Dianny’s Ten Most Tiresome People of 2016

Happy New Year’s Eve! As is my annual tradition, I have put together my list of the ten most tiresome people of the year.

So without further delay, let’s get started!

10 – The Bush Family
Can we all just agree that the age of Bush is over?

2016 was supposed to be the year of Jeb! Remember?

It didn’t matter to the Bushes that Republican voters just weren’t feeling that exclamation point. Jeb was going to be the nominee and that’s all there was to it.

He had the backing, the money and the Bush name.


All that money spent and Jeb! couldn’t even win a single state.

This establishment belief that every Presidential election it is somebody’s “turn” to be the nominee got blown to smithereens this year.

And thank God for that.

What makes the Bush Family as whole so incredibly tiresome was the sour grapes snit they indulged in after Jeb! dropped out.

From refusing to support the Republican nominee to opting not to vote for the top of the ticket at all.

If nothing else, the election of Donald Trump has exposed these selfish, entitled creeps for what they are.

We’re lucky to be rid of them.

9 – George Takei
Sulu’s phasers have been set on stupid for quite some time now.

But in 2016, George Takei proved that he knows absolutely nothing about our system of government, history or hell, pretty much anything else.

As the old saying goes, “Tis better to be thought a fool than to go on Twitter and in 140 characters, remove all doubt.”

When George spent his days sharing cutsie pictures of kittens, he was a harmless old has-been.

But now George has decided that he’s a political genius.

He may have traveled the galaxy, but Sulu is pretty clueless about Planet Earth.

What makes him so tiresome is his insistence that we give a damn what he thinks.

He’s obsessed with the popular vote.

The guy just can’t let it go.

After Donald Trump’s stunning (to some) upset (to some) victory in November, Takei kept carping on the popular vote as if it matters.

“This is not what true democracy looks like, is it” Sulu tweeted out.

Well, then it’s a good thing the United States of America isn’t a “true democracy” but a Republic.

The problem with George Takei is the same as many tiresome celebrities.

He believes his celebrity automatically makes him an expert in all things.

But his civic illiteracy begs to differ.

The election of Donald Trump is exposing a lot of these self-important yet clueless celebrities.

And George Takei has been exposed as a small-minded, not very bright, tiresome shrew.

Of course, he’ll never realize that. He’ll continue spouting his breathless ignorance as if he’s the second-coming of Thomas Paine.

8 – College Snowflakes
Many aging Liberals believe the future of the Democrat Party rests on the spindly, frail shoulders of the Snowflake Generation.


These warriors of Truth, Justice and Liberty will usher in a resurgence in Democrat dominance in the years to come.

That’s a little like pinning your hopes on the four-year-old pitching a tantrum in the toy section of Walmart, isn’t it?

The emergence of Generation Snowflake has all but doomed Higher Learning in the United States of America.

And because these thin-skinned little crybabies are incapable of standing up on their own two feet, it won’t take many free-thinking, open-minded young people to send them scampering to the nearest safe space to crumble into an offended, quivering heap.

It’s hard to fight the good fight when you collapse like a soufflé at the first sign of conflict.

If the Democrat Party’s future is found on college campuses, the Democrat Party will most certainly give up without a fight.

Parents and teachers have turned colleges into an assembly line of child abuse.

Rather than being a place where young people go to prepare for adulthood, they have become the place where young people go to be stripped of every tool they need to ever become a productive member of society.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but university students leave college more fucked up than they were when they entered.

From my June 6, 2016 column Downsizing Valor

While standing in Normandy, DePaul President Rev. Dennis Holtschneider waxed stupidly about how those men who fought and died in Normandy had the same noble goals as the protesters — “for a more inclusive world for those traditionally held aside by our society.”
Talk about downsizing valor.
What did these brave soldiers for social justice do to save the world from Tyranny and advance the cause of Liberty?
Why they silenced someone they disagreed with. They shouted him down.
In other words, they advanced Tyranny.
But those Social Justice Crybabies are just like the men who fought and died in Normandy.
Sweet merciful Zeus.

Never in this history of the world has one group of perpetually offended crybabies thought so highly of themselves.

Their self-righteous indignation and thin-skinned intolerance hardly makes them the next “Greatest Generation.”

But I continued:

In America in the Age of Obama, we are experiencing a downsizing of our entire culture. Why should we be surprised that some nitwit college president would downsize valor?
I’m trying to wrap my mind around the image of these thin-skinned little darlings having to bravely rush the beaches under heavy artillery fire to free a continent from oppression, and for the life of me, I just can’t see it.
They can’t even withstand a barrage of free speech.
The nearly one hundred and sixty-thousand men involved in the D-Day invasion weren’t whining and complaining about Adolf Hitler’s “hate speech.” They weren’t demanding “safe spaces” free of opposing voices.
And they sure as hell were not fighting to make the world “more inclusive.”

If this is the Democrat Party of the future, something tells me, the Democrat Party will go the way of the Whigs in a generation.

7 – Bernie Sanders
What a fraud this man is.

Bernie made a name for himself as the anti-establishment warrior of the 99%.

College kids loved him because he complained about the same things they complained about: Wall Street, Capitalism, Income Inequality and the lack of free stuff.

Of course it also helped that Bernie is as much of an economic ignoramus as they are.

Yet at the end of the day, Bernie’s so-called “principles” could be sold for the right price.

Shortly after Hillary became the Democrat nominee, Bernie Sanders suddenly found himself with enough cash to buy a six-hundred-thousand dollar “camp” in Vermont.

The man who thinks we should only have one choice of deodorant now owns three homes.

That’s the thing about socialism.

It imposes limits on the masses while those who advance it become wildly rich.

How wealthy was Fidel Castro or Hugo Chavez when they finally shed this mortal coil?

In that respect, Bernie is true to the cause, is he not?

This angry, bitter old man who has never had an honest to goodness job in his entire life hoodwinked an entire generation of Americans.

And they call Donald Trump a con artist.

6 – Megyn Kelly
I think 2016 will go down as the year Megyn Kelly’s wee little body will no longer be able to hold up that great big head of hers.

When a news personality decides that she is more important than the stories she covers, she’s no longer a news personality.

She’s a diva.

Problem is, Megyn decided to act like a superstar just as her star began to supernova.

The fall of Megyn Kelly is the fault of Megyn Kelly alone.

You cannot portray yourself as a hard-hitting, tough as nails journalist while at the same time behaving like a fragile little victim.

Yet that’s what Megyn has done this past year.

She made herself the story by taking nasty swipes at Donald Trump and then running away and howling like a wounded poodle at the first sign of push-back.

If you can’t stand the heat, Megyn. Get out of the anchor chair.

I rather enjoyed the fact that Megyn Kelly lost her audience this year. She deserved it.

Look, I don’t have a problem with a journalist being unafraid to ask tough questions. And if that’s all Megyn did, I’d be okay with it.

But it’s not all she did.

She let her personal feelings cloud her objectivity.

What’s worse, she let herself become the story.

In other words, she acted like she already works for CNN.

Her personal mission in 2016 was to destroy Donald Trump. But like pretty much everyone else who decided to take down the Republican nominee, every shot she took seemed to bounce off of him and hit her dead between the eyes.

And really? It couldn’t have happened to a more deserving woman.

5 – Glenn Beck
Well, if anybody packed up and moved to Crazy Lane in 2016 it was Glenn Beck.

Remember when he was relevant? Back before he anointed himself God’s messenger on earth.

Megyn Kelly only fancied herself a diva.

Glenn Beck fancies himself as divine.

In his single-minded mission to stop Donald Trump, Glenn went from a mildly entertaining goofball to straight-up psycho in no time flat.

Usually when someone decides he’s a prophet called by God to save the world from a dictator, we lock him up in the psych ward on a 24-hour hold.

The guy’s not just tiresome; he’s downright delusional.

I supported Ted Cruz in the primaries, and I cringed when Glenn Beck endorsed him. That cringing became even worse when Beck appeared in Iowa with Cruz and on stage had Ted take the oath of office.

What the hell was that about?!

His out-of-control flip-out when Cruz finally came to his senses and endorsed Donald Trump should have resulted in his being locked up for his own safety.

I guess Beck never got to the verse in the Psalms that says, “Put not your trust in earthly princes.”

Beck has accused those of us who support Trump of being Nazis and racist and white supremacists.

Something tells me that Hillary calling us a “basket of deplorables” filled Glenn with so much joy, he nearly burst.

In fact, in October, Beck decided that electing Hillary Clinton was the “moral, ethical choice.”

The guy hasn’t just lost his marbles.

He smashed his marbles into tiny bits and rolled his face in them.

All that endless howling of prophetic gloom and doom like he’s the modern-day Cassandra is so emotionally exhausting, it’s a wonder anybody can listen to him anymore.

My Grandmother was a paranoid schizophrenic. And I imagine if she were alive today, even she’d worry about Beck’s sanity.

The fact that now Beck is jettisoning any supposed “principles” and aligning himself with far-Left hacks to undermine and delegitimize Donald Trump’s presidency tells me all I need to know about this guy.

In a few years, he’ll be an odd little Cheeto-covered blip in our rearview mirror.

4 – Jill Stein
Proving once again that the “Green” in Green Party has more to do with money than anything else.

That’s Jill Stein’s contribution to the political landscape.

This greedy little attention whore seemed far more focused on her own fifteen minutes of fame than “election integrity” or “the voice of the people.”

And Jill Stein rode that horse all the way to the glue factory.

Stein fancied herself the Left’s alternative to Hillary Clinton – a woman Jill claimed would destroy the world with nuclear war.

But when voters weren’t sold, Stein abandoned her so-called “principles” and launched a recount only in states won by Trump in hopes of flipping them for Hillary.

What was even more outlandish was Stein’s claim that she was not doing this to benefit Mrs. Clinton.

Really, Jill?

I don’t know why anyone would be surprised that Jill Stein was a fraud.

The entire Green Movement is built on fraud.

This woman decided to toss a wrench in the election and for what?

To line her own pockets and to keep her face on television.

And even after her Recount Kabuki failed, Jill Stein refused to go away.

She petitioned the Obama Justice Department to investigate the integrity of the country’s voting machines.

If only Jill weren’t so anti-fossil fuels. Maybe she could secretly meet with Loretta Lynch aboard a private plane.

Jill Stein’s colossal waste of time and money over her unwillingness to accept the election results really should come back to bite her on the ass.

Personally, if Jill returns to her medical practice, I think every one of her patients should demand a second opinion for every diagnosis she gives them. And just keep demanding one until they like the results.

Call it a little karma.

3 – Hillary’s Hollywood Hags
I was going to make number three Lena Dunham. Then, considered Katy Perry or Beyonce or Jennifer Lopez.

Instead I decided to lump all of Hillary’s celebrities shills into one group.

2016 will go down as The Year America Finally Stopped Listening to Celebrities.

At the Democratic National Convention, Hillary surrounded herself with celebrity women who hectored Americans endlessly.

I called them the Finger-wagging celebrities.

The problem is, all that finger-wagging makes these celebrities look overbearing and tiresome, not likeable.
Do they really think I’m going to say, “Gee, I’m more than happy to give up my Liberty and unalienable rights because that celebrity wants me to?”
I’m not a brain-addled nitwit.
Lena, Meryl, Katy, America and Eva appeal only to those low-information voters who are already voting for Hillary for no other reason than her vagina.
None of that finger-wagging is going to convince undecided voters with half a brain.
The self-centered Liberalism of these condescending celebrities will roll off free-thinking people like we’ve been Scotch-Guarded.

And roll off of us, it did.

The best part about Hillary Clinton losing in an electoral landslide was seeing the looks of utter shock and dismay crawl over the faces of these inconsequential broads.

And, really, ladies. When you’re starting to become ideologically aligned with a bat-shit crazy guy like Glenn Beck, it might be time for a little self-reflection.

In the meantime, go back to doing what you supposedly do best, and leave the thinking to people with brains.

2 – Barack Obama
Hasn’t it been fun watching America grow weary of Barack Obama since the election of Donald Trump?

The very best part of Donald Trump winning the White House is watching Barack Obama turn himself inside out to remain relevant.

This malignant narcissist isn’t used to playing second fiddle.

And the fact that Donald Trump is already acting like the President of the United States galls this man to no end.

What does it say about Barack Obama’s leadership skills that he is already standing in the shadow of his successor?

Barack’s not used to having to wave his arms and holler, “Look at me! Look at me!” to get the spotlight on himself.

Nobody puts Barry in a corner!

I think it’s fair to say that Americans’ rising confidence in our future since Trump was elected is leaving a bitter taste in Barack’s mouth.

Trump has done more for this country in the six weeks since he’s been elected than Barack has done in eight years as President.

So much so, in fact, that Obama’s sycophants in the Enslaved Press feel the need to lecture President-Elect Trump that there is only one President at a time.

But let’s be honest. Barack Obama pretty much left a vacancy in the Oval Office for the eight years he’s been there.

Trump is just filling the void.

Foreign leaders are already deferring to Trump. Businesses are lining up to work with him in bringing back jobs.

Americans are growing more confident in our economic prospects for the first time in 15 years.

And in classical narcissistic style, Barack is lashing out like a woman scorned.

He’s become vindictive and spiteful, angry and resentful.

As much as Barack wants to be remembered for his eight years in office, it is this childish and insufferable behavior Americans will remember.

This bitter, vengeful lashing out in the waning days of his presidency will become Barack Obama’s true legacy.

1 – Hillary Clinton
I’m sure you saw this coming.

Who else would earn the title of the single most tiresome person of 2016 than Hillary Rodham Clinton?

As much as I’ve enjoyed mocking her and satirizing her over the last couple years, I am glad to see her fade into nothingness – an easily forgotten bad memory.

In the last 18 months, Hillary Clinton reintroduced herself to the American people at least a half dozen times.

Not one incarnation was palatable.

Never in the history of the country has a major political party been willing to commit suicide in order to force on the electorate a candidate who despises the very people she hopes to lead.

Hillary’s disdain for Americans was so thick you could cut it with a knife.

Who in his right mind would declare “I am running to be the President of all Americans” while at the same time proclaiming half of the country “deplorable and irredeemable?”

Hillary Clinton became the first Presidential candidate in history to try and insult her way to victory.

As I wrote when Hillary declared us “Deplorable:”

I have no doubt this is a coordinated strategy and not a faux pas or slip of the tongue.
Hillary wants to foment this feeling of “Us versus the bad guys.”
For her, it isn’t enough to simply attack her opponent; she has to bare her fangs at the people who actually go to the polls and vote.
She really believes insulting her way to victory will work.
My guess is she is hoping that undecided voters will flock to her if she effectively tells them “If you support Trump, you’re deplorable.”
But people don’t like being insulted. It tends to make them hate the person who insults them.
[And Hillary has something of a head start at being hated as it is.]
Hillary Clinton is becoming desperate. That much is clear.
Her lust for power and heartless ambition are once again hitting against a brick wall.
And the more desperate she becomes to keep her vainglorious quest for the White House from unraveling, the more vicious and mean she gets.
Senate Democrats and Joe Biden want Hillary to “show us her heart.”
Well, I got news for them. She is showing us her heart. And it is a dark, black, ugly place.
This is the real Hillary Rodham Clinton.

I knew back then that Hillary Clinton would lose.

You don’t win an election by insulting half of the population.

The glee over Hillary’s humiliating defeat was of her own making.

As Donald Trump so aptly pointed out in the second debate, Hillary Clinton has hate in her heart.

And watching someone so full of loathing get so completely schlonged by Donald Trump is all manner of enjoyable.

There you have it!

Dianny’s Ten Most Tiresome People of 2016.

I want to wish you all a very happy New Year.

May 2017 bring prosperity and security to this nation that we love.

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    What? I didn’t make the Top Ten again?? At least tell me I was tied for eleventh! : )

  • December 31, 2016 at 9:16 pm

    You forgot the trump supporters who attacked and still continue to attack all of us conservatives that do not think he is the next Reagan.

    • December 31, 2016 at 9:19 pm

      “Forgot” isn’t the right word. Maybe “didn’t bother indulging the NeverTrump crowd” would be a better way of putting it. Although, I almost did include the NeverTrumpers to the list. Talk about tiresome.

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    Most excellent. Happy New Year!

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