End of Story

And now a word from your moral better.

I don’t know whether to laugh or to cry.

Yes, my friends. Hillary Clinton is lecturing us on upholding the law.

This is like having a hooker lecture us on abstinence.

Actually. You know what it’s like?

It’s like a woman under criminal investigation for violating the Espionage Act lecturing us about obeying the law.

And, just to make sure you know how serious Hillary is about officials upholding the law, she adds “end of story.”

End of story.


But it isn’t just that Hillary’s tweet is so lacking in self-reflection as to make it parody.

What I find interesting about this tweet is her view of the SCOTUS ruling on gay marriage.

We are not to question it. We are not to revisit it. It is carved in granite. It is “the law of the land” even though SCOTUS doesn’t make law. End of story.


On the campaign trail, Hillary has been caterwauling about overturning the SCOTUS ruling on Citizens United. She never shuts up about it.

SCOTUS ruled in favor of free speech, and Hillary doesn’t believe that’s the “end of story.”

She hasn’t been saying, “Citizens United is the law of the land. Officials should be held to their duty to uphold Citizens United. End of story.”

Not at all. She wants that decision nullified. She wants it gone. Outta here. History.

You see, the Left believes the Supreme Court are our Supreme Leaders if and when the Supreme Court rules on something they support.

But when they don’t, all bets are off. End of story.

As I said last night. There is no equality under the law.

The Left has never believed in equality under the law.

The Left wants to pick and choose what people are favored and what people are to be oppressed. That includes illegal aliens over citizens. A wee little minority of gays over Christians. Black radicals over everybody else (regardless of race).

The Left wants anarchy, not the rule of law.

The Left wants vengeance not Justice.

The Left wants control not Liberty.

The Left wants to decide what laws are sacrosanct and which ones are optional.


End of story.

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