The Democrat Rule Book

Rule Book

Yesterday, Donald Trump met with members of the Great Faith Ministries Church in Detroit.

Its pastor, Bishop Wayne T. Jackson, had invited both Mr. Trump and Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton to come to his Detroit church to meet and speak with the people.

Trump agreed.

Hillary did not.

Apparently Great Faith Ministries Church hasn’t donated to the Clinton Foundation.

Don’t feel bad, folks. Louisiana is still waiting for her promised visit to the flood-ravaged part of their state. Just like reporters are still waiting for her to hold a press conference.

Mr. Trump spoke briefly to those assembled at Bishop Jackson’s church. His remarks were respectful, honest, humble and uplifting.

See, I know this because I watched it.

Funny how your impression of Donald Trump changes when you actually take the time to hear what he says rather than simply listen to the “analysis” and “spin” burped out by the Enslaved Press.

The response from the Democrats and the Enslaved Press (same thing) was about what you would expect.

Donald Trump was pandering! Pandering, I tell you!!

Check out the video yourself.


Well, that’s embarrassing.

Let’s try that again.


You know, maybe the problem is my Dell PC is on its last legs and about to give up the ghost. That could be why I can’t seem to get the right video clip.

Let me try this one more time.

Funny, isn’t it?

Donald Trump is invited to speak, accepts the invitation, comes to the church and speaks graciously, humbly and respectfully. And this is somehow pandering.

But Hillary Clinton runs up to Brooklyn to kiss Al Sharpton’s ring, thinks it’s necessary to don a faux black accent to speak to a black audience, and openly panders by pretending to be down with their music.

And she’s being authentic?!

Boy, Democrats and the Enslaved Press (same thing) are really terrified that Donald Trump’s outreach to black voters is working.

See, the Democrat Party believes that when it comes to presidential elections, they write the rule book for both candidates.

Part of the rule book is pigeon-holing Republican candidates into a no-win situation.

Rule Number One: Democrats scoff and complain that Republicans won’t reach out to minority voters. They accuse Republicans of not caring about blacks. And as proof, they say, “See?! They don’t even try and campaign for the black vote!”

Donald Trump reaches out to black voters. He is willing to go to predominantly black communities and campaign.

Democrats howl, “Look at how he’s pandering! How dare he go to black communities and campaign!!”

That’s where Rule Number Two comes in: Treat any Republican outreach to blacks as pandering and insulting.

See how it works? They complain that Republicans won’t campaign, then complain when they do complain. A no-win situation.

The only hope Democrats have of maintaining the black vote is if the Republican candidate dutifully plays along by assuming he has no hope of winning over voters within the black community.

Democrats expect the Republican to write off blacks. Actually, they demand it. It’s part of the rule book.

This is one of the reasons I believe Donald Trump is the right candidate for this moment in our history.

He refuses to play by the rules.

Any other Republican candidate would have obediently followed the Democrat Rule Book. He would have assumed that blacks are firmly in the Democrat column despite a half century of neglect.

Donald Trump is blowing that rule book up.

He sees the destruction caused after more than half a century of neglect and mismanagement and thinks, “It doesn’t have to be this way.”

Any other Republican candidate would be equally moved by the poverty, crime and lack of opportunity. The difference is, the typical Republican candidate would simply toss up his hands and say, “Yeah, but blacks will never vote for a Republican.”

And the Democrats want the Republican to toss up his hands and surrender without a fight.

Republicans aren’t supposed to try and change that. It’s against the rules.

These chuckleheads in the Enslaved Press and the Democrat Party (same thing) aren’t angry because Donald Trump was “pandering.”

He isn’t “pandering;” he’s campaigning for votes.

They’re angry because Donald Trump isn’t playing by the rule book they demand he uses.

And the louder they howl, the more certain I am that they’re scared shitless.

The game doesn’t work for them unless the Republican candidate willingly plays along.

Donald Trump won’t play by their rules.

I said a couple weeks ago that when you neglect a bloc of voters you assume are hard-wired to vote for you, eventually those voters are going to start realizing they’re being neglected.

The reason Democrats are able to get away with locking down the black vote election after election is because their Republican opponent always obeyed the rules.

No other Republican candidate would have done what Trump is doing.

And the Democrats and Enslaved Press (same thing) are beside themselves with rage.

I confess. That gives me a happy.

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  • September 4, 2016 at 4:48 pm

    The democrat party has been showing the blacks the back of their hand for decades and getting away with it.They always take the black vote for granted and always get it.Give them some free stuff paid for with money taken from those who oppose you and you can get away with just about anything.Just make promises at election time you never intend to follow through always works.Yes,they are THAT stupid.

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