Defund NPR

Defund NPR

Tell me again why American taxpayers are forced to fund a thoroughly partisan, far-Left advocacy group masquerading as “public radio?”  If we really want to calm the flames of partisan rancor and racial division, instead of defunding the police, perhaps we should defund NPR.

Now, don’t get me wrong.  NPR is really no worse than any of the other major news corporations.  The difference is, taxpayers aren’t funding the radical Left, anti-American bigots from the New York Times or the Washington Post.

But we do fund NPR.

Yesterday, NPR did a story claiming that “right wing extremists” are using vehicles to commit acts of terror on “peaceful protesters.”

Because, apparently, if you are driving down the street and are surrounded and attacked by a violent mob hell-bent on dragging you out of your car and beating the ever-loving snot out of you, if you attempt to drive away – even if that means using your vehicle as a defensive weapon – you are a right wing extremist.

The accompanying photo NPR chose to run for this nonsensical “report” was a still-shot from Louisville, Kentucky where a young woman’s vehicle was blocked by violent rioters, one of whom pointed a gun at her.  In her effort to escape getting shot, the woman drove like a bat out of hell, hitting one of her attackers in the process.

In the Real World, we call that “self-defense.”

Because in the Real World, the woman was what we call a “victim.”  The mob that attacked her car are known here on Planet Earth as the “perpetrators.” Two of whom, by the way, were arrested for this attack.

But, to the taxpayer-funded brain trust at National Public Radio, the “victim” is the perpetrator and the “attackers” fluffy, innocent lambs who were minding their own business when this right wing extremist ran one of them over in an act of domestic terrorism.

Remember last week when President Trump tweeted out that satirical video by Carpe Donktum of the two little children?

This one:

You know why this video is effective?

Because the premise behind it – that the news media takes a situation and creates a completely opposite narrative – is absolutely true.  And the geniuses at NPR just proved Carpe Donktum’s premise, did they not?

Only, unlike Carpe Donktum’s video, NPR’s story was not satire.

Also unlike Carpe Donktum who receives voluntary donations from fans, National Public Radio extracts its funding from American taxpayers whether we like or not.

The NPR story is a premise in search of proof.  The writers began with “it’s Right Wing Extremists who are turning vehicles into weapons” then went on a snipe hunt to find examples.

Only after NPR got excoriated for using an image where the driver was the victim and the perpetrators were arrested, did they quickly remove that picture that proved their premise wrong.  In an effort to salvage their stupid premise, they then replaced that image with a picture from the August 2017 Charlottesville riot when a white supremacist plowed his car into a young woman and killed her.

In other words, to “prove” their premise of what is going on in 2020 America, the writers had to reach back to 2017 for an example.

Have there been incidents of Americans striking “protesters” who swarm their vehicles since these nationwide riots began? Yes.  Of course there are.  Blocking the streets and ganging up on unsuspecting drivers is one of the tactics these rioters are deploying against us.

And NPR, funded by your tax dollars, wants you to believe that if you have the gall to defend yourself using the only weapon at your disposal, you are ipso facto a “right wing extremist” committing an act of terrorism.

Because only a right wing extremist would dare to defend his life from a mob.

When the alternative is becoming 2020’s Reginald Denny, I’d drive through a band of violent thugs too.

Well, duh!  You’re supposed to let those attackers drag you out of your vehicle, beat the living shit out of you and leave you unconscious on the street.

I mean, otherwise, you’re right wing extremists, am I right?

The Left isn’t content with just abolishing law enforcement.  They also want to leave you completely unable to protect and defend yourself.  Even if that means smearing you as a “right wing extremist” and a “terrorist.”

Boy, I really hope the driver of that car in Louisville sues National Public Radio and these gumped-up “reporters” for every penny they have.

Then again, they’d probably expect us taxpayers to pony up and pay any settlement as well.

Is it any wonder at all we call these vicious activists the Enemy of the People?

My only question is why in Lucifer’s reach should the People be funding our enemy?

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5 thoughts on “Defund NPR

  • June 22, 2020 at 2:07 pm

    NPR used to have some programs that weren’t showing their left side. Now even the funny shows like Wait, wait, don’t tell me..bash our President. The classical music has been replaced with talk shows against President Trump. They quote fake news like there is absolutely no voter fraud. Take the tax $$ away from them. They don’t represent all the tax payers. They have an agenda and it’s in your face.

  • June 22, 2020 at 8:05 pm

    Ronny tried to defund every year from ’81 to ’88. Liberal GOP “elites” blocked him. Naming just 2 of many GOP libs: the leftist Bill beat in ’96 and “Snarlin” Arlen!

    Had we ever had a conservative GOP NPR would have been long gone!

  • June 22, 2020 at 11:31 pm

    NPR (and PBS for that matter) aren’t just Leftist…they’re radically Leftist. Why should my tax dollars pay for Democrat propaganda? Why are tax dollars only ever spent on Leftist causes and to further Leftist goals? Not that anything is ever done to fix it…no matter how blatant it is or how much Americans complain about it. Just shut up and pay your taxes.

  • June 23, 2020 at 4:41 pm

    Dianny, even in their retraction, “a previous version of this post and story included a photo of a protester being struck by a car in Louisville, Kentucky,” they describe the perp as a “protester” rather than a criminal with intent to do harm.

    Defund with extreme prejudice.

  • June 24, 2020 at 5:55 pm

    I most certainly would hit one or more of these cretins with my car if I felt threatened, and would not miss a minute of sleep over it. But I would draw the line at putting it in reverse and going back to finish the job.

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