And the Dumb Dink award goes to…


In a sane world, Lena Dunham would be some sad, obscure nobody who serves coffee at the local organic café by day then rushes home and changes into something slutty to party the night away.

But thanks to the same media that pretended Hillary Clinton was wildly popular and eminently qualified for President, this dumb dink Dunham has enjoyed “celebrity” status she’s done nothing to earn.

Back in 2014, when I was still writing at All the Right Snark, Lena Dunham made Dianny’s annual Ten Most Tiresome People list.

In part, I wrote:

This is Lena Dunham. A talentless, obnoxious girl so desperate for attention she is willing to do anything, and I mean anything to get it. Posing nude on a toilet eating a cake. Admitting to molesting her younger sister. Accusing a man of raping her.
The gutter’s the limit!!
She’s graced the cover of Glamour Magazine. There’s irony for you.
She’s graced the cover of Vogue.
She’s even been on the cover of Rolling Stone, and no, not because of her phony rape allegation.
Remember that song about getting on the cover of the Rolling Stone?
Who knew the quickest way to get there was to be a no-talent hack who subjects a queasy public to her hideous hide on a regular basis?
And let me tell you, she doesn’t make the covers of magazines because the camera loves her.
Put Lena Dunham on the cover, and the magazine gains ten pounds.

Dunham wants desperately to be taken seriously.

Early on, she glommed on to Hillary’s campaign and attempted to bill herself as politically informed and civic-minded.

Of course, it would have helped if she’d actually been a registered Democrat who voted in the April 19 New York Primary, but she isn’t and she didn’t.

Now that Donald Trump has won the White House, many are wondering why Dunham isn’t making good on her declaration that if Trump won she would move to Canada.

And Dunham, this serious artiste and politically savvy young mind is apoplectic that we expected her to actually follow through.

In a post on Instagram (because nothing says “take me seriously” quite like posting to Instagram), Ms. Dunham wrote:

And for those demanding I move to Canada based on something I said when this man seemed like a steak salesman with a long shot at the presidency: stay busy reveling in your new regime.

Poor little dink.

She has no idea just how telling this insipid statement is.

First let’s recap.

In April, 2016, Ms. Dunham attended the Matrix Awards at the Waldorf Astoria in New York. At that time she and host Andy Cohen discussed people moving to Canada should Trump win.

Dunham said:

“I know a lot of people have been threatening to do this, but I really will. I know a lovely place in Vancouver.”

“But I really will.”

You get that?

She knows a lot of people who are threatening to move to Canada should Trump win, “but I really will.”


She really will.

We’re not “those demanding” that she move. Not at all.

We’re those who are calling her bluff.

“Based on something I said.”

What was the “something” she said?

“I really will.”

That’s what it’s based on, you dink.

But notice what she says in her Instagram statement.

She says to people who are holding her to her declaration made “when this man seemed like a steak salesman with a long shot at the presidency.”

In other words, because she didn’t think Trump would win, she could make any declaration she wanted without having to worry about following through.

And follow-through is something Lena lacks.

Despite campaigning for Hillary Clinton since the very beginning, Lena never bothered to register as a Democrat so that she could actually vote for Hillary in the primary.

I guess she didn’t think she needed to since, in her mind, the job belonged to Hillary and actually having an election was a pointless waste of time.

Dumb Dink Dunham is the posterchild for the modern-day snowflake generation.

She’s a lot of talk, but very little action.

In her insipid Instagram post, she closed with this bit of nonsense:

I can’t wait for all of of [sic] this, and for the change to come, as we use what we’ve been given to protect those who can’t protect themselves. What are you living for?

Tough talk from somebody who never follows through.

What are the odds Lena will actually do something to “protect those who can’t protect themselves?”

Unless she believes stripping off her clothes and exposing her ample, naked hide to an unsuspecting public will somehow “protect those who can’t protect themselves,” I doubt Lena will do much of anything.

Give it a year, and she will post something like this on Instagram:
”And for those demanding I protect those who can’t protect themselves based on something I said: You’re a bunch of haters. The Revolution is coming. Love Trumps Hate.”

Then she’ll go back to taking her clothes off, not voting and pretending that she gives a damn.

What a dumb dink.

Hat tip The Washington Times.

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2 thoughts on “And the Dumb Dink award goes to…

  • November 14, 2016 at 6:47 pm

    It’s telling that she’ll get naked on her own show, and grace the covers of fawning women’s magazines, but she’s never been asked to pose for Playboy, Penthouse, or even Hustler.

    No man, other than maybe pajama boy, wants to see that.

  • November 14, 2016 at 11:26 pm

    I try for reasonable discourse. This …..female, sorely tests my resolve. The ….inconsistencies of their points of reference (I avoid the term hypocrite as much as possible ) drive me to distraction.
    The points of discussion are controlled by the Fabian Socialist / Marxist left, due to 50 to 60 years of control of the education system, news and entertainment media.
    It sometimes (often?) feels as though they are deliberately pushing for a civil/race war .
    If you disagree with this Progressive narrative, you are a homophobe, xenophobe, islamophobe, (is thereally such a thing as phobophobia) knuckle dragging troglodyte, regressive, and mentally defective. … when the true mental defectives are these anti freedom, anti personal responsibility… Anti Americans.

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