Democrats blame bots for their ideas being unpopular

Hi. My name is Dianny and I’m one of the bots.

The other day the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee posted a Twitter poll that didn’t exactly go their way.

I had a sinking feeling they weren’t going to leave it up, so I did a screen capture of it after I voted.

Democrats blame bots for their ideas being unpopular

It’s as if they don’t know us at all.

I read through the comments and, not surprisingly, when Leftists saw Kavanaugh was winning this poll, they blamed the unwanted outcome on bots.

Yup. All of us who voted Kavanaugh were bots.  Probably Russian bots, am I right?

It isn’t that the Democrats ideas are unpopular.  Nope.  It’s all the fault of bots.

So rather than accept the results of the voting (because Democrats never accept the results of voting), the DSCC deleted the poll and blamed it on bots.

Just like I knew they would.

It is easier for Democrats to believe the underwhelming support for their ideas is the fault of bots than it is for them to accept the fact that we’re just not that into them.

But let the Democrats think that.

Let them think Americans stand solidly behind their radical, far-Left agenda.

You know, like this psychotic, terrorist-loving little crank does:

“We have the support of the people!”

Sure, Jan.

Though, given that this is Ilhan Omar we’re talking about, it’s possible when she says “the people,” she doesn’t mean the American people.

But on the outside chance she was talking about Americans, let Ilhan Omar believe that.

Let the Democrats think their Twitter poll was sunk by bots.

Because when they dismiss opposition to their craziness as the work of bots or – as Ilhan does here – because our side is “losing the policy debate,” these nut-jobs become ever more emboldened.

And when they’re more emboldened, they drop all pretense and proudly say the quiet parts out loud.

Even if that means livestreaming their vitriolic attacks on private citizens (see my last post).

Or, for example, Congressman Al Green (Caveman, Texas) who just yesterday admitted that the reason to impeach President Trump is it’s the only way to prevent his reelection. 

Normal, thinking Americans don’t believe impeachment is an election tool to defeat a political opponent.

Al Green is effectively saying, “We don’t trust the voters to do what we want. So we should use impeachment to win in 2020.”

As Jesse Kelly is fond of saying, all Democrats have to do is not be insane.  And they just can’t do it.

So they blunder ahead — blind to the reality that their crazy ideas aren’t nearly as popular as they think they are.

And when Americans weigh in on those crazy ideas, they dismiss us as bots.

But let them think that.

While they’re at it, let them continue pushing for late-term abortion, reparations, and the Green New Deal.

Let them shove those hateful bigots Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib into the spotlight.

Let them try to win back the Senate by demanding more justices like Ruth Bader Ginsberg.

And let them believe they “have the support of the people.”

Because the more they push their crazy agenda, the more they turn off voters.

And the more they believe their lack of popularity is due to bots rather than living, breathing, voting Americans, the more obnoxious and extreme they become.

I hope they never stop. With each passing day, even more Americans will wake up to the fact that the Democrats are the party of kooks and crazies.

And the reality is Americans don’t want kooks and crazies anywhere near the levers of power.

So go ahead, Democrats. Call us bots if it makes you feel better.

Problem is, we bots don’t just vote on Twitter.

We vote in the real world too.

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