Enslaved Press says Niger is Trump’s Nothing Burger

Nothing burger

Clearly the Enslaved Press thinks that we Americans suffer from short-term memory problems.

For five years they worked tirelessly to convince us that the Benghazi attack and cover-up was a nothing burger.

That’s right.

A nothing burger – just a phony scandal Republicans concocted to smear Obama and Hillary.

They scoffed at those who demanded answers to questions like who ordered the operators at the Annex to stand down?

Where was Obama and what orders did he give?

And why was the attack blamed on a video maker who was subsequently arrested and jailed?

But suddenly, the same people who scoffed at Benghazi are telling us that the death of four American special forces operators in Niger is President Trump’s Benghazi.

Which can only mean it’s Trump’s nothing burger.

Outraged Leftist cranks like Joy Reid are demanding to know why we were in Niger to begin with.

Joy, ask Barack Obama. He’s the President who sent troops there in 2013.

Benghazi was a scandal for three reasons.

First, prior to the attack, repeated requests for additional Embassy staff security were ignored by then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Second, when the attack happened and the security contractors at the CIA Annex prepared to mount a rescue, somebody told them to stand down. Thankfully, they ignored that order and went to the consulate anyway.

And when they requested military support, none came. They were left entirely on their own.

Finally, the White House and State Department spent more time and effort concocting their fake talking points than they did in coming to aid of a US Ambassador.

And when the bodies were brought back, the President and Secretary of State lied to the families about the cause of the attack.

It was incompetence wrapped in a cover-up.

And all the while, the watchdog media played guard dog – shielding the Obama Administration, perpetrating the fictional talking points, and scoffing at the scandal.

It was a nothing burger, after all.

But now, that same news media is using the Benghazi scandal to smear President Trump.

And what’s remarkable to me is they act as if we don’t remember how they dismissed the Benghazi scandal when it was going on.

That’s how little they think of us.

Look, I don’t know what happened in Niger beyond the basics of the ambush.

But for Niger to be Trump’s Benghazi, there would need to be the requisite “send the UN Ambassador to all five Sunday shows to lie about it.”

And that hasn’t happened, has it?

No innocent man who made a YouTube video has been arrested and put in prison.

While the Benghazi attack in and of itself was tragic and terrible, what made this scandal so explosive was the subsequent cover-up.

Perhaps if the idiots in the Enslaved Press had actually taken the time to investigate Benghazi they would know this.

And it takes a heck of a lot of gall to now drop the name “Benghazi” after five years of pretending it was a nothing burger.

The news media have no scruples, no morals, and no integrity.

As far as Niger goes, I did watch an interesting interview on Fox & Friends this morning. And though it does not explain the attack, it does give much-needed background on just what we are doing there.

Give it a watch:

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