Eric Holder has always been a punk

Eric Holder punk

This may seem like an odd reaction, but when I saw the video clip of Eric Holder whipping up a Georgia audience by telling them to kick Republicans, I laughed.

Now, I didn’t laugh because I found it particularly humorous.

I laughed in part because Democrats just can’t stop slitting their own throats.

They are incapable of reading the mood of the country because they are so completely out of touch with the mood of the country.

The other reason I chuckled is it’s Eric Holder. Of course he’s peddling this kind of divisive nonsense. Eric Holder is the same punk he’s always been.

I thought back to 2014 when the Ferguson riots were in full swing.

Holder went to Ferguson – ostensibly as the head of the Department of Justice. But really, he was there to rally the troops just like he did in that video clip from Tuesday.

Eric Holder wielded the power of the Justice Department to exact revenge on those he viewed as the enemy.

Dr Evil Eric Holder

It’s always been divide and conquer for this guy.

So why would anyone be shocked to hear him say, “When they go low, we kick them.”

The only surprising thing to me is he bothered including the “when they go low” part.

Punk that he is, Eric Holder doesn’t think Democrats should wait for Republicans to “go low” before they kick them. He’s all for kicking his enemies even when they haven’t done anything wrong.

Just ask the Tea Party groups whom he investigated.

Just ask Darren Wilson.

It’s also absurd for Holder to say, “That is what this new Democratic Party is all about.”

No, that is what the Democrat Party has always been.

They used the KKK as their paramilitary wing a century ago just as Holder used Black Lives Matter back when he was AG. And just like how they use Antifa and the Democrat Socialists today.

They aren’t being “pushed to violence.” They take to violence like a fish to water.

Republican roundly condemned the handful of Tiki Torch-waving goofballs who marched in Charlottesville a year ago.

But not one Democrat will condemn the property destruction, harassment and violence of these radical Leftists. Because they want these radicals wreaking havoc. They want to regain power through intimidation.

Just ask Hillary.

And if, God forbid, they ever regain the levers of power, they will use the full force of government to continue their mission to divide this nation.

Which, by the way, is exactly what the Obama Justice Department did under the “leadership” of Eric Holder.

It’s always been about divide and conquer for Holder because, at his core, he is a punk.

He spent his tenure at DOJ stoking anger and resentment.

Do you really think he’d stop now?

The President’s support among black voters just keeps rising. And since the Democrat Party has absolutely nothing positive to point to when trying to appeal to those voters, they fall back on the same tactics they’ve been using for over a century: resentment, intimidation, division and rage.

Hell, even CNN thinks it’s wise to air a segment where the host and his guests mock and vilify Kanye West as a dumb, token negro for having the temerity to escape the Democrat Plantation.

The Democrat Party is driven by hatred and anger.

This isn’t “the new Democratic Party.”

The only thing “new” about this is the veneer of “tolerance, acceptance and caring” has been voluntarily torn away.

And these punks are revealing to the nation just how awful they really are.

The laughable part is that Eric Holder believes revealing this will somehow sway Americans into voting for them.

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2 thoughts on “Eric Holder has always been a punk

  • October 11, 2018 at 5:21 pm

    I was actually shocked by that CNN clip. What shocked me was the laughing acceptance of calling Kanye a dumb negro. Nobody objected. Nobody said that was beyond the pale. They found it funny. There is no bottom to how low these people will go.

    This will end in violence, and it’s not going to be pretty.

  • October 15, 2018 at 1:07 pm

    What Holder meant was; “When they go low, ‘look up at them’ and kick them”.

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