Empathy? Texans need a problem-solver not a professional cuddler


Since President Trump deprived the Enslaved Press of the opportunity to complain about his handling of Hurricane Harvey, they had to come up with an alternative narrative.

All the pieces they’d already started writing with headlines like, “Seven Mistakes President Trump Made in his First National Crisis.” Or “Trump has his first big test: Here’s why he failed.” They had to delete all those and start over again with something else to gripe about.

And they found it:

Sure, President Trump was on top of things from the start. And he traveled to Texas promptly. But he didn’t show enough empathy.

You see, President Obama went to tour the damage from Super Storm Sandy and he hugged someone!

But President Trump didn’t do that!

Therefore, his trip to Texas was a failure because he didn’t show empathy.

Give me a break.

Texans don’t need a President who acts like a professional cuddler.

What they need right now is a problem-solver – a leader.

They need a man who will get things done.

Sure, a President hugging a flood victim may make an excellent photo-op.

But at the end of the day, Texans need a problem-solver – they need a President.

And, really, what shows more empathy for the people who lost everything than making sure they get their homes and lives put back together again as quickly as possible?

Empathy without action is as useless trying to rescue flood victims in a boat that won’t float.

President Trump didn’t fly all the way down to Texas to get his picture taken embracing a crying woman.

He went down there to coordinate with state and federal officials and make sure they have everything they might need in their efforts to rebuild.

The people of Texas need leadership and action, not hugs and cuddles.

And that is exactly what President Trump delivered.

There’s an episode of the old TV show “Leverage” where the Leverage Team has to rescue men imprisoned in a subterranean jail. And when Parker braves the steam pipes to descend to their cells, she tells them, “We be the cavalry.”

The men in those cells didn’t need someone to give them a hug; they needed someone to get them free.

Someone has to be the cavalry.

If CNN really cared about empathy, would their reporters being shoving microphones in the faces of hungry, cold and frightened mothers?

Who are they to prattle on about empathy?

Texas is being overwhelmed with people coming to help.

And right now, what they need is someone to lead the cavalry.

The millions of people displaced from their homes and their livelihoods need a Leader to make sure all agencies work together to solve the problems these Texans now face.

They don’t need a sympathetic hug from someone more interested in photo-ops than he is in solutions.

Not at all. They need solutions.

But the truth is, the Enslaved Press will always find some reason to complain about President Trump – even at a time like this.

There is no pleasing them.

But how can there be? We’re dealing with an opposition party that goes out of its way to find reasons to be displeased.

But for those in Texas, empathy alone won’t drive the flood waters back or rebuild their lives.

Empathy alone won’t get them back into homes and bring businesses back to life.

And thank God we have a President who knows that.

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2 thoughts on “Empathy? Texans need a problem-solver not a professional cuddler

  • August 31, 2017 at 9:45 am

    After my military career, I had a second career in Emergency Management. I’ve been to many, many disaster scenes and I can tell you that it’s very easy to tell the difference between those who are working and those who don’t — the ones who don’t work have their hands in their pockets; those who work are busy with their hands. What I saw from the President was someone who was working at the very top: shaking hands, patting people on the back, holding up the flag. I didn’t have to hear his words to know he was motivating, encouraging and inspiring responders, volunteers, and victims with his leadership.

  • August 31, 2017 at 10:20 am

    That hug Obama gave that poor woman was in 2012 during a presidential campaign and he needed a photo op to prove he was human (I think). He promised that woman he would help and when she emailed looking for help she got a form letter back (asking for money is my bet). He did absolutely nothing to help her after his hug (photo op) and his promise to her (after all the election was over), that is Obama in a nutshell.

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