DIANNY RANTS: The Long Knives are Out


Another day, another Hillary Clinton scandal. Golly, it has not been a good month for the former Miss Rodham.

First it is discovered that during her time as Secretary of State, Bill and Hillary’s Clinton Foundation was raking in foreign donations so lucrative they could bankroll a small country.

Now, the Benghazi investigations have revealed that during her time as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton was using a private email account for correspondences.

Now, on its face that may not seem too explosive. But keep in mind, the correspondences of federal officials are a matter of public record. But if the federal official isn’t using the official email account, they are hiding what is supposed to be public record from the, oh, what’s the word?


Hillary emailing

So much for being the most transparent politician ever.

The truth is, both Bill and Hill are underhanded, opportunistic criminals who make dirty deals in the shadows all the time. That’s who they are. The only difference now is the Enslaved Press, whose mission is to shield Democrats while attacking Republicans, aren’t shying away from reporting this email scandal. Some of them even took a little time to report on the foreign money scandal as well.

The protective shield of the Enslaved Press seems to have some weak spots when it comes to Hillary.

And I believe that is the plan.

You see, the long knives are out for Hillary.

For nearly a year, I have been saying that Hillary Clinton will not be the Democrat nominee in 2016. It wouldn’t surprise me if she didn’t run at all.

It has been my opinion that the Republicans who hope to run for President should stop wasting time and energy attacking Hillary because, frankly, she’s nothing but a red herring. And while Republicans have been expending needless energy attacking Hillary (I’m talking to you Carly and Rand), the Democrat Party is quietly preparing their actual presumptive chosen one.

Don’t get me wrong. Hillary Clinton wants to be President more than she wants Christina Aguilera’s body (if you know what I mean).


But the power in the Democrat Party isn’t exactly on her side.

You have to look at who wields that power, and in the Democrat Party, the days of the Clinton machine wielding the power have long gone.

Who has the power in the Democrat Party?

Typically, the President is seen as the head of his party, and therefore holds the power. But Barack Obama is not, nor has he ever been the one in charge. Obama answers to the power behind the office.

And who has that power?

Valerie Jarrett.

Without question.

Jarrett is the power behind the throne — so to speak. The Rasputin to Obama’s Tsar Nicolas.


Tsar Obama

Imagine a world in which Valerie Jarrett would permit Hillary Clinton to be elected President.

You can’t can you?

Why are the long knives out for Hillary?

Because Hillary wants to be President so badly that she would do just about anything to get there.

The problem is, Hillary cannot be controlled the way Obama can.

Hillary will not permit her presidency to be maneuvered behind the scenes by Valerie Jarrett.

Frankly, Hillary wouldn’t let Jarrett past the main gate of the White House, let alone give her the kind of power Val has enjoyed for the last six years.

A lot of people fear that Obama will either defy the Constitution and run for a third term, or worse, will disregard the elections and maintain his position as President after January 20, 2017.

I’m not particularly concerned about that, mostly because Obama isn’t the one who is wielding the power.

Obama is expendable.

The person I fear wants to remain in the White House is Jarrett.

And that is completely doable provided the Democrats run a candidate who is willing to play ball with Val.

And trust me on this one. That ain’t Hillary.

Yes, like Obama she has an ego. But, unlike Obama, Hillary is far too self-aware to permit a Rasputin-like puppet-master to control her presidency. Valerie Jarrett couldn’t manipulate Hillary with empty flattery about how brilliant she is. Hillary, being an expert manipulator herself, would see through it in a heartbeat.

So the long knives are out for Hillary.

They will scuttle her presidential aspirations any possible way they can.

And if that means leaking information about Hillary’s private email account to the Select Committee on Benghazi, trust me, they’ll do it.

Even if some of the Benghazi blowback hits Obama in the process.

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4 thoughts on “DIANNY RANTS: The Long Knives are Out

  • March 4, 2015 at 12:20 pm

    That is without a doubt your finest work yet and yes the scariest as was the original Rasputin.

  • March 4, 2015 at 11:45 pm

    Valerie Jarrett looks like a greasy Klingon gargoyle. She’s an Iranian too which would explain making deals with the Ayatollah in spite of Bibi.

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