Destroy them there so they can’t come here

Take a listen to this clip from The Five:

Some interesting points, wouldn’t you say?

One thing I found a little odd was several of Geraldo’s comments seem to imply that the only reason the US should seek to destroy ISIS is for revenge for beheading Americans.


That’s the only reason we would have?

Don’t get me wrong. We should wipe these satanic beasts off the planet for the atrocities they are committing not only against Americans, but Middle Eastern Christians and Muslims as well. You get no argument from me.

ISIS should be obliterated because they are satanic monsters and we should not permit satanic monsters to take in oxygen.


The United States of America has always been a force for good.

If ever there was a nation who should take the lead in eradicating this satanic scourge from the planet it is we, the United States.

However, I believe there is one more compelling reason to launch a full-scale bombardment campaign on ISIS in Iraq, and it is one that none of the hosts of the Five touched on.

We need to destroy them there so they can’t come here.

Better you exterminate the termites in your woodshed than wait until they begin to devour your house.

As I mentioned in my earlier post, ISIS claims it has the ability to smuggle a nuclear weapon into the United States.

Remember, Judicial Watch reported in mid-April that an ISIS training camp is located eight miles from the US/Mexican border.

Do we really want to wait until ISIS makes it here before we start to destroy them?

That’s how 9/11 happened, you guys.

When Saudi Arabia gave us bin Laden on a silver platter, Clinton didn’t do a thing.

Had he taken Saudi Arabia up on their offer, how different would things be? Would they have been able to attack us the way they did on 9/11?

If we take the fight to them we decrease the chances of them being able to bring the fight to us.

Right now, ISIS is racking up victory upon victory. They are plowing through the Middle East unimpeded and trust me, that’s giving them all manner of confidence to continue their demonic expansion.

And if we met them with overwhelming force, we could turn the tide.

Yes, for the sake of those innocents whom they are brutally slaughtering.

But also for the sake of our homeland.

Obama’s refusal to act until he gets the Iraqi military properly trained is such a foolish, shortsighted, moronic position to take. More importantly, it is a deeply dangerous decision when it comes to the safety and security of our homeland.

I realize that we cannot count on our Commander-in-Chief to protect us.

Frankly, as far as I’m concerned, his lack of action is more than appeasement; it is tantamount to treason.

I am not advocating for all manner of hell to rain down from the sky over Iraq because I’m a “neo-con” warmonger.

I believe it is just the action we have to take for the sake of our own nation’s safety.

But let’s be blunt. It may already be too late. ISIS may very well already be here in the United States. In February, FBI Director James Comey said that ISIS is present in all fifty states. In late April, it was reported that the FBI was investigating possible ISIS plots in the US.

Obama’s foot-dragging in Iraq for the last nine months may have given ISIS the time it needed to move on our homeland. Something that is made even easier by Obama’s unwillingness to completely secure our borders.

Bowing to ISIS

This lack of a strategy on Obama’s part doesn’t simply put the lives of Iraqis at risk.

He is putting our nation, our states, our communities at risk as well.

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