Dopey Liz Cheney Kills “Insurrection” Narrative

Dopey Liz Cheney Kills “Insurrection” Narrative

So the dopey Liz Cheney read some text messages Fox News personalities and Donald Trump Junior sent to Trump’s Chief of Staff during the 3-hour riot at the Capitol on January 6, ostensibly to “prove” why Mark Meadows should testify before the ridiculous January 6 select committee.

But rather than “proving” some kind of conspiracy to commit an “insurrection,” Dopey Liz managed to blow up the entire “insurrection” narrative altogether.

This is what happens when you become so blinded by resentment and hatred. In her single-minded quest to burn down the Republican Party, Dopey Liz burned down the January 6 select committee.


Liz Cheney’s dramatic reading of those text messages was a Geraldo Rivera/Capone’s Vault-sized boner. And the funny thing is, she doesn’t seem to realize it.

Did the idiot not read the texts in advance before she dramatically added them to the official record?

How could she not figure out that texts from people decrying the violence and demanding the President speak out did not support her belief that these people were complicit in the rioting on January 6?

Dopey Liz is suffering from something far more insidious than Trump Derangement Syndrome. At this point Liz makes the most rabid member of the ResistanceLOL look reasonable and sane.

Liz is worse than a vindictive ex-girlfriend. A vindictive ex might be crazy enough to set her ex-boyfriend’s car on fire. But Liz is so crazy, she’s willing to set her own car on fire.

Here’s how Mollie Hemingway described Dopey Liz reading those texts:

“We claimed there was a conspiracy to take over the government but our evidence shows the opposite: MAGA people urged POTUS to make a statement and then …. HE DID! Jail them all!” Dems’ impeachment Hoax #3 being run by a deranged Liz Cheney who makes Adam Schiff seem competent.

Perfect. Liz puts the Crazy Ex in “Exculpatory.”

This January 6 select committee is such an absolute train wreck for Liz Cheney and the rest of the Democrats, I’m surprised they haven’t ordered the news media to stop airing their hearings.

Last night Tucker Carlson hammered Dopey Liz in his opening monologue. And every moment of it was glorious.

Give it a watch:

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3 thoughts on “Dopey Liz Cheney Kills “Insurrection” Narrative

  • December 15, 2021 at 1:48 pm

    The January 6 Committee has has much to with with Justice and the rule of law as the vax has to do with public health.

  • December 15, 2021 at 2:01 pm

    Not only is the Emperor naked, the whole damn Capitol City is.

    • December 15, 2021 at 2:30 pm

      Thanks Babs, I’m going to have to start drinking early to get THAT mental image outa’ my head.

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