Do NOT Step Into This Lobster Trap!

Yesterday, Donald Trump revealed that the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office would be indicting him on Tuesday and called on his devoted fans to PROTEST. And the first thing that popped into my mind was, this is a lobster trap.

Do NOT Step Into This Lobster Trap!

Now, I’m not saying that Donald Trump is deliberately setting a lobster trap for his fans, don’t get me wrong.

What I am suggesting is that within seconds of Trump posting that ALL CAPS SCREED, the FBI counter-terrorism division agent assigned to monitor Trump’s Truth Social posts immediately called his supervisors who then sent messages to their agents telling them to get in touch with their confidential informants embedded within “far right” groups to get the ball rolling.

Meanwhile, bad actors both at home and abroad immediately unleashed a social media sock puppet army to promote Trump’s protest to gullible Trump fans who didn’t learn a single thing from the January 6 riot.

Trump doesn’t set the lobster trap. He’s just the useful idiot who makes it easy for bad actors within federal agencies and elsewhere to get people to willingly step into a lobster trap.

How about you don’t fall for it?

Trust me, Trump isn’t the only one who wants his devoted followers to PROTEST. Every three-letter agency of the federal government does as well.

And if Trump had even a passing acquaintance with the concept of thinking things through, he would remember what happened on January 6 and stop giving the people who hate him the very ammunition they need to target his devoted fans.

Then again, if Trump fans are foolish enough to do as he says and end up getting rounded up by the FBI and thrown into pre-trial detention for months on end, at least they can rest easy knowing that Donald Trump won’t do a thing about it until it becomes politically helpful to him.

Meanwhile, their lives will get destroyed by prosecutors who throw the book at them for bullshit crimes like “parading.” And because Manhattan is a deep blue city, the juries will convict and the judges will hand out harsher sentences than those given to drug dealers and murderers.

As Jesse Kelly said about Trump’s call for PROTEST:

“FYI: The last time Trump’s biggest fans protested on his behalf, he left them all to rot in jail without so much as a penny from him in legal fees. Not a penny. Shame on him for this. Do NOT go to a blue area and protest for this man. Ignore this.”

And this:

“That ‘patriotic’ friend of yours you’re currently texting about protesting Trump’s arrest in NYC is a federal informant and your text messages from today are going to be read out loud in front of a jury of 12 NYC communists who hate you. Just a heads up.”

And this:

“Go read the last two years of @julie_kelly2 reporting on what’s happened to the January 6th protestors. The abuse. The suicides. The judicial activism. That’s waiting for you at that protest you’re planning in a blue city. They’re gonna entrap you again and ruin you.”

Every single one of Jesse’s tweets was met with outraged replies. And I guarantee you, many of them were written by sock puppet accounts hoping to get Trump fans to walk into this lobster trap.

The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office may indict Trump over the “hush money” payment made to porn actress Stormy Daniels in the final days of the 2016 election.

Trump’s former “fixer,” the odious Michael Cohen, alleges that Trump had him pay Daniels $130,000 to keep her quiet about an alleged affair in 2006. After Trump won the election, the Trump Organization reimbursed Cohen under the guise of “legal fees.”

Cohen, who in 2018 was charged with campaign finance crimes over the payment, is currently working with Manhattan prosecutors and last week spent two days testifying before the grand jury.

(Trump only hires the best people!!)

The Justice Department refused to pursue charges against Trump for this hush money payment. But the Manhattan DA’s office has been pushing full steam ahead on this since 2018.

In a Twitter thread yesterday, Constitutional law professor Jonathan Turley had this to say about it:

”I am highly critical of this case. However, given recent history, Trump needs to tap down any inflammatory rhetoric as we move forward. This is a flawed case if it is based on a state charge effectively prosecuting the federal election violation. That federal case was rejected by the Justice Department. There are also statute of limitation questions that could come into play. Bragg may be able to expect highly motivated judges and jurors in New York. However, the novelty and questions in this case would present difficult appellate issues for the prosecution.”

There is no doubt in my mind that the zeal with which the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office is gunning for Trump is politically motivated.

Taken by itself, perhaps one could believe otherwise.

But when viewed through the broader picture, including the January 6 committee’s stated goal of ensuring that Donald Trump cannot run for public office ever again, it is impossible to arrive at any other conclusion.

This is about Democrat activist prosecutors using the full force of the courts to target a political opponent.

It is mind-bogglingly egregious.

But if you believe that walking into the lobster trap Donald Trump inadvertently set up is the right way to respond to this political persecution, you’re being naïve.

How is it that the same people who know that this is a politically motivated prosecution by Democrat activists and politicians to destroy Trump are incapable of seeing an obvious lobster trap? 

I saw a bunch of them on Twitter yesterday, claiming that the Feds are the ones who don’t want people to protest.

Like this tough-talking tosser:

There are plenty of ways to voice your objections that do not include traveling to a deep blue city and opening yourself up to the same kind of politically motivated prosecution Trump is facing.

Only unlike Trump, you’re not a multi-millionaire with an army of lawyers on the payroll. You don’t have a hundred-million-dollar PAC from which to pay your legal fees. If Trump is indicted, he will surrender himself to authorities, enter a plea, and then return home to his fancy estate at Mar-a-Lago while his lawyers and the prosecution battle it out in court, filing motion after motion while Donald plays golf.

And his devoted fans who decide to take him up on his call and travel to Manhattan to exercise their right to protest?

Well, they’ll get fired up by reckless idiots like Raheem, not to mention the confidential informers that law enforcement embedded into the “protest,” and all hell will break loose. Then, those faithful Trump fans will get rounded up and tossed into jail without bail while having to rely on court-appointed attorneys because, unlike the guy who called on them to PROTEST, they do not have an army of high-priced attorneys at their disposal. Faced with the loss of livelihoods, they’ll be forced to rely on online fundraisers to prevent the financial ruin their families will face. And maybe, if they’re really lucky, Marjorie Taylor Greene will visit them in detention. Then, two years from now, the guy who got them to PROTEST on his behalf just might deign to record a song to sell on iTunes to help raise money for them.

Dave Reaboi explained it this way in a thread on Twitter:

“People have this dumb, boomer idea that angry protests by people out of power change the world. Despite the agitprop you’ve been told about the 60s, they do nothing but illustrate impotence. There is a correct way to state protests—with a concrete and tangible goal, always connected to the people in power who you need to push in order to get something done. Have you read Alinsky, or do you just want to vent?

“This was my biggest issue with the January 6 event and protest. Trump knew that he had no option of remaining in office well before then—but he lied to his people, giving them hope that there was something they could do. Rather than be honest with them, he put them into a box canyon.”

Listen, Trump isn’t calling on you to PROTEST his indictment for the good of the country. The good of the country doesn’t enter into it.

The man is a master at manipulating the media. He wants a gigantic scene at 100 Center Street because he knows it will bring out even more news crews and the footage will then be blasted to every corner of the earth.

For Trump, who relied heavily on free media in 2016, this is about gaining publicity for himself. He is exploiting your sense of right, fair play, and justice to get you to travel to Manhattan to be a prop in a massive campaign event. And when it gets out of hand, he’ll return to Mar-a-Lago while his useful props sit behind bars at Rikers.

If you want to do that, fine; step into that lobster trap.

Just don’t act surprised when you discover that there’s no way out.

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4 thoughts on “Do NOT Step Into This Lobster Trap!

  • March 19, 2023 at 10:26 am

    A former coworker went to the Jan 6 “protest” in answer to a “call for patriot warriors.” His case made national news with his antics. I could only shake my head.

  • March 19, 2023 at 10:59 am

    Musk says if Trump is arrested he’ll win re-election in a landslide. I’m concerned he’ll get the treatment the J6 political prisoners are getting. As for his call to patriots to rise up, I’m convinced the purpose of arresting innocent Trump supporters was to serve as a lesson to anyone who dares to defy the fascists. The evidence that the entire thing was a setup is glaring, but the media continues to protect these criminals.

  • March 20, 2023 at 1:07 pm

    Where’s your TruthSocial share buttons?

    • March 20, 2023 at 1:39 pm

      I don’t know how many times I have to tell you the same thing. There is no option for Truth Social with this plug in.

      Seriously, Lance, why repeatedly ask the question if you pay no attention to my answer? Do you need an accompanying interpretive dance? A sign language interpreter? Smoke signals? What?


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