Empty Seats

When I saw this tweet Thursday, at first I thought it was a Hillary Clinton campaign rally:

Look at all those empty seats.

Football players seem to believe that kneeling for the National Anthem is the modern equivalent of a slave uprising.

Which would make sense if Nat Turner had a multi-million dollar contract to pick cotton.

There’s something mind-bogglingly hypocritical about watching millionaires “protest” their unfair treatment in America.

And I think the NFL fan-base has had enough this kind of hypocrisy.

Just for yucks, I went to the Buffalo Bills website to see what the cheapest ticket costs.

It’s fifty-four dollars for one seat in the nose-bleed section of the stadium.

Fifty-four dollars.

I consider myself lucky if I earn that much money in a week.

According to the Mercury News, the average ticket price for the San Francisco 49ers is $179.00. But for the 49ers game pictured above, tickets were actually available for only seventeen bucks.

And despite this steeply reduced rate, look at all those empty seats.

If the NFL can’t even draw people in for the price of a Domino’s Pizza, they’ve got a serious problem.

If you’re playing to a stadium of empty seats and losing the ratings game to other networks, eventually, the NFL is going to start losing money big league.

Football players seem to forget that their livelihood is directly tied to the NFL’s ability to make money off of the games.

In other words, these wealthy young men are making the exact same mistake wealthy Hollywood celebrities are making.

The same people they are disrespecting are the ones they depend on for their livelihood.

And while this self-righteous virtue-signaling may make them feel “woke,” it is damaging the very business they rely on for their insanely large salaries.

Personally, it would be no skin off my nose if the NFL went broke.

But that’s mostly because I hate football.

Sorry folks, but I do.

I’d rather get stuck in a doctor’s waiting room for four hours with CNN playing in the background than have to sit through a football game.

But unfortunately for the NFL it isn’t people like me who are skipping the games.

The people who are bailing on the NFL are the very ones the league needs to survive.

President Trump is right.

If the NFL hopes to survive as a business, it needs to turn this trend around by telling its highly paid players to leave the social justice activism off the field.

But something tells me they won’t.

Social Justice isn’t just a fraud; it’s a cancer.

And just like universities and Hollywood, the NFL has let this cancer metastasize under its very nose.

Something tells me it’s far too late to turn that around.

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2 thoughts on “Empty Seats

  • September 24, 2017 at 9:40 am

    I think that the NFL will survive this nonsense, but their influence would be greatly diminished. They would lose their status as the most popular American sport and fall behind Hockey in ratings.

  • September 26, 2017 at 12:26 pm

    I think they’re protesting the oppression of others. they can’t seriously believe THEY’RE oppressed. having said that, I still don’t get it because they’re protesting against the very flag and anthem that represent the institutions that guarantee the redress of their grievances?! (does that make sense?)

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