Don Lemon and the Angry Vapors

angry vapors

I’ve heard of people getting the vapors.

But until now, I had no idea it was possible to get the angry vapors.

I was unable to watch President Trump’s speech live last night. It was past my bedtime and I was too damn exhausted to stay up for it.

I was Momsitting all day yesterday.

The good news is my Mom is home. But she is still pretty weak and still needs quite a bit of help. So while my Dad was away from home yesterday, I went out and spent the day with her.

But it kinda wore me out.

Any old how. I didn’t get to watch Mr. Trump’s Phoenix rally until this morning.

And before I watched his speech, I was inundated by tweets and reports about the CNN panel led by Don Lemon.

Clearly they believed Trump’s speech was pretty much a Hitleresque diatribe.

Needless to say, I was pretty curious to see what all Trump said to inspire the grim and angry hatemongering from Don Lemon and his assembled anti-Trump guests.

And then I watched Mr. Trump’s speech.


They got the angry vapors over that?!

Mr. Trump has been giving rally speeches like this for two years.

But suddenly it’s Hitlerian?

Suddenly it’s proof that Donald Trump is mentally unstable?

But who’s surprised?

Russia didn’t work.

And the “Trump is a White supremacist” card isn’t working.

So now CNN is going back to the “Trump is unstable” narrative.

Meanwhile, outside the rally, Antifa and their likeminded anti-American black-shirts are rioting against the police.

And the people who have been sanitizing Antifa and glossing over their violence and anarchy actually had the gall to claim President Trump’s speech was “angry and divisive”


But of course CNN got the angry vapors.

President Trump rightfully tore into them for their dishonest and hyper-partisan coverage of him.

And, almost as if to confirm that President Trump was right, Don Lemon and his panel were dishonest and hyper-partisan in their coverage of his speech.

Trump wasn’t angry and divisive.

CNN was.

These guys just can’t stop digging themselves into an ever-deeper hole.

So filled with hatred for President Trump, they don’t even pretend to be an objective news outlet any longer.

Had I only seen CNN’s reaction to Mr. Trump’s speech, I would have thought it was something entirely different from what it actually was.

And this is why I always say, go to the source. Never take the news media at their word.

They are waging a jihad against this President. And in so doing are willing to align themselves with the violent anarchist movement that seeks to destroy our nation and make us ungovernable.

This is how deep their hatred is – not just for President Trump, but for the American people.

And in the throes of their angry vapors, CNN is no longer capable of rational thought or balanced covered.

What’s more, they have no interest in rational thought or balanced coverage.

So, no, Don Lemon.

It isn’t President Trump who wants a civil war.

It is you and your like-minded, hate-filled colleagues at CNN who want to tear this nation apart.

So spare me your righteous indignation and your angry vapors.

You’re not the heroes of this story, but the villians.

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3 thoughts on “Don Lemon and the Angry Vapors

  • August 23, 2017 at 12:33 pm

    In the early 1980s when I was living in Germany, I never missed watching the weekly German news program Bericht aus Bonn (Report from Bonn) hosted by Germany’s number one newsman, at the time, Friedrich Nowottny (Nowottny could be best described as a blend of Edward R. Murrow [See It Now] and William F. Buckley [Firing Line] — wrap your head around that one!). The show was an hour’s in-depth examination of the leading news story of the week and was the second most-watched German television program (behind Dallas — hey, the Germans loved J.R.).

    I remember one specific show in October 1981: the big story was the massive demonstration (over 250,000 people) in Bonn, West Germany, which centered around the planned deployment of Pershing II missiles in Europe by the US and SS-20 missiles by the Soviet Union (and spawned the dark humor of “the shorter the range, the deader the Germans” “Je kürzer die Reichweite, desto deutscher die Wirkung.”). The show opened in a powerful way: instead of the usual Bericht aus Bonn opening, the screen faded to black and on came Vremya (the Moscow Evening News) in Russian with German subtitles (if you understood the language you could easily verify the subtitles were accurate). The desk anchor began reporting about the demonstrations in Germany and went to Vremya’s field reporter who said this was an all anti-American demonstration as he was standing in the midst of people holding signs that said “No to Pershing II.” After his report, the screen faded to black and on came ABC Evening News with Peter Jennings, in English with German subtitles. He began his report about the demonstrations and went to his field reporter who reported this was about the Russian missile deployment as he stood in the midst of people who were holding signs that said “No to SS-20.” After his report, the screen faded to black and on came Heute (the East German Evening News). The anchor reported about the demonstration against Chancellor Helmut Schmidt and went to the field reporter who waltzed around the entire missile issue as he stood in the midst of people without signs. After his report, the screen went black and on came Nowottny who asked, “So what really took place in Bonn this week?” And so began the show.

    In that five-minute introduction, my eyes really opened to the fact of how journalism in all countries, including our own and from respected news people, delivers propaganda, subtly, almost innocently in appearance, but by design and without apology. That was 35 years ago and the media has only gotten more brazen over time in its delivery of indoctrination.

    Sorry for running open — felt compelled to share my epiphany regarding the media.

  • August 23, 2017 at 3:36 pm

    I just recently recovered from a nasty MONTH-long viral infection….hospitalized and the whole bit.
    I asked a hundred questions until the doctor came in and explained to me how the T-cells are the bouncers who eventually identify foreign intruders and then communicate to the white blood cells, the “armies,” to kill any cells that don’t belong.
    Well, you can guess where my mind went with that. “White” blood cells removing any others that don’t belong?
    Oh boy. Wait til the LEFT finds out about that!! They will be outraged!! Marching in the streets protesting racist biological warfare!!!

  • August 24, 2017 at 12:23 pm

    I think Don Lemon thinks he a pretty boy. I think he’s a jackass.

    And the guy on the extreme right corner is a “republican strategist”. Really?

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