Safe and secure?

It is deeply idiotic to believe that violating the Second Amendment rights of people whose Fourth Amendment rights were already violated by being placed — secretly mind you — on a No-Fly List would do anything to have prevented Wednesday’s terror attack. After all, Mr. Jihadi travelled several times to Saudi Arabia over the last few years and, just so you know, he didn’t put on his floaties and swim there.

Nonetheless, the drumbeat for gun control and even gun confiscation (thanks New York Times) continues to grow ever more strident and hysterical.

Naturally, in his first official remarks after the FBI classified San Bernardino the single deadliest terror attack on US soil since 9/11, Barack Obama’s weekly address dealt, not with America’s genuine fear that ISIS will perpetrate similar attacks like the one on Wednesday, but with “closing the loophole” that allows people on the No-Fly list to get guns.

Way to have your finger on the pulse of the nation, Barack.

Of course, the biggest howler of today’s Weekly Address was this:

“As President, my highest priority is the security and safety of the American people.”

Anybody feeling safe and secure?

Honestly, between Obama’s inability to really recognize that this was the single deadliest terror attack on US soil since 9/11, and the fact that Mrs. Jihadi was “properly vetted” before receiving a Green Card, “security and safety” are the last two words I would use to describe Obama’s highest priority.

Safe and Secure

Let’s be honest. His highest priority is disarming the American citizens.

For several years now, Obama has sought the perfect opportunity to force his gun control kookiness on the American People. He tried it through Fast & Furious. He tried it after Sandy Hook. He even redefined what a “mass shooting” is in order to conflate the numbers and make it look as if we’ve become a veritable war zone of gun nuts and crazies.

Obama is so desperate to have the ideal crisis come along so that he can force on us unconstitutional measures that violate our rights, he practically salivates with excitement whenever somebody opens fire. That’s why, despite the fact that this was a terrorist attack, Obama isn’t focusing on border security and preventing unvetted people from dangerous parts of the world from entering our country, he is focusing on the guns these terrorists used to commit this horrific act of terror.

And for every Leftist who loves to parrot the line, “Oh, he’s not trying to confiscate guns! You Right Wing Extremists are full of shit!!!” Why on earth is the New York Times advocating for gun confiscation?

Because that is, most assuredly the goal.

And in an age when we cannot even depend on the President of the United States to do his primary job of securing the common defense of this nation, you’ll forgive me if I’m not particularly amenable to giving up my ability to defend myself.

Which brings me to Dianny’s tweet of the week. Sometimes brevity is golden.

First, the runner up, David Burge.

One of the things that should be a good rule of thumb is, people who know nothing about guns should not be able to have any involvement in “common sense gun laws.” Because there’s nothing “common sense” about leaving our Second Amendment rights in the hands of people completely ignorant about guns. Case in point, Loretta Sanchez, Congresswoman from California who bemoaned the fact that there are “multi-automatic round weapons” available.

The what now?

The Multi-Automatic Round Weapon?! Who makes those exactly?

And the winner of Dianny’s tweet of the week is the response to the New York Times’ front page editorial advocating gun confiscation.

Amen brother.

The best way to conquer a nation without firing a shot is to first disarm the people. Obama has done a great deal to conquer our Republic without succeeding in his primary mission to disarm us. This is the final battle. And one that we cannot permit these Leftists to win.

He has stripped away our sovereign borders.

He has permitted criminals and terrorists to enter our country without any impediments.

He has undermined and weakened our military.

He has vilified and harassed our law enforcement.

And now, with all proper defenses down, he seeks to take from the sovereign American citizen the right — the God-given right — to defend yourself.

This is a line we will not permit this treasonous bastard to cross.

Let’s hear from Newt:

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One thought on “Safe and secure?

  • December 5, 2015 at 9:04 pm

    I think it is all part of obama’s dastardly treasonous plan to destroy the USA. This creature told up up front that he planned to fundamentally transform America. Can anyone dispute that? It will take several generations to correct all that he and his ilk have done to destroy this Nation. We are at war with Islam within our own borders, and against all those Americans who seek to destroy this nation from within buy supporting this Administration. That defines a Cival War in my book. We need a war-time President who will take charge and clean up this mess, Pronto! Ted Cruz-missle for President 2016.

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