Enough about Romney!!!

Oh, for the love of Pete! I have had enough with all this chatter about Mitt Romney and a third party run!

I don’t mean to sound like a broken record, but this is a supremely bad idea.

Yes, I realize that polls are showing that voters are more inclined to choose a third candidate over Hillary and Trump. But what makes anyone think that the guy they’d prefer is the guy they didn’t prefer in 2012?

Romney isn’t like a fine wine, you guys. He doesn’t get better with age. All the reasons conservatives cringed at Romney in 2012 are still there. The guy lost in a two-way race; so why should we believe he could win in a 3-way race?

And it wouldn’t be a 3-way race, would it?

If these third party “NeverTrumpers” are serious about supporting a third party candidate, might I remind them that there’s already is a third party in this race? It’s called the Libertarian Party. And right now, in addition to the not-really-Libertarian Gary Johnson there is a solid Libertarian running for the nomination. His name is Austin Petersen.

And for those who would say, “Yeah, but Libertarian isn’t conservative,” I got news for you. Neither is Mitt friggin’ Romney!

Here’s what I know Austin Peterson would bring to the debate that Romney wouldn’t: getting this overbearing, intrusive Federal Government the hell out of our lives. In fact, he is the only candidate running who would actually take steps to rein in Big, Centralized Government.

Limiting government so that it is not intruding into every aspect of our lives is a conservative principle. Reaffirming our Constitution and the Bill of Rights are conservative principles. When there is already a candidate running who espouses these things, why in the name of sweet fancy Moses will these people not shut up about Mitt Romney?!

Is Austin Petersen a perfect candidate?

No. But then again, no candidate is perfect.

But here’s the thing. Why scramble to create a third party candidate (which really would be a fourth party candidate) to run in November when there already is a third party? And why in Lucifer’s reach if the goal is to have a true constitutional conservative on the ballot would everyone be pushing Mitt Romney?!

Honestly, I just do not get this. I really don’t.

If the reason to oppose Trump is because he is a Big-Government Liberal/Moderate Democrat and not a conservative, why push a Big Government Moderate Republican in his stead?

I thought the whole point of this jabber about a third party was to have a Constitutional, limited government candidate running.

This is like deciding to change your winter vacation plans because you don’t want to spend a week in the Arctic Circle but would prefer to get some sun and sand, so you book a trip to an Aspen ski resort.

If you’re going to make this great big decision to run someone who isn’t Trump, it seems to me you should really commit to a candidate who is in every way conservative. Truthfully, Mitt Romney seems like a lateral move. And why go to all this time and trouble for a lateral move?

And don’t give me this, “But he could win! Romney could win!”

Where have I heard that before?

Oh, yeah. In 2012.

The truth is, I haven’t decided how I’m going to handle the election in November. As I said several weeks ago, I consider myself undecided between going against everything I believe in and voting for the Liberal Trump or standing on some semblance of conservative, limited government principles and voting Libertarian. Tossing Mitt Romney into the mix frankly doesn’t change my calculus in the least.

Mitt Romney and the Deathly Third Party

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2 thoughts on “Enough about Romney!!!

  • May 25, 2016 at 2:43 pm

    “But what makes anyone think that the guy they’d prefer is the guy they didn’t prefer in 2012?”


    I predict a record low turnout this election.

  • May 26, 2016 at 12:32 pm

    By Adam Sandlers big toe, I believe you are right!

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