It never ceases to amaze me the pretzels the Left will twist themselves into in order to not offend Islam.

They are even seriously debating limiting our First Amendment Rights because apparently our Constitutional Rights must take a back seat to ensuring that no Muslim is ever offended by what we might say, write or draw.

Check out what this top Democrat advisor named David Goodfriend said about sharia (hat tip The Gateway Pundit):

“I don’t think you’re doing your side any favors by talking about Sharia creep. That’s just ridiculous. What I do think what’s going on is a healthy debate about the limits of First Amendment and free speech and that’s where we ought to keep it. That’s the American way.”

Yup. The “American way” is to limit the First Amendment and free speech as a way to avoid offending Islamists.

What specifically is “ridiculous” about talking about the threat of Sharia, Mr. Goodfriend?

Check out this video from WND:

Yup. When asked, these Muslims living in the United States, well, Minnesota anyway, go on record saying they prefer Sharia over American law.

When asked if it is okay to kill someone who offends the Prophet, they say, yes.

“Do you think we should make a law that makes it illegal?”
“That would be better, yeah, that would be better,” said the man in the plaid dress shirt. “To stop, you know, aggression.”

So, again. What in the name of sweet fancy Moses is “ridiculous” about talking about “Sharia creep” as David Goodfriend called it?

The Left is terrified of offending Muslims.


They will bend over backwards to avoid even the hint of offending Muslims.

Even if it means destroying our very Liberties and Freedoms in the process.

Here is a column of mine from October 2014, “Offendophobia” (which now appears in the second volume of Dianny Rants: RANT 2.0: Even More Politics & Snark in the Age of Obama).

Offendophobia – October 9, 2014


Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t a phobia an irrational fear?

That’s right, isn’t it?

Let’s take a gander at Merriam-Webster’s definition:
An exaggerated usually inexplicable and illogical fear of a particular object, class of objects, or situation

See? I was right.

So, how can there be Islamophobia?

What’s illogical or inexplicable about being afraid of Islamic radicals attacking the US?

It isn’t like they haven’t done it before.

It isn’t like they aren’t threatening to do it again.

It isn’t like they aren’t slaughtering people in Iraq, Syria, the Sudan, Nigeria, Fort Hood, Boston and Oklahoma.

It isn’t like there aren’t members of ISIS being caught in Texas after sneaking over our wide open southern border.

So, again, what is illogical or inexplicable about being afraid of Islamic radicals?

If a young woman is repeatedly threatened by a guy who tells her that next time he sees her, he’s going to kill her, she can get a restraining order against him.


She has cause to file a restraining order. She has received a direct threat to her life.

Does the judge scold the woman for having Stalkerphobia?

Does he demand that she try and understand the guy and respect his beliefs?

No. The judge issues her a restraining order.

Likewise, Islamic radicals have declared war on the US. They have threatened to kill us. They have threatened to attack us. They have threatened to raise the ISIS flag over the White House and spill our blood in the streets.

They killed over three thousand American citizens on our soil.

They have beheaded American citizens both here and abroad in the name of Allah.

We have cause to be concerned about the threat posed by Islamic radicals.

So, again, how in Lucifer’s reach is that Islamophobia?

When a fear is logical, how can it be an illogical fear?

When we can explain the reasons for a fear, how can it be an inexplicable fear?

To me, an illogical, inexplicable fear is something like, oh, I don’t know.

Being afraid of the Tea Party.

TeaPartyphobia is a real thing. N’est ce pas?

The way that Liberals shriek and carry on in terror over a group of people who just want to live their lives in peace and freedom while our Federal Government remains within the confines of the Constitution is an illogical and inexplicable fear.

The Tea Party movement is not a threat to their lives. Unless of course you have a genuine terror of being able to keep your own money and property.

But dimwitted Liberals like the unfortunate Cher or Bette Midler take to the Twitters and howl to the heavens about those horrible Tea Party people — or, as they call them, teabaggers. Or, in the case of Cher, “TEABAGGERS.”

That, my friends is a phobia.

Illogical and inexplicable fear.

Islamophobia, on the other hand, is the most ridiculous term ever created by the Left. And, that’s saying a lot. I mean, we’re talking about the same people who spout nonsense about “Climate Change” and “Income Inequality,” “White Privilege” and “rape culture.”

Which, is sort of ironic given Islam’s love of rape culture.

Sorry, is pointing out the obvious fact that Islamic radicals sell Christian women into sex slavery Isamophobic? Is pointing out that ISIS has declared, “Convert and we won’t rape you” Islamophobic?

The Left is so riddled with irrational, inexplicable fears. Fear of the weather, fear of Conservatives, fear of Christians, fear of plastic bags.

And yet their one and only attack against those of us on Planet Earth who demand that we close the borders and build up our military to combat a declared enemy that seeks to annihilate us is to accuse us of Islamophobia.

And why do they do this?

Because they have an illogical and irrational fear of offending Islamic radicals.

In a word, they suffer from Offendophobia.

Offending people is such a crippling, paralyzing fear of the Left that they will leave this nation at risk for terrorist attack and even Ebola.

Heaven forbid we offend Ebola-stricken foreigners who sneak into our country and infect people.

Oh, anything but that!!!

Offendophobia threatens this nation just as surely as Islamic terrorists.

Offendophobia is precisely why there is a ridiculous term like Islamophobia.

You see, recognizing that Islamic radicals have declared war on us, proclaim that they will slaughter us, threaten to come into the US and attack us may offend their dear little hearts.

And we just cannot offend the Islamic radicals.

So, rather than recognize a real, actual, viable, clearly stated threat to our homeland, Liberals shriek and take to the fainting couches over Islamophobia. Their Offendophobia is just that deep-seated.

Well, I live on Planet Earth, not in the delusional Offendophobic world of the Left.

And, as a resident of Planet Earth, permit me to state in no uncertain terms that a fear that is based on overwhelming evidence, is both logical and easily explained. Fear of the danger of radical Islam is about as far from a phobia as Liberals are from reality.

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