Dianny’s Ten Most Tiresome People of 2018

Ten Most Tiresome People of 2018

Well, the year is quickly coming to an end. And you know what that means.

It is time once again for Dianny’s Ten Most Tiresome People of the year.

As always happens with my list of the ten most tiresome people, it’s difficult to narrow it down to ten.  Like every other year, there is an overabundance of tiresome people.

But I weeded out several and I think this year’s most tiresome people more than earned the title.

Before we get to the list, however, I do want to share some sad news.

For the first time since I started the Ten Most Tiresome People feature, Hillary Clinton is not among the dishonorees. And that in itself is proof that she has finally, mercifully moved on to irrelevance.

So, without further ado, here we go with this year’s most tiresome headline-grabbers.

10. Jeff Flake

Is Flake causing these delays

Poor Jeff Flake.  Always with his nose out of joint.

The outgoing Arizona Senator tried to grasp for political notoriety by hopping aboard the NeverTrump Train only to find himself dangling off the caboose.

Flake’s sanctimonious lectures from the floor of the Senate might have played well among the anti-Trump news media.  But normal Americans grew weary of his pedantic drivel about how a “True Conservative” should behave.

Jeff Flake became the tiresome hall monitor of Republicanism – scolding those who didn’t meet his exacting standards while doing everything he could to stand in the way of a President who is advancing the most conservative agenda since Ronald Reagan.

But none of us were fooled.

Despite his endless lectures, Flake wasn’t the supposed Bulwark of Conservatism he pretended to be.

It’s hard to be a bulwark when you fold like a bad poker hand just because a couple of women scream at you in an elevator.

After Flake decided to call it quits rather than risk a primary loss, he tried to cast himself in the role of “conscience of the Republican Party.”  But that isn’t really the case.

No.  Flake’s true mission is using his oversized soap box as an open audition for CNN or MSNBC.

Flake has become so insufferably holier-than-thou, John Kasich probably thinks to himself, “Wow. Even I’m not that sanctimonious.”

It is a boon to the nation that this tiresome prat is finally leaving the US Senate.

Too bad Mitt Romney is arriving just in time to take his place.

To date, Flake is still coyly hinting at challenging President Trump in 2020.

But outside of so-called “Republican pundits” on cable news, is anybody really clamoring for a Flake candidacy?

I doubt it.

9. Chris Cuomo

2018 has been a horserace between which Cuomo is dumber: Andrew or Chris.

And every time I thought Andrew had the race in the bag, little brother Chris would open his mouth and prove me wrong.

It’s been a banner year for this dummy.

He went to bat for the violent anarchist group Antifa – actually trying to make the case for their use of violence.

When reporter Salena Zito expressed disgust at CNN’s slobbering all over North Korea during the Olympics, idiot Chris blamed it on President Trump.

Yeah.  Really.

And then there was Kanye West’s visit to the Oval Office.

Chris put on his mind-reader’s cap and spent time on his unwatched primetime show revealing President Trump’s thoughts during that meeting.


What makes Chris Cuomo especially embarrassing is he actually thinks he’s smart and insightful.

And there’s nothing more painful than watching a complete idiot who thinks he’s really onto something.

Fortunately for Chris, CNN tends to reward the stupid. So I’m guessing his future with the low-rated network is secure.

8. Elizabeth Warren

Boy, this has been a bad year for Elizabeth Warren.

She started it out believing that she was the woman who would shatter that glass ceiling Hillary failed to make a dent in.

She would not be silenced!!  [Not that we ever want her to shut up.]

But things didn’t turn out the way she hoped, did they?

In fact, 2018 might just go down as the year Elizabeth Warren shot her political career in the foot … with an arrow.

So, glass half full.

It all started because the thin-skinned Liz couldn’t let go of President Trump labeling her Pocahontas.

Trump jokingly making that famous DNA challenge in July is when Liz’s slide into political irrelevance began.

The President joked that if Liz was the 2020 nominee, he would pay a million bucks to a charity of her choosing if she took a DNA test proving she was Native American.

In an attempt to defend Warren, the news media fact-checked President Trump’s joke — arguing that it is impossible to establish tribal ancestry via DNA tests.

But the President’s relentless Pocahontas cracks burrowed so deep under Warren’s skin, she just couldn’t let it go.

So like any good witless foil, Liz walked straight into Trump’s trap.

She submitted to a DNA test ostensibly to “put the controversy behind her.”

And for some reason, both she and her people thought it was a good idea.

Yeah. It wasn’t.

Instead, the DNA proved that she was 1/1024th South American – Peruvian to be exact.

Despite that, the same news media that rushed to explain how DNA is worthless in determining Native American ancestry quickly trumpeted that the DNA test proved that Liz Warren had Native American ancestry.

Good Lord, those people are clowns.

But not nearly as clownish as Liz Warren.

It took virtually no time at all for “Operation Prove I’m Cherokee” to morph into “Operation Kill My 2020 Chances.”

And when it became clear that the DNA test backfired on her, the news media quickly shifted gears and abandoned poor Liz in her hour of need.

In the end, with her face covered in DN-egg, Warren was finally forced to admit what we already knew.

She’s as white as Beto.

The truth is, Liz Warren started the year as utterly tiresome and ended the year as completely irrelevant.

That is a textbook definition of “Self-Own.”

7. Kirsten Gillibrand

Moral decency

I honestly didn’t plan this. Two Barbie images in a row. Funny how that worked out.

Any old how.  Speaking of tiresome women Senators who never shut up about how they won’t be silenced, I give you Kirsten “Potty-Mouth” Gillibrand.

Much like Liz, Kirsten is a lightweight, irrelevant woman.  But unlike Liz, Kirsten doesn’t seem to realize that yet.

Gillibrand has always been a black-belt in political pandering.

And that was never clearer than this year.

Kirsten glommed on to the Women’s March in 2017 but doubled down during the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh.

She really believed that embracing the “Believe Women” nonsense was just the thing to raise her national profile and prepare her for a 2020 run at the Democrat nomination.

But like most tiresome Leftists, Kirsten pushed too hard and too far.

In her effort to appeal to the lunatic feminist fringe, Kirsten jettisoned due process and innocent until proven guilty.  And that was a really stupid thing to do. 

The fact is, what troubled Americans the most during the Kavanaugh nomination was the Democrats’ willingness to declare him guilty without any proof.

If Kirsten were as savvy and intelligent as she pretends, she would’ve known better than to trample all over due process the way she did.

But she had to.  Because all Kirsten cares about is pandering to the red-robe-wearing lunatic fringe.

Like most Leftists, Kirsten turns political differences into a battle between good and evil – where she is good and President Trump is evil.

She even went so far as to portray herself as a warrior putting on the ‘armor of God’ as if she’s Joan of Arc

Which is rather ironic coming from someone for whom the wholesale slaughter of the unborn must be defended at all costs.

In a nutshell, Gillibrand is a phony.

She spouts sophomoric, meaningless bromides like this:

But in reality, Gillibrand is about as substantive as air in a jug.

6. Ted Lieu

Two years in a row Ted Lieu has made the list of the most tiresome people.  And for good reason.

Lieu is like the snotty elementary school nerd who sucks up to the teachers, pretends he’s smarter than he really is, and takes glee from tattling when anyone misbehaves.

Little Ted wants desperately to be as Twitter savvy as Donald Trump.

Alas, he fails at it miserably.

Ted’s Achilles heel is every insult lobbed at him burrows so deep under his skin, he is easily led into a Twitter slap-fight.

If I had to give him a new nickname it would be Ted “Well-Oh-Yeah?” Lieu.

Part of the problem for Ted is his obsessive need to get in the last word.  So if you bait him, he keeps biting the hook.

Sure, he’s tiresome.  But watching him get in slap-fights on Twitter is also infinitely entertaining.

What cemented his entry in this year’s Ten Most Tiresome People was his inexplicably blurting out on CNN that he would love to regulate speech,  then getting into slap-fight after slap-fight when people called him out on it.

Ted’s singular talent is proving how stupid he is by trying to convince us he’s smart.

That’s not an easy feat to accomplish by any stretch.

Now that the Democrats have the majority in the House, I’m sure “Well-Oh-Yeah” Lieu will crank up the tiresome to Spinal Tap 11.

5. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

proving her critics right

This walking meme shares with Ted Lieu the ability to prove how stupid she is by trying to look smart.

But the difference between Lieu and Alexandria is she has mastered the art of Twitter trolling.

Ocasio-Cortez is very tiresome.  But make no mistake, we have to keep an eye on her.

Not because she’s an intelligent adversary.  But because she has succeeded in appealing to a bloc of voters who feel Washington has abandoned them.

There is a cult of personality that has arisen around Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

And the truth is, the more she’s attacked, the more her followers close ranks around her.

That kind of loyalty on the part of her fans — not to mention their willingness to act as her flying monkeys when anyone attacks her — makes Ocasio-Cortez a force to be reckoned with.

Sure, she’s fun to mock because, like I said, she’s a walking meme.

But we shouldn’t underestimate her.

As Kurt Schlichter put it in his column “Don’t Underestimate Dumb Voters’ Appetite for Idiot Leftist Politicians:”

Though mocking them is important, because they are clowns and clowns should be mocked, mocking them is not nearly enough. Mockery really only helps reinforce our own morale, assuring ourselves of what we already know – that they are terrible. Our mockery doesn’t affect the dummies. Most liberal voters are just as civics-illiterate as AOC is, so they just shrug when she botches the three branches of government.


The point is that voters will not necessarily respond to their favorites being portrayed as buffoons, whether it is true or not.

So long as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is surrounded by an army of slobbering fans, we will be subjected to her heaping helping of tiresome for years to come.

4. Michael Avenatti

Avenatti pulls out

Poor Michael Avenatti.

In less than a year, he went from rising star of the Resistance to a embarrassingly painful super nova crashing to irrelevance.

And while it’s been all kinds of fun watching this buffoon blunder along from one misstep to another, there’s no doubt he’s become insufferably tiresome.

You have to admit, there’s something enjoyable about watching the news media glom on to a train wreck.

And, boy, did they.

Avenatti used his position as Stormy Daniels’ attorney to build up his own celebrity.

Unfortunately for him, the American people by and large detest the news media.  So becoming a celebrity on CNN and MSNBC doesn’t exactly translate into popular support among the country.

Which is why when Tucker Carlson labeled him the Creepy Porn Lawyer, the name stuck to Avenatti like white on rice.

Michael Avenatti isn’t just tiresome; he’s a blowhard too.

Lots of tough talk, but no follow-through.

Like when he announced he was leading an anti-Trump demonstration outside of Trump’s campaign rally for Cruz in Texas.

Despite all his talk about “fighting fire with fire,” blowhard Michael was eighteen hundred miles away the day of Trump’s rally.

But what really clinched Avenatti’s flash-in-the-pan, one-hit-wonder status was jumping aboard the “Crucify Kavanagh” bandwagon.

What was already a circus turned into a clown show when Avenatti tossed his hat into ring.

And when Kavanaugh was confirmed, the same news media that elevated Avenatti blamed him.

From that point on, not only had Avenatti’s star faded, his entire life started to crater.

And Avenatti’s dreams of riding his newfound fame into the White House sputtered out like a wet fart.

With any luck, we’ve seen the last of this tiresome clown.

3. David Hogg


As tiresome as he is, I do want to thank David Hogg for providing me with some really great Photoshop opportunities.

Seriously, this guy is tailor-made for agitprop mockery.

The best part about mocking the Camera Hogg is the “well-I-nevering” it inspires from the “How dare you attack this child he was a victim of gun violence” contingent.

Um. No he wasn’t.  He wasn’t even in the same building.

Much like Michael Avenatti, David Hogg used a news story as a springboard to personal enrichment and notoriety.

But unlike Avenatti, so far, Hogg succeeded…

all the way to Harvard.

What makes David tiresome is his own sense of self-importance coupled with his staggering ignorance.

Yes, I can see why this Harvard-bound genius got a book deal.

But what makes David Hogg an awful human being is he exploited the deaths of his schoolmates to make himself famous.

And he did so with the endorsement and assistance of the news and entertainment media.

It’s bad enough that David Hogg is a tiresome prat. But he’s a tiresome prat who glommed on to deaths of children to garner fame.

And for that he deserves every insult and every punch-back he receives.

We haven’t seen the last of this creep.

And well-funded activist organizations will see to it we’re never rid of him.

2. Jim Acosta

Narcissus Acosta

You know, I’ve come to sense a theme in my list of the most tiresome people of 2018.

They’re all sanctimonious grandstanders with outsized opinions of themselves.

And that’s most definitely true of Jim Acosta.

Jim really believes he is a fearless journalist — the tip of the spear in the battle for the Free Press.

When in reality, he’s a thin-skinned baby with a grudge who can’t stop making every news story about himself.

This summer, @neontaster zeroed in on what became the perfect meme to describe Jim Acosta:

The “Dear Diary” meme took off like wildfire. And half a year later, it’s still going strong.

The drama surrounding “MicGrabGate” and the subsequent suspension of Acosta’s hard pass only solidified his role as whining narcissist pretending to be a martyr.

And despite getting his hard pass restored, Acosta’s childish behavior has obviously worn thin.

Let’s face it, has Jimmy boy been getting the same attention since?


Like I said, most Americans despise the news media.

And whining to us about how mistreated he feels only makes him even more tiresome.

1. James Comey

When it comes to narcissistic self-importance, nobody comes close to James Comey.

As I put it in April, “May you find someone who loves you as much as James Comey loves himself.”

James Comey Cialis

For a long time I thought James Comey knew he was selling us a bill of goods with his “Higher Loyalty” shtick.  But I’ve come to realize that he actually does believe that he is the only honorable man left in America.

Talk about self-deluded.

The truth is much different.

Whether it’s leaking to the press or writing his self-congratulatory memoir, Comey acts out of spite.

“A Higher Loyalty” indeed.

As I said back in April, James Comey is just another two-bit hustler peddling rumor and innuendo for money.  He’s the male Stormy Daniels.

Stormy Jim

Nothing frosts me more than having to endure insufferable moral preening from petty, dishonest, unethical people like James Comey.

And what I find truly disheartening is that he will never be held to account for the harm he’s done to people like Michael Flynn, to the reputation of the FBI, and to the country as a whole.


That’s it.  That’s the whole shebang.

The ten most tiresome people for 2018.

If you’d like to review the previous years’ lists, check them out:
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Wouldn’t it be great if in 2019 there weren’t enough tiresome people for me to compile another list?

But odds are, next year I’ll have just as much trouble narrowing it down to ten.

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    Top Ten! Ding, ding, ding, ding ding! We have a winner!

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    What? Maxine Waters didn’t make the cut?

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    I waited all year for this list.

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    And what about Mueller?

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    Brilliant! But, missing from the list are Maxie Pad, Crazie Mazie, Eric SwallowsWell (who I would dearly love to punch in the mouth), Joe and Mike, Steve Schmidt, Joyless Behar, and on and on and on.

    A terrific list nonetheless! Well done!

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      Oy, the work.

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    Dianny, the “but what abouts” are good it means we’re paying attention. Happy New Year to you.

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    A good list but how could crazy Maxine be left out?

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    Lester Dolt and the NBC nightly propaganda staff deserve honorable mention.
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    Great list. The aptly named Flake should get a job at The Weekly Standard. Oh wait…

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    David Hogg is not THE Fuehrer; he’s more of a sub-fuehrer

    If I had to guess I’d put his rank as “Obersttwattenfuehrer” in the Schumerjugend in charge of the Youth “Drang Nacht Waffen” (Drive for the Weapons)

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    You did the impossible. With James Comey, you made Alex Jones look like a woman.

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    Bravo, Dianny! Well done!
    Forget the rest of the “what abouts” this year.
    You just KNOW there’ll be ten different inductees next year.
    The insufferable know no shame…and they’ll continue to rear their ugly heads.

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    Talk about tiresome – what about Nancy Pants?

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