Democrats could learn something from the Godfather

I’m a fan of the Godfather films. And despite the fact that Part III is a horror, I own all three movies.

The book “The Godfather” is a thousand times better. But it’s always that way, isn’t it?

And in the book (and possibly the movie), Sonny Corleone makes the deadly mistake of speaking out in the family’s meeting with Sollozzo.

Afterward, the Godfather says to him, “Never tell anyone outside the family what you’re thinking.”

Democrats could really use that advice right about now.

Because they’re all over cable news, Twitter, and even the Senate floor shrieking in impotent rage over Justice Kennedy retiring.

It doesn’t make them look strong.

Not in the least.

It makes them look powerless – once again screaming helplessly to the sky.

And it’s a win for Trump and the Republicans.

The fact that these people cannot play things close the vest is much more devasting to them than they realize.

They’re not making reasoned arguments.

In fact, I think their behavior can be summed up this way:

The Godfather

Never let anyone outside the family know what you’re thinking.

But the Democrats are an open book.

They are foolishly and mindlessly letting us see them at the very worst.

Weak, impotent, ineffectual, overly emotional – this is not a good look.

Now, to be fair. This has been an aggressively bad week for the Democrat Party and it’s only Wednesday.

So we’re not catching them at a good time.

But really? All of 2017 and 2018 so far has not been a good time for them.

And indulging in daily public tantrums just months before an election isn’t a winning strategy.

The American people expect leadership not a perpetual adolescent meltdown.

Meanwhile, despite their public displays of instability, the Democrats actually believe that they are creating a blue wave.

Yeah. Made up entirely of Democrat rage tears.

Listen, they are doing so much damage to themselves because they won’t stop wearing their impotent, sputtering rage on their sleeves.

And the truth is, they can’t stop. They can’t dial it down even if they wanted to.

The Godfather himself could rise up from the pages of Puzo’s book and personally instruct the Democrats masking their true feelings. And they still wouldn’t be able to do it.

They were so convinced that Obama’s Presidency meant perpetual power for the perpetual crybabies.

And Trump’s election showed them just how misguided they were.

Trump broke them.

He broke them.

And all that remains is sputtering, swearing, screaming, slandering, and sobbing.

Not to mention certain electoral defeat.

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3 thoughts on “Democrats could learn something from the Godfather

  • June 27, 2018 at 5:43 pm

    Ya know I would feel sorry for them if they weren’t so in your face smug and stupid when Obama won…including Obama himself. Remember that “I won” garbage?! And that is one of many examples I could cite.

    They also are reaping what they have sown as far as the courts are concerned. They got rid of the filibuster despite being warned. They held nominees continually despite being warned. They ‘borked’ and still bork very respectable men and women and pull out all of the stops to smear people to move their ball forward.

    Like a good parent there comes a point in time when you stand back and let children learn the hard way because sometimes it is the only way.

    • June 27, 2018 at 6:06 pm

      Yes. Every word. ^^^

  • June 28, 2018 at 9:47 am

    The Democrat temper tantrum has evolved into anger and this fury will be aimed at the Trump supporters and will run unabated until the fall election.

    If the results of the fall election runs against them, the real fighting will begin.

    At that point the Antifa types will see physical intimidation and potentially violence as the only course left to them.

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