DIANNY RANTS: Parsing Another Obama Speech


I read through the President’s Selma speech this morning, then suddenly discovered it was “Spring Ahead” and I hadn’t sprung.

I don’t think the two things are related. But, you never know. I mean, I lost an hour without knowing it, and at the same time, won’t get back those ten minutes I spent reading that speech.

Reading Obama speeches isn’t the fun one may think it is. Though, it is far more palatable than listening to them. And the Selma speech, I’m sure, was spoken in that faux Baptist preacher voice Obama reserves for a largely black audience or for when he’s giving a speech about actual black civil rights leaders (as opposed to black race hustlers like Holder or Sharpton).

I wanted take a few moments to point out the things I found odd or just stupid.

First, Barack Obama constantly refers to the United States of America as a “Democracy.”

You would think a “lecturer in Constitutional Law” would know what kind of governmental system we have. But for the six years Obama has been the President and Chief Executive of this Republic, he has called it a “Democracy.” Which may be one reason he doesn’t respect states’ rights.

We aren’t a Democracy. We never were.

You’d think the President would know that.

But then again, he doesn’t know much about anything: Economics, Foreign Policy, History, the Constitution, the Civil Rights Movement, America’s founding, when the White House was built, job creation, wealth creation.

The speech reads like a poorly constructed eighth-grade essay hammered out by a student who didn’t bother with the assignment until the night before it was due: “Write what Selma means to you.” He even says things like “If Selma taught us anything…” or “Selma teaches us …” or “Selma shows us …”

And of course, Obama inserts contemporary events into Selma in the same way he inserted himself into the biographies of the other Presidents on the White House website.

Selma means to Obama that we should not have Voter ID laws to preserve the integrity of the voting process.

Said Obama, “Right now, in 2015, 50 years after Selma, there are laws across this country designed to make it harder for people to vote. As we speak, more of such laws are being proposed.”

These laws are not to “make it harder for people to vote,” Mr. Obama. They are to make it harder for people to defraud the voting process and invalidate the legal votes of actual citizens — all citizens whether they be white, black, Latino, Asian, gay, straight.

Voter ID laws are not in contradiction with the struggle typified by the Selma march. Selma wasn’t a march to advocate voter fraud, but to ensure the sanctity of the vote for all who have a legal right to vote.

To Obama, Selma teaches us that police in Ferguson have to stop arresting more blacks than whites. Now, I don’t know if that means that Obama wants whites to start committing more crime, or if he just wants police to start arresting whites for no reason just so that arrest rates are “fair.” He wasn’t clear on that.

What he did say was, “Of course, a more common mistake is to suggest that Ferguson is an isolated incident; that racism is banished; that the work that drew men and women to Selma is now complete, and that whatever racial tensions remain are a consequence of those seeking to play the ‘race card’ for their own purposes. We don’t need the Ferguson report to know that’s not true. We just need to open our eyes, and our ears, and our hearts to know that this nation’s racial history still casts its long shadow upon us.”

The reason, Mr. Obama, that racism is still casting a long shadow is because you are making certain that it does. You don’t want it to end. You don’t want us to get past it. You don’t want the nation to heal. You have done more to open up the healed wounds of this nation and get them bleeding again than anybody else in the last fifty years.

The claim of Obama’s that made me laugh out loud was that the Berlin Wall fell because “young people behind the Iron Curtain” saw Selma and were inspired. Sorry, but how the hell would he know that “young people behind the Iron Curtain” in 1965 were so inspired that they decided to wait 24 years and then tear down the Berlin Wall? That’s just stupid. But like I said, Obama isn’t exactly up on his history.

But the one thing Obama said that sent me into orbit was to link crossing the bridge in Selma to illegals crossing the Rio Grande.

Illegals sneaking into the country is not at all the same as legal citizens of the United States of America demanding that their rights be respected and defended.

Selma happened nearly a hundred years after the Civil Rights Amendments to the US Constitution were ratified. It happened because, despite these amendments that enshrined in our Constitution the citizenship and rights of blacks, those civil rights were still being violated.

Illegals sneaking into the country do not have the civil rights guaranteed to citizens because they are not citizens.

Honestly, what did this guy talk about as a “Constitutional Law lecturer?”

You see, like every Obama speech, this Selma Speech was to serve one purpose and one purpose only: to justify Obama’s agenda by claiming its kinship to the Civil Rights Movement.

Gay Marriage.

Amnesty for Illegals.

Voter fraud.

“Income Equality” for women (that the Obama White House doesn’t practice).

Selma Speech

The truth is, there’s really no point to parsing another Obama speech because he pretty much has two speeches that he makes: one defending Islam and one defending his agenda.

He’s a two-trick pony.

No wonder nobody takes what he says seriously anymore.

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2 thoughts on “DIANNY RANTS: Parsing Another Obama Speech

  • March 8, 2015 at 11:58 am

    Yawning in my time change stupor, your rant was a welcome bit of zest and clarity. Great job! Your last line “No wonder nobody takes what he says seriously anymore.” raised a flag for me, however. I’m not so sure that our public schools are on that wave length. Based on the young people I know, his Selma diatribe seems very consistent with the public schools’ curriculum…and that’s scary.

  • March 8, 2015 at 12:54 pm

    The Sunday shows were swooning-of course. F Chuck made it sound like a combination of the I Have a Dream speech and the Gettysburg Address. Bob Schieffer’s guest was almost in tears that the Obama from the campaign trail was back! Which is true. The backdrop of the Edmond Pettus bridge was a lot better than plaster Greek columns too.

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