Democrat Women and the Hair Trigger

I stumbled across a story when I was in the hospital about a poll that revealed Democrat women are three times more likely to “unfriend” or block people over political differences than Republican women.

Those gals really have a hair trigger, don’t they?

It’s all about tolerance, my friends.

Personal experience tells me this is absolutely true.

A friend of mine messaged me on Facebook shortly after the election and told me one of his more Liberal friends was having a meltdown over Donald Trump.

My response was, “You still have Liberal friends on Facebook? Mine unfriended me ages ago.”

Most of my Liberal friends quietly deleted me without any ceremony. A couple chose a more dramatic exit. Like someone who gets fired from his job then causes a scene on his way out the door.

The truth is, I keep my Facebook friends to a minimum. I’m not one of those people who has 2,869 friends on Facebook. I don’t think I’ve known that many people collectively in my entire life.

But I did notice some friends who posted positive things about Trump’s victory getting inundated with comments from outraged Democrat women. Most of them vented their horror over the fact that this friend would even DARE to say something positive about Donald Trump.

“How dare you post your own political views on your own timeline!!!!! Don’t you know how that upsets me?!”

The level of hysteria was pretty eye-opening. Maybe that’s why I don’t make a habit of befriending Democrat women.

I used to be a Democrat woman. Trust me, those dames are insufferable, thin-skinned pearl-clutchers.

Democrat women – for all their talk about “empowerment” and “strength” – really have reverted to the stereotypical Victorian woman. They need to be protected and sheltered from anything that might upset their sensibilities.

Rather than “I am woman, hear me roar,” it’s more like “I am woman, how dare you expose me to things that upset me!”

Democrat women are the hardest to reach for that very reason.

How do you change the mind of someone whose mind is tightly shut, double-locked, and padded with sound-proofing?

No wonder they were so completely caught off guard by Hillary’s defeat. They shut out all information that did not reinforce their own beliefs.

It takes some courage to expose yourself to opposing views. And most Democrat women lack that courage.

I’ve told this story before. In fact, it is included in the About Dianny page here at

But back when I was a fragile Liberal blossom, I happened across a copy of Ann Coulter’s book Slander and did the unthinkable for a Liberal woman. I picked it up and decided to read it – fully intending to despise everything Ann said.

By the end of the first chapter, I found myself agreeing with her.

Nobody was more surprised than I.

Satire is the most dangerous form of humor. And Democrat women fear satire far more than they fear the dreaded “assault rifle.”

Most Democrat women pass judgment on Ann Coulter without having read a single word in a single book.

Their response is always the same. “I don’t need to read it to know I’ll disagree with it!”

Democrat women go through life with their fingers plugged in their ears hollering, “La la la! I can’t hear you!!!”

Yet they’re the enlightened ones.

They want to be protected from opposing views in much the same way Victorian women wanted to be shielded from bawdy language or ribald behavior.

Social media, in theory, should broaden your exposure to ideas and people. But for Democrat women, this is the danger of social media. So they do what they can to maintain the illusion that no other opinions exist except the ones they agree with.

Even if that means ending friendships and blocking people from their lives.

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One thought on “Democrat Women and the Hair Trigger

  • December 22, 2016 at 3:39 pm

    Liberal women (and not a few liberal pajama boys) are the reason fainting couches were invented.

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