Dianny’s 10 Most Tiresome People of 2022

Dianny’s 10 Most Tiresome People of 2022

With Christmas done and dusted, it’s time to unveil my annual 10 most tiresome people of the year, a tradition I began way back in 2013 when I was a contributor at another conservative website that I carried on when PatriotRetort.com launched in 2015.

Compiling this list every year is a job of work, let me tell you. And not just because it runs around 5,000 words and I always try to add 3 or 4 new Dianny images.

No, the biggest challenge is limiting the list to my allotted 10 people. So many tiresome people parade by each year demanding our attention that I generally end up with an initial list of over 20 names. Paring it down to the 10 most tiresome of those tiresome people ain’t easy.

Keep in mind, this isn’t a list of the 10 most evil people or the 10 people I despise with every fiber of my being, although, some of this year’s entrants definitely fit into one or both of those categories.

These are the 10 most tiresome people. The folks that get on this list are the ones who, when I see their faces in the news or online, the first thought that pops into my head is, “Good grief. Not you again. Will this person ever go away?!”


Let’s begin…

10. Gisele Fetterman

It’s a personal pet peeve, I know. But I detest people whose only claim to fame is chasing fame. In today’s parlance, these attention-craving nobodies are called “social media influencers.” This is why Gisele Fetterman made the list.

She’s a nobody whose only claim to fame is chasing fame by using her husband’s political career to garner social media stardom.

If you asked me to name the spouse of any other Senate candidate in 2022, I’d be hard-pressed to oblige you.

I don’t have a clue what J.D. Vance’s wife’s name is or if he’s even married. Ditto Marco Rubio, Blake Masters, or Dr. Oz for that matter.

But anyone who paid even a modicum of attention to this year’s midterm elections knows the name of John Fetterman’s wife because, by the final weeks of the campaign, it was Gisele Fetterman, not her husband, that the media focused on.

And that is precisely how Gisele wanted it.

After the election was over, it was Gisele who toured the Capitol with her lumbering, stroke-addled, verbally-challenged husband tagging along behind her like the afterthought he is.

What makes Gisele Fetterman so tiresome isn’t just that she capitalized on her husband’s campaign to beef up engagement on her own social media accounts. No, what pushed her over the top was the media.

In all the years I’ve been doing this, I have noticed that the most tiresome people tend to be the ones the American corporate media insists on shoving down our throats.

The media took this wannabe “social media influencer” and created an attention-hungry monster, publishing one slobbering hagiography after another as if she was the Instagram Jackie Kennedy. And all of it went to her already over-inflated head.

The media could have ignored her. But in this particular case, that wasn’t an option. To ignore Gisele and focus on her husband would have shined a giant spotlight on how unfit for office John Fetterman is. And since the media needed the Democrats to retain the Senate majority, they turned all their attention to his vapid, vainglorious, fame-hungry spouse.

Now we’ll be paying the price for it for at least six years.

9. Meghan Markle

Meghan Markel - 10 Most Tiresome People of 2022

Do you know what? I had no idea Meghan Markle was black until the whiny little snot started complaining about how racist the Royal family is.

Then again, I didn’t think about Meghan Markle at all until her “I’m a Victim” shtick sucked all the oxygen out of the room.

Meghan is a more attractive version of Michelle Obama. A woman of wealth and privilege who just can’t stop telling us what a victim she is.

And just as they do with Michelle, the media bends over backward to give Meghan a platform from which to air her perceived grievances.

The lack of self-awareness is remarkable.

In the main, I ignore Meghan Markle. There is nothing fascinating about her. She’s a Z-list actress who managed to snag herself a lesser prince.

Prince Harry must have thought he won the lotto marrying an attractive woman like Meghan. Little did he know that in a few short years, he would go from combat veteran to the pussy-whipped, henpecked spouse of a domineering, fame-chasing perpetual Victim who would force him to choose between his family and her.

Now, thanks to the media, it is often impossible to escape the ubiquitous Meghan.

Netflix has produced a “docu-series” about the privileged faux princess and her henpecked, wayward prince in which the tiresome couple whine about all the troubles and travails that come with living a rich, privileged, and utterly useless existence.

Meghan uses this “docu-series” to lob potshots at the Royals while whining about being “hounded” by the paparazzi as if she would prefer to live a quiet life of anonymity, but had celebrity thrust upon her against her will.

To add insult to injury, the producers of this Netflix series used a stock photo of a swarm of photographers to highlight just how horrible it’s been for poor Harry and Meghan, who will go to any lengths to protect their privacy … by agreeing to do a Netflix “docu-series” on their lives.

The crowd of photographers in the stock photo was from the red carpet at the 2011 London premiere of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part Two,” five years before Meghan and Harry met. The photographers were taking pictures of the film’s stars and Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling.

What a couple of frauds these two are.

At a time when Americans are struggling to make ends meet, having some dizzy broad who lives like royalty demand attention from us while she kvetches about her hard-knock life isn’t just tone-deaf. It’s insulting and exhausting.

8. Dr. Anthony Fauci

Fauci 10 most tiresome people of 2022

I nearly left Fauci off of this year’s 10 most tiresome people list, mostly because I’ve grown so tired of him. Of course, it dawned on me that being tired of the tiny tin-pot dictator is precisely the reason he should be included.

I am so over this man.

And as much as I’d like to think that Fauci retiring from his decades-long federal bureaucrat’s job will bring an end to his overly-extended 15 minutes of fame, something tells me that is wishful thinking.

Once again, it is the American corporate media’s fault that a largely anonymous lifetime government bureaucrat has become a ubiquitous presence in our lives.

Thanks to nearly three years of endless media promotion, we will never be rid of the guy unless he commits a scandalous crime (like misgendering someone) or gets a little handsy with the ladies (ala Andrew Cuomo).

And with the incoming Republican Congress vowing to haul the diminutive Fauci before them to testify, the media will, out of a sense of duty, continue to give him a platform from which to sanctimoniously criticize Republican lawmakers while portraying himself as the Voice of Science.

In short, we’re stuck with him.

Fame is a hell of a drug. Side effects include an overweening ego, delusions of grandeur, and a sense of entitlement as big as all outdoors.

For fifty years, this nobody toiled unnoticed, one little cog in the Great Bureaucratic Machine that is the Federal government.

Now that Tony has gotten a taste of celebrity, he will never go back.

And he will never go away.

7. Kathy Hochul

There is nothing more tiring than being constantly scolded by an elected official. And while many Democrat politicians suffer from the delusion that they are our parents, none has been as tiresome about it as my governor, Kathy Hochul of New York.

Kathy believes she is the Mother of us all, not the chief executive of the New York government.

She doesn’t view her job as upholding the state’s constitution and overseeing the executive branch. No, not Kathy Hochul.

Kathy believes she is responsible for our upbringing, nurturing, and, as is often the case, our discipline.

And by “discipline,” Kathy doesn’t mean ensuring that those who break the laws of our state are punished. Certainly not.

By “discipline,” she means things like taking away our livelihoods if we don’t submit to her vaccine mandates or lecturing naughty New York gun owners for daring to think the Second Amendment applies to them.

Don’t we ungrateful snots know how much Kathy cares about us? She’s trying to keep us safe. It’s her most important job.

Mother Kathy knows best. And if you don’t listen, why she just might send you to bed without supper!

This is what I hate about female Democrat politicians. On the one hand, they love to tell us that a woman can be more than a wife and a mother, while on the other hand, they govern like a wife and a mother, either treating us like their henpecked husbands or recalcitrant children.

Listening to that pinch-faced, dried-up old fishwife give us New Yorkers a stern talking to like we’re misbehaving 6-year-olds sets my teeth on edge.

I had really hoped that enough New Yorkers were sick of having a governor who treats them like children and would vote this busybody out of office in November. But sadly, I was wrong.

Now we’re stuck with four more years of Kathy’s tiresome, sanctimonious Mommy routine.

6. Adam Kinzinger

I don’t know what I find more tiresome about Adam Kinzinger, his pretending that he sacrificed his House seat by standing up for the Truth or his Twitter tough guy act.

For a guy who weeps like a melodramatic ingenuous in a penny dreadful, Adam loves to play the brave warrior for Truth and Ukraine on social media.

Trump Derangement Syndrome took this Tea Party Republican and turned him into an Eric Swalwell clone. If we found out that Adam was hoodwinked by a Chinese honey trap, I would not be at all surprised.

Like Swalwell, Kinzinger spends his days on Twitter getting into slap fights with anonymous nobodies, usually as a way to demonstrate his manliness and military prowess in support of America’s proxy war in Ukraine.

Like Swalwell, Kinzinger is entirely unaware that the only thing he is demonstrating in his repeated Twitter spats is that he has the impulse control and emotional maturity of a thirteen-year-old girl.

I’d post some of the more egregious examples of Adam’s Twitter spats, but he usually ends up deleting his more petulant tweets once he gets his ass handed to him.

Adam’s swagger on Twitter is just part of what makes him so tiresome. His disingenuous rewriting of history is another.

After Democrats repaid his betrayal of the House Republicans by redistricting him out of his congressional seat, rather than accept that he’d been played as a useful idiot, Adam simply rewrote the narrative.

You see, Adam didn’t get screwed out of his seat. No, not at all.

It was Adam’s determination to stand up “for the truth” that cost him his seat.

But don’t worry, he would, “without hesitation, do it all over again.

Stunning and brave.

Unsurprisingly, Adam is all-in on the proxy war in Ukraine and likely sees himself as Volodymyr Zelesnky’s Number One Fan.

He struts around on Twitter playing the tough guy. He brags that NATO could wipe out Russia in three days. He accuses anyone criticizing taxpayer money being sent to Ukraine of being a “Putin stooge.” Adam also questions the manliness of anyone who dares to speak negatively about Volodymyr Zelensky because Adam is obsessed with manliness.

With his time in Congress coming to a close, Adam Kinzinger has been reduced to insulting and attacking Republican colleagues in hopes of getting retweets from the Twitter ResistanceLOL for whom he pantomimes being a brave warrior with balls of steel.

But the instant he gets any pushback, like all good ResistanceLOL social media “influencers,” Adam cries foul and plays the whiny victim.

The upside of social media is that it exposed so many elected officials as the weak, petulant, and attention-starved children that they are, and for that I am grateful.

Adam’s quest for social media popularity has left him a thoroughly diminished joke of a man.

And he is the only one who doesn’t know it.

Good riddance.

5. The Volodymyr Zelensky Fan Club

It had initially been my plan to include Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on this year’s 10 most tiresome people list. But after he addressed a joint session of Congress last week, I realized that it isn’t Zelensky I find tiresome; it is the gushing, slobbering fan girls in the press, social media, and, most notably, Washington, D.C.

Look at this picture:

VZ fangirls 10 most tiresome people of 2022

When I saw this picture on Twitter last week, I was reminded of an anecdote I heard years ago about the Beatles during the height of Beatlemania.

After a female reporter inadvertently brushed her gloved hand against one of the Fab Four she was immediately mobbed by a group of girls eager to kiss her hand.

During Zelensky’s visit, some right-leaning Twitter folks feigned breathless outrage that Ukraine’s President showed up at the White House and Congress wearing his combat costume instead of a suit and tie. One of them said Zelensky showing up to address Congress dressed like G.I. Joe was the most undignified thing to ever happened in that chamber.

Really? Simmer down, guys. I’m fairly certain Nancy Pelosi ripping up a president’s State of the Union speech was a sight more undignified than that.

I mean, look at that above picture. He’s shaking hands with the purple-haired Rosa DeLauro, the lawmaker who comes to work every day looking like an over-the-hill drag queen on his way home from a long night trolling the Rambles.

The only thing undignified about Zelesnky’s address was the behavior of our elected representatives.

Here they were on the cusp of approving a $1.7 trillion spending package that included another $44.9 billion in taxpayer money for Ukraine and the star-struck idiots were behaving like teenage girls meeting a scruffy-faced Beatle.

Yes, it is a bit annoying that Zelensky looked at the over $100 billion we’ve sent him and said, “thanks guys, but that isn’t enough.”

But his country is at war. Zelensky knows that Ukraine has no hope of survival without the United States. Congress holds the purse strings. I fully expected him to play on their star-struck hero worship to secure added support. He’d be a fool not to.

No, what is tiring here is that our elected leaders are such gullible fools that all it took was Zelensky showing up dressed like G.I. Vo, and those swooning doofuses were putty in his hands.

Coupled with the fangirling is Washington’s desire to live vicariously through War Hero Zelensky.

Like this laughable White House video.

Oh, my sides! The slow-motion strutting like they’re Stallone and Schwarzenegger heading for the fighter jets to save the day.

I’m embarrassed for the idiots in the White House. The only way this would have been more embarrassing is if they insisted on putting Joe in the Presidential leather bomber jacket and aviator glasses.

Strutting around the White House and desperately reaching out to touch a man who is living in a war zone is the closest these pear-shaped losers will ever get to combat. And, by God, they’re going to milk it for all it’s worth.

4. Joe Biden

2022 was the year I got sick and tired of the lectures on unity from a man who calls half the country domestic terrorists who are a threat to our “democracy.”

Don’t get me wrong. This kind of divisive rhetoric isn’t a new facet of Joe Biden’s character. As I said back in January, Joe has always been an asshole.

But in 2022, Joe let his Asshole Flag fly with wild abandon.

He kicked off the year by accusing Republican states of returning us to the time of Jim Crow for daring to pass election integrity laws.

Then, in the lead-up to the midterms, Joe went full-on Third Reich by delivering a dark, militaristic, divisive address to the nation in which he railed against half the country while washed in blood-red lighting.

As inflation reached 40-year highs and the average gas price hit a record $5 a gallon, Joe did what he always does, pointing the finger of blame at everyone but himself.

Sure, Joe loves to take credit for other people’s successes, but when it comes to his bungling failures, someone else’s head will go on the chopping block.

It was “Putin’s price hike.” It was the greedy oil companies. It was price-gouging corporations. It was the previous administration. It was the supply chain.

Joe limped from crisis to crisis, pointing fingers and making excuses.

And all the while he did it, Grandpa Biden strutted around the world stage like Mick Jagger, boasting about what a tough guy he is.

That is when he wasn’t getting lost on stage.

As I mentioned above, Joe Biden is using the war in Ukraine to cast himself as a tough-as-nails guy that “no one fucks with.”

The play-acting is so incredibly tiresome to watch, especially considering Joe is an 80-year-old man whose brain is quickly turning to soup.

This is the year Joe Biden became so intolerably tiresome that even Democrat voters have had enough.

The latest Yahoo/YouGov poll released before Christmas found that 55% of 2020 Biden voters do not believe Joe Biden should run for reelection in 2024 while only 25% said he should.

And with his senility growing increasingly worse, I can’t imagine that this trend will turn around.

3. Donald Trump

Last year, Donald Trump made the 10 most tiresome people list for the first time, coming in at number 8. At the time, I wrote:

I love the guy and still believe he was the best president we’ve had in decades. But Trump’s constant complaining about the 2020 election exhausted the hell out of me.

I warned back then that if Trump hopes to run again in 2024, he better drop his obsession with the last election or it would hurt him.

Well, Trump didn’t drop it.

Instead, like a meth-addled Energizer Bunny, Trump just kept going and going and going.

And here he is, a year later, climbing up the charts to the number 3 most tiresome person of 2022.

His perseveration on the 2020 election is sapping a lot of people’s patience. And not just those who already despised him either. He’s turning off the very voters who helped him win the White House in 2016 and voted to reelect him in 2020.

Since the midterm elections, several polls have shown support for Trump slipping significantly, with most Republicans looking for a 2024 nominee who runs on the same America First agenda but isn’t Donald Trump.

The USA Today/Suffolk University poll from two weeks ago found that only 31% of Republicans and Republican-leaning Independents want Donald Trump to be the 2024 nominee. The majority, over 60%, prefer a different America First candidate.

So it isn’t just Joe Biden that voters have soured on this year.

They’ve soured on Trump as well.

Both Joe and Donald have become the two old men on a park bench shouting angrily at passersby who would like nothing more than for the pair of them to hit the bricks.

Trump grump 10 most tiresome people of 2022

It didn’t have to be this way.

While the media will never tire of hating Trump, he was under no obligation to spend the last two years handing them more ammunition with which to attack him.

But that’s precisely what he’s done.

And after two years of this constant whining and complaining, I’m tired of it.

Sure, I’ve been called a RINO and a turncoat for saying I’m worn out by the guy.

But it doesn’t change the fact that he’s worn me out.

His antics have grown wearisome for a hell of a lot of people who fall under the category of “Trump voter.”

How’s he going to do in 2024 when he’s driving his own voters away?

Worse still, what competent, self-respecting person will want to join his campaign after he spent the last couple of years burning bridges?

Since he left office, Trump has driven away all the competent people who once advised him, leaving behind only the sycophants and crazies, and boy does it show.

How else do you explain that “BIG ANNOUNCEMENT” misfire the week before Christmas when Trump unveiled a digital Trump trading card NFT scheme for $99 a pop, not to raise money for his 2024 campaign but to profit off of his most ardent super-fans?

On the same day that stink bomb dropped, Trump also released one hell of a good campaign video outlining his plans to protect Free Speech online. But since the idiocy of the NFT grift sucked all the oxygen out of the room, nobody paid any attention to his Free Speech campaign video.

I admit this didn’t surprise me at all.

With only sycophants and crazies surrounding him, there was nobody on hand to rein in Trump’s worst instincts and make sure his ego didn’t get in the way of running a winning campaign.

Good grief, even Trump’s Number One Fan Steve Bannon was disgusted by that NFT debacle.

If Trump is testing even Steve Bannon’s patience, is it any wonder that a large percentage of Republican voters are looking around for a more viable candidate in 2024?

It isn’t 2015 anymore. Trump isn’t the disrupter coming out of nowhere who rallies voters by focusing on issues nobody else would talk about, like illegal immigration and putting America first.

Instead, he’s coming off as a bitter, resentful sore loser hellbent on getting revenge on those who moved heaven and earth to defeat him in 2020.

Trump’s 2016 Make America Great Again message has now been swallowed up by his obsession with the 2020 election.

And watching Donald Trump debase his presidential legacy so he can indulge his grievances has been exhausting, not to mention deeply disappointing.

2. Kamala Harris

In terms of Dianny’s 10 Most Tiresome People, and in terms of the significance of the passage of time, this year’s list wouldn’t be complete without Kamala Harris, especially when you consider that, in terms of the present moment, she is still vice president, in terms of the United States of America.

Okay, if you haven’t read up on Kamala’s favorite phrase, the above word salad may have confused you, in terms of how it is written.

If we played the “In Terms Of” drinking game during Kamala’s speeches, we’d all die of alcohol poisoning.

This woman’s rhetorical skills are exhausting, in terms of trying to figure out what the hell she’s trying to say.

She’s repetitive and redundant, in terms of saying the same things multiple times, often in multiple speeches.

Take for instance Kamala’s go-to comment on looking ahead while being “unburdened by what has been.” She’s burped out that phrase so many times in so many speeches, it’s running a close second to “In Terms Of” as Kamala’s favorite phrase.

I mean, come on!

This would be like Martin Luther King Jr. deciding to toss in his “I have a dream” sequence in every speech. It stops being profound after the third or fourth time.

And Kamala’s “unburdened by what has been” line isn’t even original material from her VEEP staff.

Nope. they cribbed it from her 2020 presidential campaign stump speech:

Kamala Harris is a one-hit wonder, touring the country warbling out the one and only tune she knows.

The only people who find Kamala Harris more tiresome than I do are the ones who work for her. How many people have up and left the Vice President’s office since Kamala became Veep? I stopped counting in July after the speechwriter who was hired to replace the last speechwriter who quit also quit.

I have no doubt whatsoever that Kamala Harris is hoping Joe Biden will eventually announce he won’t run in 2024.

Trust me, if Joe is a no, Kamala thinks she’ll go into the 2024 race as the frontrunner.

After all, this is the same arrogant woman who considered herself a “top tier” presidential candidate in the 2020 race just weeks before she bottomed out in the polls.

If and when old Joe is finally talked out of running again, I expect Kamala will find every possible reason to shove herself into the spotlight, meaning more public events, more cable news interviews, and more absurdities like this:

A couple of weeks ago, the Babylon Bee produced the most hilarious send-up of Kamala Harris and her abysmal speaking style that is so perfect, I wanted to share it in this year’s 10 Most Tiresome People list.

Well, that would certainly explain why Kamala always sounds like a child delivering a book report on a book she hasn’t read.

As tiresome as listening to Kamala might be, the one thing I will never tire of is poking fun at this vapid, insecure, politically inept woman.

1. Liz Cheney

Australian news anchor Rita Panahi liked to say of then-President Trump that he is “blessed with truly moronic opponents.”

And when it comes to Liz Cheney, Panahi’s observation has never been truer.

Liz has taken Trump hatred to new levels, plumbing the depths of Trump derangement no one dared to plumb before.

So crippled by her all-consuming obsession to destroy Donald Trump, Liz has become Captain Ahab, willing to stop at nothing to finally land the white whale, even if it means blowing up her own political career.

By the time the January 6 committee began airing their primetime Made-for-TV specials in June, I was already so sick of Liz’s monomaniacal moralizing that I couldn’t bring myself to watch even a single clip from the hearings if she was a featured speaker.

When Wyoming primary voters finally had a chance to weigh in on their congresswoman’s raison d’être, they sent a clear message by handing the nominal Republican a 37-point defeat.

Pro-tip, Liz. If you’re going to blow up your bridges in your quest to bring down Trump, maybe wait until you’re off the bridge before you press the plunger.

Rather than taking a lesson from her crushing defeat, the sanctimonious blowhard used her concession speech to declare herself the modern-day Abraham Lincoln.

Yeah, I don’t think so. If there is any politician Liz Cheney resembles, it’s RussiaGate promoter and fellow Jan 6 committee member, Adam Schiff.

Abraham Lincoln. I mean, really.

As I wrote at the time:

Imagine the hubris and denial necessary to believe getting your ass handed to you in a humiliating defeat makes you the next Abraham Lincoln.

Has there ever been an incumbent Republican House member who lost a primary challenge by such a wide margin?

I’d be embarrassed for Liz Cheney. But she’s so lacking in self-awareness that my being embarrassed for her would be a waste of energy.


Abraham Lincoln wasn’t a bitter fishwife so obsessed with a single politician that he burned every bridge and blew up his own career out of miserable spite.

But this is what happens when you suffer from end-stage Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Liz Cheney committed to this path and, come hell or high water, she will not change direction.

She’s like the Black Knight from Monty Python and the Holy Grail, no matter how many times she gets cut down, Liz continues to believe she’s winning.

Her Republican colleagues can boot her from leadership. Her voters can reject her. But still, there’s Liz acting like she’s standing head and shoulders above everyone else.

The fact that Liz is genuinely considering running for President in 2024 shows you just how clueless and out of touch she is.

Sure, her state rejected her by nearly 38 points, but gosh, darn it, the rest of the country is sure to hop aboard the Pequod and sail the seas with Captain Liz Ahab.

And like every other anti-Trumper to come over the transom, Liz is able to inhabit this delusional world of hers thanks in large part to the American corporate news media that is always on hand to elevate anyone who hates Trump as much as they do.

In August, I suggested that Liz Cheney is “The Media’s Own Elian Gonzalez” by choosing to be the useful idiot who will burp out the media’s anti-Republican propaganda.

An actual “principled conservative” would never allow herself to be used in this way. But Liz Cheney isn’t a “principled” anything. She’s a grasping, bitter, resentful woman who decided if Republicans don’t want her, then she’ll burn down the whole party.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out why Liz Cheney secured the number one spot on this year’s 10 most tiresome people list.

She more than earned it.

Sure, she was handed her walking papers and will be leaving Congress for her home in Virginia. But since the anti-Trump media is pushing her to run for president in 2024, and since Liz can never say no to them, that miserable, angry shrew ain’t falling off the radar no matter how much we might want her to.


Well, there you have it, my picks for the 10 most tiresome people of 2022.

If you’d like to see who made the previous seven lists, check them out here:

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11 thoughts on “Dianny’s 10 Most Tiresome People of 2022

  • December 27, 2022 at 11:59 pm

    Thanks for another…well, I won’t say “entertaining” list because these people are about as far from entertaining as it is possible to be. But another great list. I strongly concur on the “oh not not THIS person again!” feeling all of your picks produce. Particularly your #1 pick — a very deserving choice. (Your image of her with the Shiff eyes is extremely creepy. ) I might have ranked Fauci a bit higher myself, but the list is a very good one.

    Thanks for all your wonderful posts and images in 2022. Have a safe and happy New Year and may 2023 be a positive, healthy, joyful new year.

  • December 28, 2022 at 9:28 am

    Great list, but I would have had Fauxci in the number one spot. The lies told by this little gnome dictator-wannabe make the rest of the cretins on the list look like pikers. And, while the fabrications told by the others may have wrecked our economy, emasculated our military, relieved us of our freedoms, and rendered our retirement accounts moot, this narcissistic troglodyte will be directly responsible for millions, and perhaps billions, of preventable deaths by the time the deadly effects of the shit shot run their course. And, he’s not done being tiresome. He is not “retiring”, but merely swapping job titles. It’s a sure bet he will continue to funnel funds to Wuhan (and other foreign labs) to ensure fabrication of designer pathogens so his globalist overlords/puppeteers can indulge their depopulation aspirations.

    • December 28, 2022 at 9:45 am

      Fauci had the Number 1 spot in last year’s most tiresome list.

      If I did a 10 People Who Did the Most Damage to the Country Over the Last Three Years list, no doubt Tony would have topped it. But this is the 10 Most Tiresome People of 2022.

  • December 28, 2022 at 9:06 pm

    can not disagree with any of those. Well……except maybe #7 Kathy Hochul. I agree she is tiresome. But I live in Michigan under the rule of her evil step sister Gretchen Whitmer. Gretch is WAY more tiresome to me. 🙂

  • December 29, 2022 at 11:18 am

    Great list, but Fauci should be No. 1. And I disagree with DJT on the list. Should have put Eric Adams on the list.

  • December 30, 2022 at 10:21 am

    “Meghan is a more attractive version of Michelle Obama.” Wow – I had no idea Markle had a penis.

    • December 30, 2022 at 12:53 pm

      She does. It once belonged to Harry.

      but not anymore

  • December 30, 2022 at 2:02 pm

    A ghastly gathering of crones & other flying monkeys

  • January 4, 2023 at 6:05 am

    Did you consider the ‘My Pillow’ guy for your list? I change channels whenever his commercials are aired.

    • January 5, 2023 at 3:31 am

      He was in the top 15. So too was Karine Jean-Pierre.

  • January 7, 2023 at 4:34 pm

    Wait – I thought Rosa DeLauro was Keith Richards drag queen persona?

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