The Barack Hussein Obama Wing

Barack Obama and his lovely wife Michelle need their own building within the Virtual Museum. They have provided more fodder for me than everyone else combined.

And though they may have packed up and moved away from the White House …

…we have yet to get them out of our hair.

And heaven knows we’ll be cleaning up the mess they left behind them for years to come.


So as long as the Obamas refuse to go away, they will continue to merit their own wing in the Dianny Image Vault.


And, as always, you are welcome to share any of these images on social media – but only if the logo remains intact.


Nobody will ever accuse Barack Obama of putting America First.

His heart will always belong to another.

Dictator Obama

Obama may have been born in America.

But the truth is, he has never considered himself an American.

And he governed that way too. When he wasn’t governing like Nixon.

new Nixon

The truth is, Obama always fancied himself a dictator.

Which may be why he had no problems spying on Donald Trump.

careful what you wish for

So I had no problem portraying him as a dictator.

Fun with FLOTUS

Of all the people to Photoshop, Michelle Obama is probably my all-time favorite – even over Hillary Clinton.

To be fair, Michelle is low-hanging fruit. But that doesn’t make ‘shopping her any less fun.

Here are my favorite Michelle Obama images.

Queen of Artichoke Hearts

Fun with Barry!

So mockable.

Damn Man
Emotional Support Barry Doll
Scarface Obama

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One thought on “The Barack Hussein Obama Wing

  • March 19, 2018 at 9:02 am

    Damn it to hell. I the hell did I miss this site while fighting Obama’s Media spin before it considered racist to hate Pinko Commie Homo’s.

    Shit, I did not hate Tranny’s until we could see Michelle Obama’s bulge.
    America was robbed a First Lady First and got a huge steaming pile of “first dude” who purchased two little girls as stage props.

    A CIA psyops aimed to destroy trust in government and the Deep State media.

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