DIANNY RANTS: Off She Goes Again

I’m beginning to suspect that certain White House initiatives are created solely to provide First Lady Michelle Obama cover for when she wants to take a fancy, exotic vacation.

Let’s take the new White House initiative “Let Girls Learn.”

This was the initiative that Obama was just too busy with on Tuesday to be bothered with Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech to Congress.

According to the White House website, “Let Girls Learn” is described as “a government-wide effort that will leverage the investments we have made and success we have achieved in global primary school, and expand them to help adolescent girls complete their education.”

So, while the Federal Government is doing its level best to destroy public school education in the United States, they will now expand that effort worldwide.

I guess if you can’t raise test scores in the US, the best Plan B is to lower test scores everywhere else to make things fair.

It isn’t just coincidence that “Let Girls Learn” is announced at the beginning of March.

Because “Let Girls Learn” is being used to justify Michelle’s traveling to Southeast Asia at the precise time her daughters are on Spring Break.

No word yet on whether Sasha, Malia and Mother Robinson will be in tow.

For the sake of the hotel staff, I certainly hope not.

But given the timing of the trip, I won’t be surprised if all three join Michelle as she heads to Japan and Cambodia.

You’ll notice that Michelle doesn’t start an initiative to improve the quality of life for young girls growing up in the hills of Kentucky or a poor neighborhood in Alabama, or even in the crime-infested city of Chicago where Michelle herself grew up in the lap of upper Middle Class luxury.


The only quality of life Michelle’s initiatives focus on is her own — by providing her the opportunity to vacation somewhere exotic on the taxpayer dime.

Where in the World is Michelle Obama

When she and her parasitic husband announced this new vacation opportunity program, Michelle said this:

“And that’s where this issue becomes personal for me, and for Barack, because I see myself in these girls. [Dianny here: Michelle grew up in a well-to-do family and had every educational opportunity handed to her, so I’m not certain how she sees herself in these girls] “I see our daughters in these girls.” [Me again: Her daughters go to a swank private school with armed guards and fancy school lunches. So again, how does she see Sasha and Malia in these girls?] “And like all of you, I just can’t walk away from them. Like you, I can’t just sit back and accept the barriers that keep them from realizing their promise. So I know that I want to use my time and my platform as First Lady and beyond to make a real impact on this issue. I want to lift up the extraordinary work all of you have been doing long before I came to this issue, and I want to bring new resources and new partners to this effort.”

And might I add, “I want to have an excuse to vacation is some of the most beautiful and exotic places in the world without having to spend one thin dime of my own money.”

Call me a cynic, but I know that every single thing the Obamas do has a selfish motivation. You can’t spend over six years being subjected to these two without coming to that conclusion.

They are opportunistic climbers. Every “official” visit seems to carve out time for Obama to golf or fundraise, or Michelle to vacation with her daughters. African trips, jaunts to the Costa del Sol, and of course Michelle’s expensive visit to China with her daughters and mother during last year’s Spring Break.

Think about it for a moment.

The only initiative Michelle pursued with regard to the American children is to lecture them for being fat and force them to eat crap in school.

Michelle’s initiatives that she feels passionate about all require her to hop on Air Force One and spend time in 5-star hotels while she tours vacation spots the world over.

Let Girls Learn.

Honestly. You know who tends to prevent girls from learning?

Muslims. Try being a young girl seeking an education in Saudi Arabia or Iran.

Notice Michelle doesn’t feel the need to focus on places like Nigeria where little girls are not only prevented from learning, but are being kidnapped by Islamic radicals, forced to convert to Islam, sold into sex slavery or used as suicide bombers.

No, she chooses Japan.


Is there some widespread attempt to keep Japanese girls from learning? Are Japanese girls forced to stay home or be sold to forty-year-old barbarians who rape them repeatedly?

Look up the phrase “Flimsy Excuse” and you’ll see a picture of Michelle Obama announcing a foreign trip to advance a new government initiative.

There is no “Let Girls Learn” to stand on their own two feet and realize their dreams for American girls.

No. On the contrary. Girls in American schools are being taught that the country in which they live hates them, seeks to keep them from having income equality and birth control pills That young American girls cannot get ahead on their own, but need Sugar-Daddy Big Government to give them cradle-to-grave assistance ala “Julia.”

Of course, children in American schools will be given the opportunity to live vicariously through the vacationing Michelle who claims that the reason she is taking these trips is to share her experience with American school children via Twitter, as she asserted in this White House event:

“And finally, I want our kids in this country to be citizens of the world. I want them to connect with, and learn from, kids in every corner of the globe.

“That’s why, when I travel abroad, I use all kinds of social media and technology to reach back here to young people at home.”

Thanks loads, Michelle.

“Citizens of the world.”

Of course you want that, Michelle. God forbid American children be taught to value the American heritage and our culture.

But that’s another rant entirely.

The bottom line is, no matter what smoke Michelle tries to blow up our asses, this is nothing but a smokescreen to give her cover for another swanky trip abroad paid for by Americans who can’t afford to take their own families on vacation.

Clearly the only thing Michelle wants to Let Her Girls Learn is how to game the system.

Diann Russell is the author of
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RANT: Politics & Snark in the Age of Obama,
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  • March 5, 2015 at 12:41 pm

    I bet she can’t even speak Japanese.

  • March 6, 2015 at 9:36 am

    She said “And like all of you, I just can’t walk away from them.”
    See she is that much better then everyone else. Like the rest of us she just can’t walk away from them, she has to fix these poor Japanese girls because unlike the rest of us she cares so much. You should apologize to her because as she says, she’s so much better then us.

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