Even in the face of human tragedy, the Left still tries to divide us


When Donald Trump wins reelection in 2020, his victory speech really should include a big thank you to the American Left.

He couldn’t have done it without them.

Since November 9, 2016, Leftists have gone out of their way to clear the path to a second Trump term.

And it’s especially ironic because they never meant to.


These are the idiots who crow about “Country over party.”

And yet, when millions of Americans are endangered by a catastrophic flood, these same idiots can’t stop trying to divide us.

Just as Hillary had done before the election, the Left goes out of its way to insult, demean and attack their fellow Americans.

You’d think they’d give it a rest in the face of so much human tragedy.

But they don’t.

They still need to divide us.

Even a non-profit called “Charitable Humans” went on record saying this (image from Breitbart):

And while the people they insult join in the rescue efforts of their fellow citizens – regardless of skin color or ethnicity – the so-called “equality” movement known as the Women’s March tweeted out this:

Yes. Only donate to groups that divide suffering flood victims by ethnicity and race.

Meanwhile, a man with a Confederate flag on his boat was rescuing people regardless of ethnicity and race.

So who is trying to divide us?

Not President Trump. And not those Americans who voted for him.

No. The ones who divide are those who claim to stand for “equality” and “human charity.”

But the truth is, human goodness knows no color, race or ethnicity.

And what normal people see in this tragic event is human goodness.

But the Left simply cannot permit itself to see it.

Dividing us is what they do.

It isn’t an unintended consequence of their ideology; it is the goal – divide and conquer.

I said the other day, that the Left did not learn from Hillary’s mistake of calling half of Trump’s supporters Deplorable.

Instead, they are doubling down.

But it’s hardly a surprise.

When you are motivated by hatred of others, there can be no unity – no embrace of human goodness.

And the Left is motivated by hate – hatred for America, our traditions, our culture, our history. They believe their path to victory is to try and divide us – even if that means politicizing the human tragedy in Texas.

But it won’t work.

As is always the case, the Left pushes to hard and too far. And blowback is inevitable.

Americans are seeing the unfettered hatred and divisiveness of the Left.

And we don’t like what we see.

It goes beyond cynicism.

Instead, it is naked, unfettered hatred.

And even in the face of human tragedy, they simply cannot let it go.

And in the end, it will be the Left’s undoing.

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One thought on “Even in the face of human tragedy, the Left still tries to divide us

  • August 30, 2017 at 12:27 pm

    I found some interesting YouTube videos recently made in Houston by a man who drives a cab. A hawk sought refuge in the man’s cab during the storm and didn’t wish to leave. The man provided shelter and food at home until he was able to have the Texas wildlife experts pick up the bird to assess it’s condition. It made me smile to see that this kind man had several Confederate battle flags on display in his home. It gave lie to the narrative that people who honor that flag are the epitome of evil.


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