“Dig up dirt” is nowhere in that transcript

So here’s the media/Democrat talking point about that phone call between President Trump and President Zelensky: “Trump threatened to withhold aid unless Ukraine agreed to dig up dirt on his political opponent.”

Now, while that talking point might have worked prior to Wednesday when the transcript was released to the public, it isn’t going to work now.


Because the phrase “dig up dirt” (or as liar Adam Schiff put it “make up dirt”) does not appear anywhere in the transcript of that phone call.

And yet.

Despite the fact that any Tom, Dick or Dianny can read the damn transcript and see that “dig up dirt” is nowhere to be found, these idiots just keep claiming that President Trump asked Ukraine to dig up dirt on his political opponent.

Back after “Trump called all ‘undocumented immigrants’ animals!!!” Gate, I wrote a post titled “If they lie when there’s video, why would we believe anonymous leaks?

That meeting between President Trump and law enforcement regarding illegal immigration was captured on video.  We could plainly see and hear that the President was responding to a sheriff who was talking specifically about MS-13.

But despite the fact that any Tom, Dick or Dianny could watch the video and see that Trump was calling the murderous animals of MS-13 “animals,” the news media spent days claiming Trump called “undocumented immigrants” animals.

Hell, some of them are still doing it – as are some of the 2020 Democrat candidates.

And here we are again.

These assholes are flat-out lying about that phone call.  They are claiming President Trump asked Zelesnky to “dig up dirt” on “his political opponent.”

And he didn’t.

We can read it for ourselves and still they’re lying about it.

It happened again this morning when Mark Levin was on Fox & Friends.  Reporter Ed Henry claimed that Trump asked Zelensky to “dig up dirt” on Biden.  When Levin challenged him, Henry actually claimed it was “a quote from the transcript.”

A “quote from the transcript?!”

Can you believe this garbage?

Earth to Ed Henry: Any Tom, Dick or Dianny can read the friggin’ transcript and see for themselves that it is not “a quote from the transcript.”

Do you think we’re stupid?

My hat’s off to Mark Levin for nailing Ed Henry to the wall for that.

Ed Henry is supposed to be a reporter for crap’s sake.

They are lying despite the fact that we can see for ourselves it is a manifest lie.

Just like the “Very Fine People” hoax.

Just like “Trump-called-illegals-animals.”

Guardians of the Truth my ass.

Here’s the section referring to Joe Biden.  This is “a quote from the transcript:”

“The other thing, There’s a lot of talk about Biden’s son, that Biden stopped the prosecution and a lot of people want to find out about that so whatever you can do with the Attorney General would be great. Biden went around bragging that he stopped the prosecution so if you can look into it … It sounds horrible to me.”

Do you see the phrase “dig up dirt?”

Do you see the phrase “make up dirt?”

Do you see a quid-pro-quo or a threat to withhold funding unless Zelensky agrees to look into this?

You know what? Don’t take my word for it.  Read the damn transcript yourself.

Why in Lucifer’s reach would these assholes lie about something you and I can read for ourselves?

Because they know that at least 30% of the American people won’t read it for themselves. That’s why.

That’s the thing about the ResistanceLOL.  They’ll believe anything burped out by these dishonest cretins.  Because they want to believe it.  They need to believe it.  As Julie Kelly said back in August, the anti-Trump ResistanceLOL are like addicts and the news media is their supplier.

The ResistanceLOL needs its daily Trump-hating fix.  They can’t make it through a day without it.  So if their suppliers tell them Trump called Neo-Nazis and White Supremacists “very fine people” or referred to all illegal immigrants as “animals” or asked the Ukrainian President to “dig up dirt on his political opponent,” those addicts snort it all up unquestioningly.

The cretins in the news media don’t care that they’re lying.

And they don’t care if we know they’re lying. Because they know that some percentage of the country will happily buy the poison they’re selling.

And if they’re willing to lie about something that any one of us can read for ourselves, why on earth should we believe them when they tell us something “a source close to the White House,” or “a source familiar with the meeting” or “a source with knowledge of the call” is saying?

They have given us absolutely no reason to believe a single word of their so-called “reporting.”

Honestly, I despise these people.  I mean truly, deeply despise them.

And the United States of America would be a much better place if these despicable “news” outlets were bulldozed to the ground never to rise again.

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9 thoughts on ““Dig up dirt” is nowhere in that transcript

  • September 29, 2019 at 1:56 pm

    I’m liking the look on Jedediah Bila’s face as she looks towards Ed Henry, as if to say “Are you crazy? Did you even read the transcript?”

    • September 30, 2019 at 7:03 pm

      Her look was priceless.

  • September 29, 2019 at 2:34 pm

    Nobody needs to dig anything up. It’s spread all over the place for anyone not suffering from TDS to see.

    • September 29, 2019 at 2:46 pm

      Yes. It was unearthed by Boasty Joe himself.

  • September 29, 2019 at 7:03 pm

    If I hadn’t been watching Pete’s face during that segment I’d have thrown something at the tv. Pete rocks….Thank God Mr. Levin is on our side. Whoo Doggie!!

  • September 29, 2019 at 10:51 pm

    the average work-a-day folks have little time to jump from site2site in pursuit of the unvarnished truth… if, on the other hand, EVERY hour of every day is filled with propaganda…. you quickly reach “saturation” which is the game plan…
    ed henry has got to watch out or he too will become better acquainted with my “mute” button….. doofus!

  • September 30, 2019 at 12:16 am

    “Every Tom, Dick or…. Dick” can see the truth. But sadly “truth” as a word with meaning is being dissolved into Urdu and tongues.

  • September 30, 2019 at 3:00 pm

    I kept waiting for Levine to say, “Get off the couch, you big dope!”

  • September 30, 2019 at 6:41 pm

    I do love Mark Levin! What a national treasure! So glad he pounced on Ed Henry (who I like), but Ed really screwed up here.

    What I’d love to see is Levin going after Chris Wallace and Neil Cavuto. And, unfortunately, a rash of leftists who have invaded Fox by way of Paul Ryan.

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