DIANNY RANTS: Glinda Returns


“And with a wave of my wand, I can say you’re not terrorists!”

Whattaya know?!

Glinda returns!

Yes, the Wicked Witch of the West Wing who used his magic wand pen to make illegal aliens legal has now struck again.

This time, Glinda has taken out his magic wand pen to declare Iran and Hezbollah are not terror threats [hat tip the Right Scoop].


Nothing to fear my friends!

Iran, the single largest state sponsor of terror is no longer a terror threat because Glinda, from deep within his magical bubble, says so.

Glinda Returns 02

Don’t you feel safer?!

Sorry, Barack. But the “Because I said so” defense may hold water in the land of Oz, but it doesn’t so much work here on Planet Earth.

Sure, we could all say, “If I close my eyes and pretend Iran isn’t a threat, it’ll happen,” but that stopped working for me when I was about three.

This would be like me not liking the measly balance in my checkbook, so I simply enter a deposit of one million dollars even though I don’t have one million dollars to deposit.

Simply removing Iran from the list of terror threats isn’t the same as Iran no longer being a terror threat.

Glinda Returns

Boy, this Administration really does think we’re all deeply stupid, don’t they?

Removing Iran and Hezbollah from the “Worldwide Threat Assessment” is just the tip of the iceberg.

Down below. In the murky depths, the real motivation behind this is taking shape.

Let’s strip away the magical thinking of the Obama Administration for a moment and look at what is actually happening here.

This has absolutely nothing to do with US National Interests.


This is about the sectarian struggle in the Middle East between the Shia and Sunnis. Barack Obama and Valerie Jarrett are taking sides in the battle for control of an Islamic Caliphate. They have chosen the Shiites of Iran.

Look, no matter how you slice it, a rising Islamic Caliphate would be a serious threat, not just to the Middle East, but to the West. To Europe. To Israel. To the United States of America — the country Barack Obama took an oath to lead.

Terrorism means nothing to Obama or Jarrett.

The security of our ally Israel means nothing to these two.

US national security means nothing to these two.

They are actively siding with Iran — an avowed enemy of the United States — in this sectarian battle for control of the rising Islamic Caliphate.

Why do you think Obama has no interest in bringing any “treaty” to the Senate?

These negotiations have nothing to do with “securing the best possible deal” for the United States of America “and the world.”

This is about ensuring that the Shiites gain control of this rising caliphate. Even if that means paving the way to a world war in the Middle East. Even if it means clearing all obstacles to Iran becoming a nuclear power. Even if it means the destruction of Israel.

Even if it threatens the United States of America.

Obama isn’t negotiating with Iran on behalf of the United States.

He is working with Iran, giving aid to a US enemy, so that Iran can gain control of the Middle East.

There’s a lot more going on here than meets the eye.

And Barack Obama, arrogant prick that he is, thinks we’re too stupid to see it.

Sadly, some Americans are.

I suspect John Kerry is one of them.

Glinda waving his magic wand and declaring that Iran is not a terrorist threat is one way of taking US pressure off of Iran so that it can pursue its caliphate unimpeded.

He doesn’t care what happens to our allies.

He doesn’t care what happens to us.

Truthfully, he never has.

The news that the Obama Administration has magically removed Iran from the “Worldwide Threat Assessment” is more than magical thinking.

Far more.

Glinda isn’t a good witch, my friends.

He is evil.

Wicked Witch Obama

Call it hyperbole all you want.

But this deal with Iran that Obama and Jarrett are cooking up is evil.

You cannot negotiate with evil.

You either defeat it.

Or you join forces with it.

Wicked Obama and Valerie Flying Monkey

They are joining forces with an enemy of the United States of America that will ensure its obtaining nuclear weapons.

And if the word “Evil” makes you blanche and take to the fainting couch.

Forget the word “Evil.”

I’ll call it what it is.


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