The Empty Symbolism of the Democrat Women in Congress

Empty Symbolism

Last night, I happened across this tweet from the Hill:

So, just like the actresses who spent decades staying silent over Harvey Weinstein now think that this display of empty symbolism somehow absolves them, Democrat women in Congress think wearing black will also absolve them of their silence.

And they have been silent, haven’t they?

These women are actually in a position to expose sexual abuse and harassment within Congress.

But instead of doing that, they deliver empty symbolism.

So I would like to offer a suggestion to Republican women in Congress.

Arrive to the SOTU wearing the brightest most colorful outfit you own.

And I guarantee you, the news cameras will descend on you.

Why? Because the news media gobble up empty symbolism like it’s substantive. And by showing up in a bright outfit, they won’t resist the temptation to demand to know why you could be so thoughtless.

And when they get you on camera, say this:

“While I applaud my colleagues from across the aisle for wanting to make a statement, statements don’t change things. Action does. And there is action that we as women in Congress can take to change the culture here. I urge my colleagues to join me in presenting a bill to unseal the taxpayer-funded settlements. Unseal these deals. Bring them out into the daylight. And let voters know how their elected officials behave. We should not permit these settlements to remain hidden. As women, we should demand that these deals be unsealed. Wearing black won’t change a thing. And if my colleagues from across the aisle are serious, let them put their symbolism aside and take action. Join me in an effort to unseal these deals.”

Wouldn’t that be great?

I guarantee you these Democrat women do not want this stunt to be exposed as the empty symbolism it is.

Let’s face it. It’s a given that among those Democrat women who plan to dress in black are women who have defended – for example — John Conyers and Alcee Hastings.

Empty symbolism requires no skin in the game. And that’s why these Democrat women settle for it. They don’t want to take action in their own backyard.

And empty symbolism doesn’t require them to actually do anything.

It’s as transparently phony as the idiot actresses at the Golden Globes who said not a peep about Harvey Weinstein for three decades.

But the truth is, empty symbolism is all the Democrats have.

They certainly can’t push for these sealed settlements to be revealed. Because they know it would splash back on them.

They’re all for stopping sexual assault and harassment. But not if it hurts their side.

This isn’t just a striking lack of self-awareness; it’s astonishingly insincere.

Now, we don’t expect Hollywood actresses to be anything more than shallow poseurs. That’s how they earn a living.

But from members of Congress we should get more than shallow symbolism and superficial theatrics.

They’re lawmakers. And lawmakers are actually in a position of power to change the culture in which they work.

But they won’t. Instead they glom on to social media “movements” like “Time’s up” and “Me Too.” And by doing so, these Democrat women are exposing just how shallow they really are.

Worse still they’re exposing the fact that they really aren’t interested taking the lead or governing.

And that’s not exactly a good thing to reveal in an election year.

If your Representative is a Republican woman, send them this post. Encourage them to expose their Democrat colleagues for the pretentious, perfunctory phonies that they are.

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2 thoughts on “The Empty Symbolism of the Democrat Women in Congress

  • January 10, 2018 at 3:11 pm

    These people are all as empty as an Obama suit.

  • January 10, 2018 at 7:35 pm

    Love this idea. Fuchsia, lime green, lemon yellow, you name it!

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