfect roadmap for the Republicans to follow.

Here’s a little of what Betsy wrote at the New York Post.

When President Ronald Reagan was asked why he settled for a 5 percent tax cut in 1981 when he had proposed cutting taxes by twice as much, he answered: “Half a loaf is better than none.”
That’s advice the Republican Party should heed right now.

McCaughey points out that the biggest sticking point right now is the problem of Medicaid.

And maybe the best way to overcome the impasse is to tackle the repeal of Obamacare’s onerous penalties, taxes, mandates and required “essential benefits” first.

Then, once that has been achieved, take on the problem of Medicaid separately.

She points out:

The Affordable Care Act is actually two laws glued together. First, there’s the vast expansion of Medicaid, the public program serving the poor and disabled. That’s where most of the previously uninsured gained coverage. Second, there’s a federal takeover of the private insurance market, previously regulated by each state.
Since several Republican senators are balking at changing Medicaid, GOP leaders should pass the other half of repeal and replace, to rescue consumers in the individual market. There’s no reason not to seize half a victory.
Republicans have enough votes in both the House and Senate to pass a bill that gives consumers choices, premium relief and generous protections for people with pre-existing conditions.

McCaughey makes some excellent points.

And maybe Senate Republicans should take a few minutes to read it.

In fact, why not send them each a copy?

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