Did Fox Fire Tucker Over Nancy’s Cleavage?

Did Fox Fire Tucker Over Nancy's Cleavage?

The BIG NEWS yesterday was that Fox News shit-canned its top-rated host Tucker Carlson.

At first, I wondered if Tucker getting the axe had something to do with him being one of the Fox personalities, along with Sean Hannity and Maria Bartiromo, named in the Dominion defamation lawsuit.

If the cable network has to cough up three-quarters of a billion dollars to settle out of court, there were bound to be consequences for the hosts that played a part in getting Fox into that mess.

But since Tucker is the only one facing the chopping block that doesn’t make sense to me. Of the three of them, Tucker was the only one who pushed back on the insane claims made by Kraken lady Sidney Powell when he interviewed her after the 2020 election. Hannity and Bartiromo ate up the election conspiracies with a spoon.

So if Tucker was fired because of the Dominion lawsuit, why didn’t Hannity and Bartiromo get the axe too?

No. It’s more likely that Tucker’s termination wasn’t directly about the Dominion lawsuit. Instead, it probably has more to do with the lawsuit brought against Fox News by former producer Abby Grossberg.

Grossberg names Tucker Carlson in her lawsuit, claiming he created a hostile and discriminatory work environment that included having to hear the guys make vulgar remarks about women.

We know already that Fox has an itchy trigger finger when it comes to employees being accused of sexism, so it makes much more sense to me that Fox singled out Tucker over Hannity and Bartiromo because of Grossberg’s lawsuit.

In a report yesterday, the New York Times appears to come to the same conclusion.

According to the Times, Grossberg’s attorney said in a statement yesterday that by firing Tucker Carlson, Fox is partially admitting the claims made by Grossberg about Carlson’s “systemic lying, bullying, and conspiracy mongering.”

I admit, I laughed out loud when I read one of the examples Grossberg provides to back up her claim about the hostile work environment at “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

Apparently, the guys in the office decorated the walls with blow-up copies of the picture of former Speaker Nancy Pelosi on vacation in Italy last July that showed her in a bathing suit with her big, aging cleavage taking center stage.

Why would reading about that make me laugh?

Well, first off, that picture is horrifying.

But also, just how thin-skinned would you have to be to file a lawsuit because the guys in the office had blown-up copies of that picture hung on the walls?

I don’t know, maybe it’s because I spent ten years working for a landscape construction company in which I was one of only three women, but I’ve become desensitized to ribald male humor. It rolls off of me like rain on a slicker.

Or sweat on Nancy’s plunging cleavage.

But I also couldn’t help laughing at the idea that, for Fox News executives, pictures of Nancy’s cleavage could have been the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Fox is aware, is it not, that Fox News reported on that cleavage picture at the time? Should the guy who wrote the July 9 article also be fired?

Now, I know what some of you might be thinking.

Tucker was fired because he offered commentary that defied the approved narrative about the January 6 riot or US funding for the war in Ukraine, and not Nancy’s cleavage.

And while it might be entertaining to pursue the idea that it was a Deep State plot to take out Tucker Carlson, given how Fox News loses its bladder every time some woman employee screams sexism, I tend not to believe the breathless conspiracies.

Whatever the reason, I’m certain Tucker Carlson will land on his feet.

Getting fired from Fox News isn’t going to silence the guy. Nor, I suspect, will it prevent him from having just as large an audience somewhere else. I know Glenn Beck has already offered to snap him up, as has the Daily Wire. Meanwhile, Dave Rubin is urging Tucker to join Rumble.

As podcaster Joe Rogan has already shown us, you don’t need to be on a cable news network to draw a humongous audience.

Tucker will be fine.

So if it is some Deep State conspiracy to silence him, it’s a really shitty one.

I would guess that the people responsible for rounding up and prosecuting hundreds of misguided dopes who fell for Trump’s bullshit and stormed the Capitol on January 6 could probably pull off something a bit more successful.

Especially considering that Tucker Carlson free of the scolds at Fox News could be an even bigger pain in the ass to the establishment than he already was.

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2 thoughts on “Did Fox Fire Tucker Over Nancy’s Cleavage?

  • April 26, 2023 at 12:59 pm

    I’m not convinced “he was fired” and that he will be doing something else any time soon. I don’t believe the Murdoch’s would have such simple contractual arrangements; although billionaires are just as capable of irrationality as anyone. This is just my opinion, but I believe that while the Murdoch’s cancelled Tucker’s show he still continues under contract for the remaining time on his contract (I’ve heard 18 months). He would still be paid by Fox and will be subject to all the NDA and other anti-competitive clauses that are likely within his contract. I think something similar happened with O’Reilly and Dobbs. Anyway, that’s my opinion and I guess I’ll find out in the coming weeks if Tucker is silent or outspoken.

  • April 30, 2023 at 3:07 pm

    I agree with GeoD…If there’s a conspiracy to be had, it would be that Fox would take Tucker off the air and keep paying him (and therefore keep him off the air) till his contract extension runs out which is in December ’24 – right after the election. To quote the Church Lady….How Convenient!

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