The Harris-Biden Gallery

The Harris-Biden Gallery

You’ll notice that this is not the Biden-Harris Gallery. I chose Harris-Biden Gallery thanks to Kamala’s whoopsie Freudian Slip on September 14 when she referred to it as “A Harris Administration.”

As always, you are welcome to share any of these images you may like so long as the watermark remains. Please don’t be an image thief and scrub the watermark. That’s something a creepy, lazy Leftist would do.

Any old how.


Meet the Oberlin College Student Council President and Vice President.

Kamala Harris

Despite plummeting in the primaries and having to drop out on December 3, 2019 before a single vote was cast, Kamala Harris was chosen as Demented Old Joe’s “running mate.” But we all know the truth. Kamala was the true nominee; Joe, nothing but the vessel. And on September 14, Kamala let her Freudian slip flap in the wind when she accidentally said the quiet part out loud and referred to a “Harris Administration.”

Poor lighting, terrible audio, gloomy shadows and a bedsheet backdrop. Kamala’s recent campaign events have all the production quality of a late night public access show.

Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. (AKA JoeMentia)

Poor Joe. He really thinks he’s in charge. He isn’t. This is the Harris Administration. Joe is just the dopey, disordered, basement-dwelling old coot he was during the campaign. And as soon as they can, they will 25th Amendment his ass out of the way.

And then there was the time he lied about what a great baseball player he was.

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