Don’t quit your day job, Sally


If Sally Kohn had any plans to quit cable news and pursue that career in fortune-telling, I think she may want to put that on hold.

She makes Divination Professor Sybil Trelawney from the Harry Potter movies look downright prescient by comparison.

The always hilarious Paul Joseph Watson made this catch today on Twitter:



Boy, it’s like Sally Kohn is Psychic!!!

Only …. no.

Not so much.

Just a little advice from a “right-winger:” Don’t quit your day job, Sally.

The Amazing Kreskin you aren’t.

I’ll bet you, Sally Kohn couldn’t predict what happened two weeks ago. Even if we spotted her Google and a two-week old newspaper.

Not only does Sally Kohn lack the Sixth Sense, I’m beginning to wonder if she’s missing a couple of the other five.

I mean, Sally Kohn’s day job is as a cable news pundit. She should have be able to see this coming with her own two eyes — even without having the Gift of Sight.


I mean, I’m not Sally Kohn and I knew Tuesday night that Leftists would riot over Trump winning.

In fact, given the swiftness that these cretins took to the streets, I am certain it was planned well in advance.

It was so blazingly obvious this would happen, even an incompetent fraud like Sally Kohn should have seen the pre-printed protest-sign writing on the wall.

Honestly, why do CNN and MSNBC even let this crank on the air?!

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One thought on “Don’t quit your day job, Sally

  • November 12, 2016 at 5:01 pm

    Time for Sally to wash her brain and a physic should do the trick.

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