Either she’s really cocky or really sick

I’m trying to remember in my lifetime if a candidate campaigning for president has ever avoided actually, you know, campaigning the way Hillary Clinton is.

Hillary’s last campaign rally was August 17 at John Marshall High School in Cleveland, Ohio. Unless you want to count her shrill, raspy “Trump is a closet Klansman” speech as a campaign event. Then, her last campaign event was held on August 25 — eight days after her Cleveland rally.

Hillary held twelve campaign events during the month of August. That includes her “Trump is a big fat racist” speech. She took twenty-one days off in August. Twenty-one.

Twelve campaign events and twenty-one days off in 31 days.

By contrast, Donald Trump held 31 campaign events in August taking only six days off. And that doesn’t include his flight to Mexico to meet with President Peña Nieto.

So, what gives?

Look, either Hillary is so certain she’s going to win that she doesn’t think she needs to actually campaign.

Or she is far too sick for the rigors of running for President.

Really cocky or really sick. Those are the only possible choices.

Yes, Hillary is an arrogant, entitled little creep who thinks the White House should be hers for the taking. So it’s possible she’s just so cocky she doesn’t think she needs to bother with campaigning.

But if her appearance Wednesday at the American Legion event is any indication, I don’t think it’s because she’s cocky.

I’m going with really sick.

I mean look at her!

The Campaigning Dead

Whoops. Wrong picture.

Look at her!

Poor Granny Clinton

This woman looks as if she tumbled out of bed moments before her speech, hobbled to the bathroom, rifled through the hamper, grabbed the first pantsuit that passed the armpit sniff test, threw it on, and stumbled out to meet her plane.

Did she forget to pack shampoo?!

Is her make-up artist on vacation?!

I mean seriously. This is the woman we mocked last year for getting a six hundred dollar haircut.

And Wednesday night, she looked like she took a quick whore’s bath in the ladies’ room right before hobbling to the stage.

Who does that?!

Who campaigns for President without actually campaigning for President?

Martin O’Malley is on the campaign trail for her. Tim Kaine is out there beclowning himself. Even gaffe king Gropey Joe is campaigning.

But Hillary Clinton — you know, the woman who actually wants to be president?

She’s AWOL.

Yeah. Yeah. I know the argument.

“She has too been campaigning! She’s holding fundraisers! If she were too sick to be president, would she be running all over the Hamptons raising money?!”

First of all, attending fundraisers is not campaigning. Campaigning means going out and making the case for yourself to voters. It doesn’t mean showing up at some lavish $200,000 a plate fete in the Hamptons to hobnob with sycophantic ass-kissers who are hoping to buy favors.

Besides. This is Hillary Clinton we’re talking about. She’d do just about anything for cash.

If Hillary dropped dead today, anybody who would wave a check for five million dollars under her nose could get her to rise like Lazarus.

What Hillary isn’t willing to do is actually go out among the people and campaign.

It’s either because she is so damn certain she is going to win that she doesn’t think she needs to bother.

Or, she is just really sick and cannot physically handle it.

And I’m telling you. It’s not because she’s cocky.

The Clintons are both so power-hungry and desperate to get back into the White House, there is no way in hell a healthy Hillary would let Donald Trump run rings around her on the campaign trail.

No way.

I don’t care how cocky and sure she may feel. She would never let that happen if she were physically able to handle the exhausting pace of campaigning.

Clearly she isn’t able.

In 2008, Rush Limbaugh asked a pointed question. Do we really want to watch this woman age before our eyes while serving four years in office?

Problem is, we’re watching her age before our eyes before we even get to the election.

Yesterday, I was chatting with my Mom who is 84. She was telling me that she’s starting to slow down and doesn’t have the stamina it takes to spend her days outside gardening anymore. She said, “I’m an old broad.”

I told her, “Mom. I just saw pictures of Hillary Clinton give her speech to the American Legion yesterday. She’s fifteen years younger than you and she looks thirty years older than you. Compared to Hillary, you’re looking damn good!”

CNN can run all the “Hillary’s the picture of health” stories they want to.

It doesn’t change what we see.

And that woman is physically not up to the challenge of actually running a competitive campaign.

What makes anyone think she would have the stamina and fortitude to act as President of the United States for four straight years?

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6 thoughts on “Either she’s really cocky or really sick

  • September 2, 2016 at 9:59 am

    Her smugness and non-campaigning reminds me of the “Untouchables” movie where Robert DeNiro plays Al Capone. Near the end of the movie during the trial part, Capone is getting nailed left and right by testimony, yet the DA notices Capone is all smug and laughing without a care in the world. Why isn’t he concerned he is being buried?

    It’s because Capone knew the fix was in to have him found not guilty. Well until Elliot Ness got the evidence to prove the fix was in.

    We have the evidence that those electronic voting machines can be rigged to produce phony results with a tampered memory card. The videos showing this research on Youtube are amazing.

    All Clinton has to do is keep it close until election day and unless the hidden monster vote doesn’t materialize, game over. She’ll keep her health hidden as long as possible while the US Pravda does its work in shielding her. Once she’s President, she won’t care. She’ll have gotten her footnote in history as the first female President. 300 years from now nobody will give 2 cents about her administration, but she will still be in textbooks as as the first Lady in Chief.

    Praying that does not happen of course.

  • September 2, 2016 at 10:48 am

    Hillary looks better in your graphic (especially the hair) than she does in real life, Dianny!

  • September 2, 2016 at 4:48 pm

    I’ve seen people getting chemo treatments and I’d bet money she’s getting chemo treatments now.

  • September 2, 2016 at 11:04 pm

    Related to the above comment on chemo–The only time I have had to go out with hair like that (greasy, unkempt, and by the way desperately needing a color touchup for the gray) was after surgery and several days in the hospital, during which you aren’t allowed to shower. I wonder if the “campaign finance event appearances” are a cover story for time off she’s taken for hospital treatments of some sort or for surgery. There were rumors that the Secret Service had been scoping out Johns Hopkins and NYPresbyterian Hospitals about 2 weeks ago for the “wife of a former president” and we know from Bill Clinton’s comments awhile back that she has a problem with one of the cardiac valves. At this point, its anyone’s guess what’s really going on but the evidence seems to be mounting that she is getting a lot of medical care for something (or several somethings) and that she is looking sicker by the day.

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