Doomsday Cult

Doomsday Cult

Monday on Twitter, the inimitable Hale Razor had this to say:

Difference between a doomsday cult and Fauci science? One is never wrong but adjusts the dates of its prophesies when bad things don’t happen as predicted, and the other is a doomsday cult.

Razor is being tongue-in-cheek here, of course. But he does have a point. The unquestioning faith in Fauci, the unshakable belief that disobedience will lead to apocalypse, the unwavering fear of “unbelievers” – everything embraced by the COVID faithful has a bit of a doomsday cult vibe to it.

Which may explain why many refer to them as the “Branch Covidians.”

In his book Faucian Bargain, Steve Deace explains their addiction to Wuhan Panic this way:

Yet for a boisterous bloc of America that’s not good…err…bad enough. They demand more, or worse. Anything less than World War Z simply won’t cut it. Almost as if they crave apocalypse, and don’t you dare try to take it away from them with something like the facts. To these people, any attempt at accurate reporting of the true infection fatality rate or case fatality rate, or daring to reassert the natural laws of science as it pertains to immunity, or daring to balance the broader socioeconomic fallout of mitigation efforts such as lockdowns, is akin to hate speech or you just hate old people.

For all intents and purposes, these Branch Covidians (as we call them) are perhaps the largest cult in American history. Every cult has a cult leader, and for these Branch Covidians their high priest is none other than Anthony Fauci.

Deace then compares the seven telltale signs of a cult to the belief system of the COVID faithful. Unsurprisingly, it checks out on every point.

Central to the COVID Doomsday Cult is Fear. It is both an article of faith and a useful weapon. And Fauci wields it with wild abandon.

And he isn’t the only one.

Following Fauci’s lead, Governors across the country played on Fear to get ornery Americans to willingly shut themselves into their homes and avoid human contact.

As I’ve written countless times in the past, being that we are created in the image of God, all of us have an innate need to connect to the divine. It is part of our DNA to seek out a power greater than ourselves. And in an age when belief in God is waning and even Christian churches are embracing progressivism over the Gospel, that connection to the divine is being sought elsewhere.

This is why Climate Change has been infused with a creepy religious fervor – complete with Saints …

… as well as and Believers and Heretics.

This is why “Science” has become something one must “believe in.”

This is why “Critical Race Adherents” demand confession and self-flagellation for the collective sins of one’s race.

And it is why the COVID Doomsday Cult has elevated a flawed, imperfect man like Anthony Fauci to Undoubted Leader – higher, better, and more valuable and noble than we.

Doomsday Cult tweeter

And those who dare to blaspheme against Fauci deserve death.

But something is changing.

In my column “The Ron Jeremy of Wuhan Panic Porn,” I mentioned my brother saying that in recent interviews, Fauci seems to have an “air of desperation in his voice.”

I’m sure he does.

More and more states are ending their disastrous lockdown mandates.

And with 25% of Americans already vaccinated, many people aren’t waiting for ordained guidance from on high to get together with family and friends, and return to a pre-lockdown lifestyle.

Hell, even before people started getting vaccinated, Americans were casting off the bondage of COVID Mandates.

Fauci’s previous prophesies about disobedient states failed to come to fruition. Meanwhile the states that still count themselves among the faithful aren’t getting better.

Neanderthals vs Science

Bottom line, the Doomsday Cult is losing followers. Reality is deprogramming more and more with each passing day.

Which might explain why Faucian Bargain is the number one best-selling non-fiction book in the country right now.

The proclamations of Fauci no longer carry the weight and gravitas they once did.

Given that, is it any wonder Fauci’s current TV appearances have him banging on about a pending apocalyptic surge? When Fear is the weapon that brings people to your doomsday cult, it’s only natural to deploy a bigger Fear when people start leaving.

Now, that isn’t to say the COVID Doomsday Cult has been vanquished. It hasn’t. There will always be true believers too far gone to dig their way out. These are the people who suffer from what “experts” are now calling “re-entry anxiety.” They are terrified to take off their masks and return to the land of the free.

Do a Duck-Duck-Go search on “COVID” and “re-entry anxiety.” You’d be amazed the number of articles quoting psychologists who say that the fear and trauma of COVID will never go away. Of course. That’s the idea. It’s a friggin’ doomsday cult. They need people to stay afraid in perpetuity.

But you can’t stop reality. And reality is encroaching on this doomsday cult. That’s just a fact.

As irritating as these cultists might be, they are losing their impact and influence over the country.

And so is Fauci.

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3 thoughts on “Doomsday Cult

  • April 8, 2021 at 12:37 pm

    The COVID Doomsday Cult could make Heaven’s Gate (the Hale-Bopp comet cult: 39 dead from drugs and plastic bags) and the Peoples Temple (Jim Jones’ group in Guyana: 909 dead with one punch) look like small potatoes. My advice to the cult members: stay away from pointy objects.

  • April 8, 2021 at 8:39 pm

    Reverend Fauxci is begging the adults to help the children take the kool-aid (vaccine), after they’ve taken the poison themselves. Geoduck is correct, as the death toll from the “vaccine” already far exceeds any other death cult mass suicide. Unfortunately, this time the cult leader is represented by our federal government, which has nearly limitless power and resources, thanks to our pocketbooks and willingness to submit to endlessly changing dictates handed down by the “experts. Those of us living in the Buffalo Commons have had our fill of the phony dictates. We enter businesses sans face diaper, silently daring the mask nazis to object. Mass civil disobedience is the only answer to the little dictator who cried wolf and his cronies that insist the sky is falling.

  • April 8, 2021 at 9:04 pm

    there was a video that fauxi got the vaccine but watching as the syringe came close to his arm there was no needle visible an when the syringe end where the needle should have been slid on his arm slightly how could that happen if a needle was attached. only sheeple will get the gates jab with roundup for humans.

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