DIANNY RANTS: Does He Cry at Sleepless in Seattle?


It actually made news that Barack Obama began to tear up yesterday as he bid farewell to his Attorney General Eric Holder.

I confess, I tear up as well, Barack, knowing that this lawless prick isn’t leaving the Justice Department for a well-deserved cell in Federal Prison.

Any old how.

Amazing what makes this guy cry, isn’t it?

Back when he was running for President, Senator Obama gained the name “No Drama Obama.” Which, frankly, is about as accurate a description of the guy as “Affordable Care Act” is of Obamacare.

It isn’t that he’s cool; he is cold.

It isn’t that he doesn’t let things fluster him; it’s that he doesn’t give a damn.

Barack Obama is one cold-hearted son of a bitch.

Cold Son of a Bitch

So, why the tears over Holder leaving?

It isn’t like Eric Holder is the last radical racialist attorney in America. Obama already found someone just as radical as he to take his place.

So, again, why the tears?

What on earth would make a sociopath cry?

I believe that Eric Holder, much like Valerie Jarrett, served a far greater role in the Obama Presidency than we were ever led to believe.

Obama is a paper tiger. And let’s face it; he isn’t the brains behind this operation. He never was.

Yes, he is just as much a radical Marxist as Jarrett; he is just as much a radical racialist as Holder.

But Obama isn’t the brains of this operation.

I think Holder and Jarrett are the Obama Presidency. Without them, all that we would have is a figurehead without a clue how to proceed. Like with the smoky, billowing image of the Great and Terrible Oz, others are behind the curtain wielding the levers of power.

To use Reagan’s analogy of a 3-legged stool (with apologies to Reagan): Obama has three legs on which his Presidency is propped up: The Enslaved Press, Valerie Jarrett and Eric Holder.

With Holder’s departure, Obama just lost one of the legs.

Those tears yesterday were over the fact that Obama had a leg knocked out from underneath him.

As with everything else, those tears were all about Barack — what he is losing and how it will affect his Presidency.

In my December 30, 2013 column “Obama & The Myth” (now included in my book RANT 2.0: Even More Politics & Snark in the Age of Obama), I wrote the following:
If you’ve seen the movie “Singin’ in the Rain,” Obama is a lot like Lina Lamont.

In the film, two silent film stars, Don Lockwood and Lina Lamont, who often play lovers on screen are told by their producers that their next film has to be a talking picture — the new rage in film. Producers panic over the fact that Lina Lamont has a simply horrible speaking voice. In silent films she comes off elegant and beautiful, but in public life, they prevent her from speaking for fear that her hideous-sounding voice would ruin the myth. What will they do if she has to talk in a movie?

The solution they come up with is overdubbing all of her dialogue and singing with another woman’s voice — the lovely young Kathy Selden played by Debbie Reynolds.

The opening night of the film is a hit, and Lina Lamont takes the stage for her bows. The audience hears her speak and think that she is putting them on. When they demand that she sing, Lina forces her voice double to stand behind the curtain and do the actual singing while Lina lip-syncs.

But Don Lockwood, in love with Kathy Selden, pulls the curtain up and reveals the truth. Lina Lamont is a fraud and Kathy Selden is the real star.

Obama is about as genuine as Lina Lamont. Someone else writes the words he speaks. Someone else has created the myth of his life. And when we actually hear Obama for ourselves, the myth just doesn’t hold up. He isn’t this brilliant man with the exotic past.

The curtain has been pulled up. And we see the real Obama.

He is a lazy underachiever who has received everything in his life without having to apply himself or knuckle down and get to work. Just like when he was supposedly writing his memoir, Obama uses money he hasn’t earned to live a life of luxury while others do the work for him.

What I find particularly sad is that the Enslaved Press has picked up where Bill Ayers, David Axelrod and Valerie Jarrett left off. They to this day, continue to prop up the myth of Obama.

Jeepers. Imagine for a moment what Obama’s reaction would be if it were Valerie Jarrett who was leaving.

He’d don sackcloth and ashes, lock himself in his room, and cry himself to sleep every night. She isn’t just a leg of the stool; she’s the seat on which he rests too.

Everything about Obama has to be seen through the reality of what he is.

He is a sociopath with narcissistic personality disorder.

Obama isn’t ever going to be moved to tears at the hardship or pain of others.

Obama isn’t the type of person who gets weepy at YouTube videos of a soldier returning home and surprising his family.

Does he cry at Sleepless in Seattle?

Not a chance.

Hell, he wouldn’t even break down and cry at the Guy Cry movie Old Yeller (and not just because for him dogs are lunch).

Obama is a sociopath. As such he lacks that human quality known on Planet Earth as Empathy.

He cannot feel for others. Period.

The only things that are going to prompt him to tears will be the things that directly affect him.

Americans being beheaded by ISIS have nothing to do with him; so why should he care? Why should he alter his golfing schedule?

Kayla Mueller being killed by ISIS has nothing to do with him, so why should he put off making a stupid Obamacare promotional video where he snaps endless selfies and mugs in front of a mirror?

Yemen falling to an Iranian-backed terror group?

Christian women sold into slavery by ISIS?

Little girls raped by Boko Haram in Nigeria?

If you expect Barack Obama to be moved — genuinely moved — by these events, you are not being realistic.

“No Drama” Obama isn’t so much avoiding drama as he is not giving a shit.

None of those things directly impact his self-serving, self-aggrandizing life.

Why the tears for Holder?

Why indeed.

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    That orange jump suit really looks good on Holder. All he needs is a rope necktie for that final touch of fashion.

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