The Enslaved Press’s own Operation Fortitude

Do you know about Operation Fortitude?

Well, if you’re a World War II buff, you probably do.

Operation Fortitude was the name given to an elaborate deception plan the Allies used in the lead-up to D-Day.

The idea is as old as time: get the enemy to focus on something else entirely while we launched an attack from somewhere else.

How they did it was pretty ingenious. They created a plywood and rubber invasion force along the southeast coast of England. The idea was to convince the Germans that the Allies were preparing to invade Europe through Calais.

Using set-makers from the movie industry, they created everything from wooden aircraft on stilts to inflatable tanks.


From reconnaissance aircraft, this phony invading army would look as real as the real thing.

The RAF even permitted German recon aircraft to slip through in order to photograph this phony army.

It worked. The Germans believed that Normandy was the diversion and Calais was the actual point of invasion. They deployed 150,000 men to Calais while sending no additional combat troops to Normandy.

D-Day would most likely have failed without Operation Fortitude.

There’s actually a pretty good spy novel by Ken Follett about Operation Fortitude. A German spy in England discovers the phony army, snaps pictures and tries to get them back to Germany in time to defend against the invasion. It’s called Eye of the Needle and it was made into a movie starring Donald Sutherland.

Okay, I’m a bit of a World War II buff. Sue me.

Any old how.

For a group of people squeamish about the thought of actual military conflict, when it comes to politics, the Democrats and the Enslaved Press treat it like war. Republicans are the enemy. We must be defeated by any means necessary. Including deception.

I think the Enslaved Press is trying its own Operation Fortitude in this election.

These “Breaking” “Exclusive” reports about Donald Trump’s taxes or a former Miss Universe. These are nothing but plywood and rubber issues — deceptions to keep voters from focusing on the real issues of this election.

The endless stories with headlines like “Time is running out for Trump” (like this one from The Hill), are nothing but false flags set up to dispirit you.

Don’t underestimate the importance of voter enthusiasm in this election battle.

I’m convinced the Enslaved Press is well aware that the lack of enthusiasm on the part of Hillary’s supporters could lose her the election.

And if you need any proof that the Enslaved Press is concerned about it, just look at how hard they are working to dampen the enthusiasm among Trump supporters.

The goal of the Enslaved Press’s own Operation Fortitude is get voters focused on things that don’t matter so that Hillary Clinton can slip in and win even though nobody particularly wants her. And the best way to pull that off is to make Trump voters feel like crap about the election.

The only way this disinformation campaign will succeed is if you let it.

So don’t let it.

These assholes are trying to pull you off the line. Hold the line.

The reason Republicans lose elections is because they tend to show up to a knife fight armed with nothing more than a well-thought-out position paper. Or worse, they run down the rabbit hole chasing after distractions while the Democrats make the most of the opening and invade.

The Democrats and the Enslaved Press know this is war. And they behave accordingly.

It’s time we did too.

Hold the line.

Don’t give them an opening.

Their deceptions and lies are designed to cripple your morale. Don’t let them.

This is a fight we can win.

Why the hell do you think they’re trying so hard to dispirit and deceive us?

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4 thoughts on “The Enslaved Press’s own Operation Fortitude

  • October 4, 2016 at 3:11 pm

    The media whores can take Trump off message anytime they want to by playing to his massive ego.He goes off on a rant and starts defending himself against complete lies.The judge in the Trump University case,Alicia Machado and the New York Times illegally releasing his tax returns.It appears he hasn’t yet decided if he wants to be Donald Trump or the president.

  • October 4, 2016 at 11:08 pm

    Very Good article.
    I’ve been saying this for years.
    Keep up the good work.
    The more people who know this, the better for America.

  • October 5, 2016 at 9:05 am

    OOH you have maroons like pistol pete who think that actually seeing an alpha male stand up to bullies is somehow a bad thing. They were the same ones who were aghast that Romney seemed ashamed of his hard earned wealth or wondered WhyTF W wouldn’t say anything to 4 years of relentless attacks by REgressives-go figure.

    Then OTOH, these same maroons are apparently buying what the left dominated media is selling. And they just ain’t buying it, they’re hoarding it.


    Eye of the Needle is a fab movie and a riveting book-I reread it every few years-talk about your strong woman character. Too bad Follett is a creepy REgressive. He’s written some excellent novels, my fav was Pillars of the Earth.

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