Dinosaurs Can Retire

Well, whattaya know?!

Turns out dinosaurs can retire [hat tip Fox News].

The doddering old coot Harry Reid has announced that he will be leaving the Senate when his current turn is over in 2016.

So, there’ll be one fewer member of the walking dead in the Democrat Leadership.

Walking Dead Reid

Sure, we’re all happy about this.

But trust me. Nobody is happier than that shrill old pisher Chuck Schumer who we all know is next in line for Democrat Leader.

I wonder who’s next in line to take over as Official Senate Koch Brothers Stalker?

So, see ya, Harry!

Don’t let the rubberband exercise thingy hit you on the way out!

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One thought on “Dinosaurs Can Retire

  • March 27, 2015 at 10:14 am

    And unfortunately any investigations into his RICO activities will probably retire with him. Another corrupt, and now very rich, POL gets away with it.

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